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    Apple TV for my dvd collection

    If you are capable of using Handbrake or the like to get your movies off your DVDs this is fairly simple. On my iMac I stream to my Apple TV in a few ways. If the program I am using to view has Airplay it just streams to the Apple TV. If the program does not (or if you view something from the...
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    Problems ordering the new iPad from the Apple Store?

    When you click on the model off to the right there its a summary screen that will show the price and a BUY button. I found that it took ten minutes from choosing the model until that BUY button appeared. Then I was afraid to choose a Smartcover because the next (accessories) page loaded very...
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    Size of the new ipad

    Do you think iPad 2 smart covers will fit it? When I pre-ordered my iPad 3 this afternoon the accessory page did not load at all properly and I was afraid to risk an error and have to wait for hours again so I went ahead and submitted the order without the smart cover. I do have an iPad 2 smart...
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    Were you on the Original iPad pre-order list?

    I was! I remember how cool it was to see it ship from China on the routing info.
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Oooops, sorry I did not see this thread and posted in General. Anyway after a few hours of clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting I got my iPad 3 pre-ordered! It is a iPad with WiFi + 4G LTE (Verizon) 64 GB in white! I can hardly wait for it to arrive. I am really looking forward to...
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    empty the inbox all at once?

    You can't do that with Mail. That's the main reason I switched to AltaMail and replaced Mail in my dock with it. AltaMail allows you to select all messages in each mailbox or in your overall in box for deletion at one time. It also allows you to print wirelessly! A good app. -- Neil...
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    itunes 10 Issue

    Um, is your iPad connected when you try this? If it isn't connected the option, I think, does gray out.
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    FREE video converters

    There is also a hardware device -- a usb-stick called Turbo.264.HD from Elgato. It is just about the fastest conversion method there is. On my older Intel iMac Handbrake will take about three hours to convert a movie from avi to mp4. Turbo will do it in an hour or so. One caveat is that...
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    How much space is a dvd movie likely to take up?

    The usual size of a feature-length movie as an .avi file is from 800 M to around a Gig. That's a normal less-than-dvd resolution. DVD resolution would be about 1.5 to 2 Gigs. Then I have also seen Blu-Ray rips in .avi format around 4 Gigs.
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    !!! HOT !!! IPAD will have the web cam

    Mmmmmmmmmm..... This video cam would be some sort of separate add-on, right? I can't see a future iPad with one built-in as the size of the iPad is far beyond comfortable for holding as a camera!
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    What really annoy you with Apple

    My main problem with Apple is their pricing. The iPad is the first thing that they have released which seems to be competitively and aggressively priced. Don't get me wrong: Apple's stuff is WORTH the money. But I have always thought that if Apple had cut their prices across the board by 20% or...
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    Getting My Ebook Library Ready!

    Sure there are all sorts of places to find free eBooks. The Project Gutenberg at Main Page - Gutenberg is a good place to begin. They have 30,000-plus free ebooks in all interests and many in various formats including ePub. Then you could try Feedbooks at Feedbooks | Food for the mind and they...
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    No Accelerometer, Right?

    True! I was trying to read an ebook on my iPhone last night in bed and it drove me crazy switching between landscape and portrait!!
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    No Accelerometer, Right?

    Thanks, missed that on the specs I guess! Maybe it was subconscious on my part because I really do hate the accelerometer most times. (Good in Layrinth, awful in most other games, IMHO).
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    Hi All!

    Oh, I am sure there will be a magazine or two for the iPad at some point but probably not a print one for a long time. For a print magazine you really need a pretty big installed user base to draw your subscribers from. Only by having thousands (at least) of subscribers -- or at least being able...
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    No Accelerometer, Right?

    The iPad doesn't have the accelerometer that is in the iPhone, right? On the one hand who cares because it is the worst controller ever. Either it fails because it is just flakey on its own or the developers never put in proper leveling routines. So apps like Labyrinth probably won't work on the...
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    Getting My Ebook Library Ready!

    Just wanted to ask how everyone who has ebooks is getting ready to transfer them. I bought about seventy of so from Amazon for my Kindle 2 and another 200 or more downloaded from DRMless sites like Gutenberg and mobileread. Thanks to various Python scripts I was able to remove the DRM infection...
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    Oberon Design Wants Your Suggestions!

    I emailed the people at Oberon (Leather Journals, Kindle and Nook ereader covers with Tree of Life emblem) if they were going to make an iPad case. They make the most eye-catching, beautiful, tooled leather cases for the Kindle and other devices. Amy there wrote back to me that they have an iPad...
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    Reading an iBook on the iPad

    I think the only problem with reading on the iPad will be in bright sunlight. As far as the talk about e-ink being so much better in room/office lighting how eye-straining it will be, I don't buy it. I mean I don't see a lot of people leaving office buildings and bumping into walls from the...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I can't wait to surf the web on it. And, I think that ebook reading will be fantastic. I just hope that it will be easy to transfer ebooks I already have (DRMless thank God and Python scripts) to the device.
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    Question on Magazines

    There is an application for Mac OS X called Calibre which is available for free download. While it is primarily an ebook library app it also has more than 150 "formulas" with which it can download various newspapers, magazines and blogs for free! On my Kindle 2 (now quaking in e-ink fear of the...
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    If you could only put one book on your iPad, what would it be?

    Just one??? OMG. Well, I guess it would be one of Mobiread's huge collection of classic authors. Probably the Charles Dickens one that contains all of his novels, short stories and most of his essays.
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    Apple Number one in customer service

    You are dead-on about that! I bought a Time Capsule two days ago and had a minor installation problem. Called Apple, had a technician on the line within ten minutes. He actually knew what he was talking about as opposed to reading a script and I was up and going in just a few more minutes...
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    how to secure an iPad at launch

    It will be interesting to see how Apple handles this. I am signed up on the site to be notified but I have not yet decided if when they tell me I will order or if I will wait for the stores to get them. I am leaning toward ordering online although I bet that will delay delivery a few days but...
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    Hi All!

    I've been involved with Apple since the days of the Apple II. Through the Apple //e to the Apple IIGS onward to the Lisa and then the Mac, I have used and/or owned almost every Mac model through today's Intel and even took a sidetrip to Newton land and of course I brought an iPhone into my life...