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    Should I jailbreak?

    Thanks for your help!I just gut some more questions I forgot to mention: -does sbsettings take slot of ram?I usually don't see any difference in ram usage whether it is jail broken or not... -on 4.3.1 jb I couldn't see any of my battery usage in settings...Has this been fixed now with rc16...
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    Should I jailbreak?

    I know most of the cons and pros of jailbreaking, I've been jailbroken twice in the past but now I am stock.I want to jailbreak again, but I want to ask you some questions: -if I install winterboard with a theme, sbsettings and some other apps/tweaks(not alot) will it dramatically slow down...
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    It will run on the first gen iPad(iOS 5).The 1GHz A4 processor of the iPad is still capable of more.They don't have any reasons to stop providing updates for the first generation device!
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    OS 4.3.2 ETA 2 weeks

    It will only bring some bug fixes.Nothing really important.They will probably keep new things for their next major release of iOS!:)
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    Personal Hotspots

    On my iPhone 3GS, if I go to settings>general>network it tells me about Internet tethering over Bluetooth, wifi and USB cable.Is it actually like the personal hotspot feature or not.If I click it, it tells me that I need to contact my provider, which is a romanian carrier. Sent from my iPad...
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    4.3 and battery life?

    I don't find any battery life improvements on my iPhone 3GS after updating to iOS 4.3.1... Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I would also like multitouch gestures to be activated by default in iOS 5 Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Favorite Ipad Browser

    Voted Safari.I sometimes use Atomic or iSwifter, but not very often
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    How to activate the best secret feature in your iPad

    I don't think we will see iOS4.4.They should already announce iOS 5 in April!
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I would add also weather info and twitter/facebook feed(optional, would be nice) to your list! If you have a Mac you can already have multitouch gestures!:)
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    Possible to change keyboard layout?

    Cydia is also called the jailbreak-AppStore.From there you can install tweaks, themes, keyboards, almost everything.These apps are not allowed in the AppStore, so you can't have them if you are not jailbroken. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Ipad battery drop overnight

    I don't think I have any problems at all, it can stay 15-20 minutes on the home screen without dropping a percent of battery.Thank you guys!
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    Ipad battery drop overnight

    I may need to do that, you're right!I think the last time I did that was in January so I'll try this!Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using iPF
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    Ipad battery drop overnight

    I set it to check my email every hour but I will check as soon as I get home.Otherwise, CNN sent me one notification and restaurant story as well. Sent from my iPhone using iPF
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    Ipad battery drop overnight

    Hi!Usually, my battery dropped 1~2 percent over night.Now it drops 5%.Isn't that too much? I have an iPad 1 16Gb wifi. Sent from my iPhone using iPF
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    Best Facebook app for iPad?

    I usually use the Facebook webpage!Works OK for me!
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    Screen Resolution Impact

    iBooks works just fine, you can definitely see pixels but it's not that horrible!I do love the Retina Display, I always love when I play with my friend's iPod Touch 4th gen!
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    iswifter - another flash browser

    Very happy with the app.I can finally watch TV on the web! Sent from my iPhone using iPF
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    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Did it on both my iPhone and my iPad.Impressed! The next big step would be to share photos as well over Wi-Fi!
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    Will garageband and imovie work for us

    The iPod Touch 4th gen has 256MB RAM!
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    Ipad not charging

    You may have a problem with your iDevice...
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    Ipad not charging

    Are you trying to charge it at the wall or at your PC/laptop?
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    4.3 Multitouch gestures present?

    I don't think so.Apple didn't tell us at the event that the gestures will come with iOS 4.3
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    Garageband and iMovie for iPad 1

    Less likely to happen, but I would love to use GarageBand on my first gen iPad!
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    What's the best instant messaging ipad app.

    I use the free version of IM+.Works on both the iphone and the iPad. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Jailbroken Apps

    Yes, you will lose them.After you restore your device, the jailbreak will already be deleted.After, if you decides to restore after a back-up you will have all your AppStore apps without the cydia ones.Also, you need to know that iTunes doesn't backup jail broken apps(not even cracked Install0us...
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    Updating Applications - Why the Password

    Tinman is right, peled, appshopper only tells you that the App has an update but you still need to go to the app store in order to update it!
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Your idea is great, but I am sure this won't happen! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Can I print to my HP F300 all-in-one if it is connected via USB to my pc?

    So.Can I print to my hp printer if it doesn't have wireless?The printer is connected via USB to my PC which is on the same network as my iPad. If I can, which apps should I get?or does it work directly with AirPrint? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Modern Combat 2 : Black Pegasus

    I like this game, play only MP.What's your IGN?
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    Does Apple Need the iPad 2?

    I don't think that they really need a second gen iPad at the moment.The first gen does handle everything very well!The only thing that is missing is the front-facing camera!
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    Just a message

    I know.This is usually what people say about jailbreak.They think that the main reason to jailbreak is to get free apps.Come on, I mean, there are many other reasons to jailbreak.Stop piracy! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Yes, I would buy it!It's just incredible.I should've bought the 32GB 3G version, and not the 16GB wifi version.Maybe next time I will:D
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    iPad owners average age

    14 years old!:)
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    Smart Phone & iPad

    Yes, I do.iPhone 3GS and iPad:D
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    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    Please add my friend:clatita
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    Game center friends

    add: fabytm
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    Info on OS

    farmville works on ipad with the farmville app.:P It's free on the app store, it works on the iphone too!
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    Facebook apps... Which one?

    I am usually using safari for facebook.Sometimes friendly and facepad too...