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  1. K

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    I was hoping for the answer to the surface pro. It looks like we only get the "MacBook RT" instead. Regardless, I'll check it out, but I can't help being a bit disappointed. Though I WILL be upgrading to the new Apple TV.
  2. K

    New IPAD Air or Alternative....can't decide!

    I agree. It really is up to the user. As far as work, it depends on what programs your company uses.
  3. K

    New IPAD Air or Alternative....can't decide!

    That's a tough question. It really depends on "your" needs and not mine =]. Both of them serve different roles. If I "had" to choose one, the very last device I would give up is the SP because it can easily fill the role of a tablet, whereas my iPad can't fill the role of a business-class...
  4. K

    New IPAD Air or Alternative....can't decide!

    Why not have both? I love my Surface Pro and my iPad 3. The SP replaced my laptop (and has replaced my desktop for most tasks) and the iPad is still an excellent source of entertainment. Together (and with the help of AirDisplay) you have a portable 2 monitor studio.
  5. K

    iPad Air vs iPad 4: specs comparison

    1GB of RAM is quite sufficient if you're only doing one thing at a time.
  6. K

    Apple Officially Unveils the iPad Air & More; Full Specs Detailed

    I'm a bit underwhelmed. I was hoping for a digitizer this time around. Faster/lighter just isn't enough for me. I'll keep my Retina iPad 3. JMHO
  7. K

    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I have tried over a dozen times to get to itunes through ibooks and it times out (itunes is unavailable). I don't think some of you realize how bad the lag is for some of us. It takes about 15-45 seconds for safari to open and display any page. Typing this response is an exercise in...
  8. K

    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I'm hoping my lag goes away. It's extremely annoying. And there must be some other battery-draining options pre-selected since the install, since my iPad seems to be draining at a much faster rate.
  9. K

    Changing The Look of new IOS7

    I agree. I LOVE the enhancements, but I can't stand the shortbus look.
  10. K

    Handwriting is squiggly with any app

    (No longer a nay-sayer) So I purchased NoteTaker HD for $4.99 and it works surprizingly well. It actually addresses the one thing that sucks about writing notes on the iPad, the fact that the iPad is not a digitizer and needs a bit of help. It does this with a sliding magnifier. I found the...
  11. K

    Handwriting is squiggly with any app

    Those are the absolute best notes I have ever seen taken on an iPad. They even rival and (in some instances) put the notes I take on my Cintiq to shame, and I'm an artist. I am massively impressed. I am going to install NTHD when I get home tonight and check it out. I (and many other iPad...
  12. K

    In May, the iPad accounted for 82.4% of the U.S. tablet traffic

    No need to insult my reading skills. Obviously I misunderstood. Some of the posters seemed to be getting excited about this number. So I assumed it was about sales. Why the heck is anyone excited about internet usage? Now that I read the OP again, I have to say... so what. Maybe I...
  13. K

    Air Display is awesome!

    I now have a portable 2-monitor workstation without having to buy any adapters or additional hardware (though I did have to purchase Air Display program, which is fairly cheap). What a great program! It was incredibly easy to install and configure. There is a little delay since the screen is...
  14. K

    Handwriting is squiggly with any app

    I've seen people typing on their iPads (with either an external keyboard or the digital one), but I have yet to see someone taking notes on an iPad with a stylus. Those people who have used a stylus for note taking are using a tablet/laptop equipped with a digitizer.
  15. K

    Charging iPad

    Great link, thanks!
  16. K

    Handwriting is squiggly with any app

    I agree with this whole-heartedly. Whenever someone is taking notes on a device in a business meeting, they are not using an iPad. I frequently doodle and sketch on my iPad with a stylus, but there is a huge difference between touch screens and digitizers. I have both and the difference is...
  17. K

    In May, the iPad accounted for 82.4% of the U.S. tablet traffic

    I wonder why Forbes reports such a massive difference in numbers, showing only 40% of the market in 2013. Apple's Tablets Selling Well But Market Share Slips While Samsung Grows - Forbes
  18. K

    Apple applies for iWatch patent in Japan, could have iPad abilities

    I don't get the wristwatch thing. Especially since they are declining in sales. In the iPod and Cell Phone Age, Who Needs a Watch? - ABC News People are using their phones more and more to ck the time. Are they sure it's a patent for a wristwatch? Maybe it's more along the lines of eyewear to...
  19. K

    Microsoft takes on iPad with a new Windows ad

    Forgot to address brand loyalty. I do not have brand loyalty. However, I do have "product" loyalty when it's an exceptional product. For example, I would recommend an iPad or SP because they are great products, but neither will create a desire to purchase an Xbox or iPhone. Brands mean...
  20. K

    Microsoft takes on iPad with a new Windows ad

    Multiple forums. I join the forums for products I need to gather more information on. When I bought my first Ipad, I came here and performed a search to help me find the "arrow" keys on my keyboard =D As far as some thinking there will only be 2 OS's, I seriously doubt it. iOS and...
  21. K

    Microsoft takes on iPad with a new Windows ad

    I don't have (or understand) product loyalty, so these types of commercials (from both sides) have no marketing effect on me whatsoever. I have an Ipad 3 and just added a Surface Pro to my toy collection. They are nothing alike and I like them both for what they are. Some don't like the win8...
  22. K

    Has the iPad Killed the Netbook?

    My IPad 3 didn't kill my Asus Netbook since there are still things the winXP device can do that the IPad cannot. For the past year, I've taken both devices with me when travelling. However, my latest purchase, a Surface Pro, definitely killed the Asus.
  23. K

    iPad4.. any guesses?

    Agreed. At the very most, there might be a faster processor, more storage, and better wifi performance. There's no reason to even remotely think apple would add much more than that in the next iteration (if they even do that much).
  24. K

    4 month old IPad 3, wifi suddenly went to crap

    Just wanted to post an update. Turned out to be my wireless router. Verizon sent a replacement and everything is back to normal.
  25. K

    4 month old IPad 3, wifi suddenly went to crap

    Ok, it may not be the IPad's wifi. It's either my home's router or something has changed in my IPad's settings when it comes to communicating with my router. The odd thing is that none of my other devices are suffering this massive drop in performance, not even my Plasma TV. Anyway, I'll...
  26. K

    4 month old IPad 3, wifi suddenly went to crap

    I'll definitely try that tomorrow. The full restore didn't help.
  27. K

    4 month old IPad 3, wifi suddenly went to crap

    Yes. I actually know quite a bit about the IPad OS. I've been using this for 4 months straight and have had a strong wireless connection to my home router during that time. It's crap now. It reminds me of the old dial-up days. The speed is horrendous. I've reset the network router and the...
  28. K

    4 month old IPad 3, wifi suddenly went to crap

    For four months, I've had ROCK solid wifi performance from my IPad. All of a sudden, netflix stutters (or plays in choppy low-rez), apps take forever to download/update, and syncing takes several hours. Internet speed seems to be less than 1/10 the speed I was used to getting. There are no...
  29. K

    The new ipad videos

    1080P is the highest "commercial" resolution available. 4K would is a higher resolution that professionals work with, but compressing it into a viewable (and manageable frame rate) would result in arguably the same quality of 1080P, when viewed on products like the iPad.
  30. K

    Screen protector

    Unless your circus act requires you to juggle your iPad with 2 diamond coated chainsaws, you should be fine without a screen protector. My iPad endures handling that would make most iPad users cringe. The screen is still like new. As for the rest of the iPad's surfaces? Notsomuch. Save your...
  31. K

    I pad3 big joke

    Last week my brother-in-law handed me his iPad. I thought there was something wrong with the screen. Turned out it was an iPad 2. The iPad 3 is my first iPad. The difference to me in image quality was extremely obvious. Though to be fair, I have really good eyesight.
  32. K

    What's the best way to show a Powerpoint slideshow on an iPad?

    +1 It's not just a powerpoint reader, IT IS POWERPOINT on the Ipad.
  33. K

    Dust under screen

    It may not be dust. It could easily be bad pixels, which can look like dust when viewing a white screen. The pixels on the iPad 3 are SMALL, so bad ones will be almost invisible to most people. I'd say take it back and don't tell the 'gifter'. If it's dust, it's possible your screen could...
  34. K

    Glass or plastic?

    Most teardown experts think the glass comes from the Asahi Glass Company. