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  1. Sleaka J

    iPad Air vs iPad 4: specs comparison

    The measurements of the Air are wrong in that picture. According to Apple's own website the Air is 240mm x 169.5mm x 7.5mm. Plus both the iPad 4 and iPad Air both offer a 128Gb version as well. Who created that chart? Did they even care?
  2. Sleaka J

    What browser is every body useing

    I must be one of the very few that exclusively uses Chrome on the iPad.
  3. Sleaka J

    When do you believe the next iPad will be announced ?

    I think the chances it'll be April are very slim. Hopefully it'll be May/June.
  4. Sleaka J

    iPad together with iPad mini

    That's pretty funny because your signature says differently.
  5. Sleaka J

    Gmail Contact on iPad 3rd generation??!!

    I was under the impression that if you backup your contacts to icloud, it would stop all other forms of syncing with contacts. If you turn off icloud backup, you might find your other syncing would start working again.
  6. Sleaka J

    How to stop ipad from asking password when installing/upgrading apps

    What version of iOS are you running? 6.0 removed the password requirement when upgrading apps but you still need to put in the password when downloading a new one.
  7. Sleaka J

    Firefox won’t come to iOS until Apple mellows up on browser policies

    I was a die-hard Firefox user on Windows for many years. Then I started using Chrome on both Windows and iOS (to sync bookmarks and open pages) and haven't looked back since. I've even uninstalled Firefox. I wouldn't be surprised if others did the same things. The only thing Mozilla is doing by...
  8. Sleaka J

    I just bought an iPad and I have a few questions

    My iPad 3 gets a little warm, but I'd never describe it as "hot". My TV puts out more heat after use. Brightness is a battery killer. If you're running at full brightness, that's why your battery is going down fast. Reduce it.
  9. Sleaka J

    Ipad3 being recalled or no longer made?

    The official name Apple gave the iPad 3 when it was released in March 2012 was: The New iPad
  10. Sleaka J


    Everyone I know who's married has a separate mobile number from their partner. So, they become 2 separate contacts for me.
  11. Sleaka J

    iPad's global market share dropped to 43.6%

    Shipments. What a way to artificially inflate your market share.
  12. Sleaka J

    TinyUmbrella Alternative

    I should have mentioned that I have an iPad 3 and the current version of redsn0w doesn't support the iPad 3. Edit: Tried it again and it seems to have saved the SHSH blobs this time, last time just kept telling me it didn't support the iPad 3.
  13. Sleaka J

    iOS 6.1 for iPad 3 condition?

    I updated the moment I heard about the 6.1 release. I had no issues with 6.0 and have had no issues with 6.1.
  14. Sleaka J

    TinyUmbrella Alternative

    TinyUmbrella seems to want Java in order to run. Since I don't want Java on my system does anybody know of an alternative program used to grab SHSH blobs that doesn't require the use of Java?
  15. Sleaka J

    Battery Usage: "Time since last full charge" quit working

    Turning off or restarting the iPad is what clears it. The iPad must remain on after a full recharge for that field to show anything.
  16. Sleaka J

    Poor internet performance since ios6

    What he means is that the recent iOS 6.0.2 update that was only available for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini fixed a WiFi issue. iPhone 5 and iPad Mini shipped with 6.0 and there have been 2 updates since (6.0.1 and 6.0.2). Previous devices like the iPhone 4S, iPad 3 can only upgrade to iOS 6.0.1.
  17. Sleaka J

    Do you use your iPad for video calls?

    I don't do video calls.
  18. Sleaka J

    iPad2 screen question.

    It's 4 times the number of pixels, but only twice the resolution. But you are correct about text, that's where the biggest difference between the 2 screens lies.
  19. Sleaka J

    AppStore Updates

    Because it's Christmas.
  20. Sleaka J

    best inexpensive printer for printing coupons on iPad and iPhone?

    A wireless printer alone won't work. The printer has to have "AirPrint" capability for it to work with the iPad, just as dhewson777 said.
  21. Sleaka J

    Facebook i

    If you're using the Facebook app, turn the iPad to Landscape. The Chat bar will appear on the side and there's a gear icon at the top to disable chat (like I do).
  22. Sleaka J

    Mail Push vs. Fetch, iPad3 vs. iPhone5

    It's probably set to Manual on your iPad. Go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Fetch New Data - and if need be "Advanced" to choose your mail setup.
  23. Sleaka J

    iPad 3 screen protector need?

