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    iPad Class Action

    In writing?!?!?! Its been in writing for weeks... If you need FURTHER "proof" just CALL YOUR LOCAL AT&T STORE. I understand what fine print is but this is a case of bait and switch. EDIT: Why are we arguing about this??????????????????????
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    iPad Class Action

    What are you talking about? As a matter of fact you can no longer (A) sign up for the unlimited plan or (B) go back to the unlimited plan after taking a break for a month or two with no service. You can confirm these two statements by calling your local AT&T store.
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    iPad Class Action

    Just found this when I searched "ipad class action" in Google. Looks like more than a few people are pissed about the new data plans. Apple iPad & AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Class Action Lawsuit
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    Will the new OS have unrestricted multi-tasking?
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    Apple to charge for iPad OS upgrades after one freebie

    Im OK with paying $10 for updates.
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    iPad makes a good flashlight!!!

    Didn't realize how bright this thing is...