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    Brand NEW ipad 2 and it wont go past the apple screen

    My two week old iPad came with the latest o.s. installed and I didn't have to connect it to the computer. In fact it has never been connected to the computer for anything.
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    IPad Curious

    Same here though I wasn't anti-Apple, just never used one. Always ran the latest Microsoft offering or Linux distro. My employer switched us all to iPhones last year and that got me interested in the iPad as a substitute for a big computer. Bought one last weekend and it's great in fact, it's...
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    New ipad2 Owner

    Just got it last weekend and I'm really happy with it. Been using an iPhone at work for nearly a year so it was a pretty easy learning curve. I don't do much actual power computing here at home so this ipad2 is my main computer with the wife's Toshiba laptop available if needed. So, thanks for...