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  1. dessipation

    Ghost Apps

    have at least couple of apps that is not shown on the home page, but installed on my iPad.Before the 7.1 patch it, used to show up on update page on App Store, but after the update, it doesn't even show up in the App Store update, but when I search for the app, it says it is installed, already...
  2. dessipation

    Stereo to mono sound error or Gov hack?

    Well, after watching the same videos, it turns out that some guy formatted the video so that it would be in mono an then stereo... sorry about the unverified observation.
  3. dessipation

    Stereo to mono sound error or Gov hack?

    I have noticed that I get the audio feed when listening to my stereo headphones and when I am watching a youtube video or watching a video that I downloaded on my iPad, I would get my right side audio cut off, with or without wifi/bluetooth connection. I assume the mono speakers on the iPad...
  4. dessipation

    Audio Layers

    Is it possible to add multiple audio layers on an iPad, like you can on a PC or Mac? You know music creation apps lets you have multi-tracks and for some have multiple inputs at the same time, and I was wondering if someone can remotely control the sound input and output of devices while they...
  5. dessipation

    audio prank on devices

    Does anyone know how to prank on people when they watch shows on their iPads by adding your own customized audio when people are streaming video, like in Your tube or other flash based videos?
  6. dessipation

    hacking iOS devices by unknown organization

    Looks like it is possible to activate airplay like mode without user's consent by some unidentified organization that I hope is the good guys. But why would Americans do something that is so not American?
  7. dessipation

    Is telepathy real?

    that was funny willing the dog to fart I did not know dogs farted. Now that I think about it it makes sense. But that will work if you have trained your dog to fart. Making a dog to do tricks just by telepathic commands would be something to see.
  8. dessipation

    Jailbreak info needed please

    If you are jail breaking for security reasons then maybe it is just my paranoia talking but do not bother with it. You might end up opening up second back door on your machine for easier access. You might want to warch for iOS 6. If it has a missing Airplane mode, then they are making it too...
  9. dessipation

    Password input

    I seriously do not get why I need to see my own passwords being typed on my iOS device on the screen. I can be airplaying without me noticing it and I could be literally showing off my passwords to so many accounts like my Apple ID, Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, etc., when I do not intend to do...
  10. dessipation

    API Error

    While it had airplay mode on, woke up my iPod touch and went into settings and turned airplay mode off. Then I pressed the home button to go back to the main screen, then the error message popped up.
  11. dessipation

    I think pork tastes

    Better than beef, when seasoned, right.
  12. dessipation

    API Error

    Got this error message saying "API Error." Does anyone know what this is?
  13. dessipation

    First time Apple product owner, new to ios. Please help me on this:

    It is kind of funny to me, trying to make a device secure with another device that may or may not be secure. Maybe I am just paranoid, but isn't it possible to capture every data transmission and decipher it if you have the right hardware and software? I think that if you are jail breaking for...
  14. dessipation

    Does jailbreaking slow down YOUR ipad?

    I don't know about the iPad, but on the iPod, it is as slow as ever. There isn't much difference other than being able to load different skins or "Themes" It seems to just give you a different look to the same old thing. I am just glad that I am not using my iPod merely as a tracking device for...
  15. dessipation

    Is telepathy real?

    I am talking about being able to talk to other people without physically speaking to them. Because the matter has been around for ages, if there are people who can actually do this, I believe it needs to be documented and known throughout the world.
  16. dessipation

    Ipad 3 and Siri

    Well, I sure would like to see that, too, but I do not have an iPad... But I have noticed some fake hacks that are floating around the Internet claiming that it gives Siri to iPod and what not just by installing it. I would not recommend fooling around with that because it does not work.
  17. dessipation

    Jailbreaking risks?

    There is a risk of losing warranty. Then of you are ever hacked, they can say is is because you jail broke it. If you ever find out that you are being hacked, then they might tell you you are telepathic...
  18. dessipation

    Is telepathy real?

    How many of you know, not believe, the reality of telepathy?
  19. dessipation

    Is backlight bleeding normal

    See if you have the same problem when you are in Airplane Mode.
  20. dessipation

    How to tell if you have an iPad 3?

    If it is officially "The New iPad," I can't wait for the officially "Newer iPad." in one year from now. Nice pic of a model, by the way, Who is that?
  21. dessipation

    When to Charge your iPad?

    So, what would happens if you have an iOS device plugged in all the time? Does that effect battery life in any way?
  22. dessipation

    Security of the iPad

    What is the purpose of the password that is already in there by default?
  23. dessipation

    Increased resolution for desktops

    I never expected that the resolution of a portable device would exceed the resolution of desktop monitors. With the display resolution of the iPad, I feel as though the desktop resolution is lagging behind. Since iPad is on the market, it seems only logical that rest of the new releases of...
  24. dessipation

    Security of the iPad

    Looking at most of the threads, it seems that people are more concerned about hacking into their own iPad and customizing it. But has anyone have issues of someone else hacking into your iPad over WiFi?
  25. dessipation

    Apple Focuses on Apps That Support the New iPad’s Retina Display

    That is great news. I was wondering how I am going to use such high resolution display. I tried out the programs that are updated for the 3rd generation iPad and they look so much better. I love the way the fonts look like they are printed out, which seems to make it easier to read ebooks. I...
  26. dessipation

    iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

    So, anyone have any idea how to turn off Airplay in iOS 5?
  27. dessipation

    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    If you had the prototype, you would not speak of it; you would only take ideas from this thread. Or you would be responsible for getting the person who had the prototype, fired.
  28. dessipation

    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    Hardware improvements are expected, but what I would like to see in the next iPad X are as follows. (X = an unknown number greater than 2, not 10 or X like in OS X...) 1. Wireless connectivity with other iOS products, such as iPod Touch, to share data, like direct app transfer, as long as the...
  29. dessipation

    Connecting iPod to iPad 3G

    Is there a free solution to connecting an iPod Touch to a 3G iPad so that the iPod can use the internet off of the iPad?