    No it doesn't. I don't use one on mine.
  24. Sleaka J

    How to enable personal hotpot anyone can help me pls. Thx

    I was pretty sure Apple never enabled the iPad 2 to have the option of tethering. I thought it was iPad 3 and higher than had the capability.
  25. Sleaka J

    Apple forum or lovefest??

    If you owned an iPhone 3G and upgraded it past iOS 3.1.3, you'd know the pain of a device being brought to it's knees by an upgraded OS (4.0) that shouldn't have been released on it. Apple have learned from that mistake.
  26. Sleaka J

    Ipad 3G support LTE

    The 3rd generation iPad only supported LTE in US/Canada. The iPad 4th Generation supports more LTE bands that are used overseas which is why they're making a bigger deal about it (they did make a big deal about LTE on the 3rd generation iPad when it was released in March).
  27. Sleaka J

    Which method do you prefer when performing Software Updates, via iTunes or OTA/wifi?

    Major version updates (5.1.1 - 6.0) via iTunes. Minor version updates (5.1 - 5.1.1 or 6.0 - 6.0.1) OTA.
  28. Sleaka J

    Is there an iPad 4???!!

    They've been doing it for years with their iPods, Macbooks, iMacs, etc all under one product name. It will probably happen with the phones eventually.
  29. Sleaka J

    ...another Software Update question.

    As a rule for myself, I do major version updates (5.1.1 to 6.0) via iTunes and minor version updates (5.1 to 5.11 or 6.0 to 6.01) OTA.
  30. Sleaka J

    How long does it to charge ipad3? Do I have a problem?

    Keep in mind the major differences in the batteries between the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad 3. iPhone 4 Battery: 5.25 Wh (1,420 mAh) iPad 2 Battery: 25 Wh (6,579 mAh) iPad 3 Battery: 42.5 Wh (11,560 mAh) The larger the battery, the longer it will take to charge.
  31. Sleaka J

    Should I upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4?

    This. I'm going to attempt to get a really good price for mine. If I can I will upgrade, if I can't then forget it.
  32. Sleaka J

    How much RAM

    The A6 series is a custom ARM chip, it is not the cortex A15.
  33. Sleaka J

    I Come In Peace: Nexus 7 vs Ipad 3

    The only thing I've see "true multitasking" apps do is use more battery life while running in the background. The truth is, Android does suspend apps when they are no longer the focus, just like iOS. Only certain apps get around this, just like iOS. It's clear you don't know enough about...
  34. Sleaka J

    Decreased battery life on iOS6

    Like many of you here are aware, there are some people that have complained about a few technical issues with iOS6 (forget about YouTube and Maps). Mainly slow WiFi and a decreased battery life. I was an early adopter of iOS6 and the first thing I noticed was a faster draining battery. But I...
  35. Sleaka J

    Apple is so dissapointing, where can i get a youtube app with good quality videos

    Google did not develop the native YouTube app for previous versions of iOS. It was Apples app connecting to YouTube servers. Despite the fact there is no YouTube app for iPad currently, this will only benefit consumers because we now have access to a larger range of content on YouTube that was...
  36. Sleaka J

    With the ipad mini coming out is ioad 3 gonna be outdated?

    My father is the reason I'm in the IT industry. He's had a saying for decades: If you can afford it, it's already obsolete.
  37. Sleaka J

    With the ipad mini coming out is ioad 3 gonna be outdated?

    Rumours say the iPad Mini will have the same resolution as the original iPad and iPad2 and probably use a similar CPU as the iPad2. The iPad3 will still have superior resolution. It will not be outdated.
  38. Sleaka J


    I had to turn off iMessage and turn it back on before both my phone number and Apple id were registered.
  39. Sleaka J

    deleting photos

    Delete them from the PC and sync again.
  40. Sleaka J

    How to re-install a paid app?

    To add to this, the button should say "Install" instead of the price. Additionally, on the iPhone you could browse through your purchase history (under the App Store select "updates" and it's the top option) and find it there. The iPad has a separate option at the bottom next to "Updates" called...