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  1. J

    Astroloquiz- Star Signs

    Oopps, I'm sorry. I've overlooked it. Since I can't delete it anymore, please accept my apology instead. :o
  2. J

    Astroloquiz- Star Signs

    Hey guys! I'm a mom who just found out a fun learning experience based around the 12 signs of the zodiac. Our kids and other young learners will be intrigued by how their friends will react to the 48 separate scenarios presented in this app. Astroloquiz- Star Signs: shows each star sign and...
  3. J

    iPad ,iPod Touch and iPhone Guide

    I am a new iPod user and like the feature in my iPod so far. Thank you for the information you have shared on us, it can really help me a lot.
  4. J

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I use my iPad for many things, photography is one part of it. The best thing in using iPad is the Photoshop Touch and then bringing the iPad edited photos into Photoshop. Nice to see quick edits and such. iPads is a very useful gadget nowadays.
  5. J

    Whats more valuable to you: Your ipad or your camera?

    I'll rather have both too... I just love the combination of the two gadgets. It really works.