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    MP4 movie won't sync to Ipad? Help

    Usually, iPad does import and play MP4 files. However, sometimes you will fail to transfer MP4 to iPad let alone to play MP4 on iPad or iPad2. This following will describe the reason why we fail to transfer and play MP4 on iPad and the solution on how to successfully play all kinds of MP4, HD...
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    How do I save and edit AVI files in iMovie

    in order to successfully import camcorder video to imovie for ipad2, you must make sure it is mp4 or mov format, and they must be h.264 codec and in 44100 sample rate. for detailed info, you may refer to How to Import Camcorder to iMovie for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch?
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    so how to find this player?
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    how to transfer video I shot with ipad 2 to my mac?

    it not works for me , but thanks anyway
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    iPad2 to itunes sync issues

    first transfer your files to computer, then drag and drop it to itunes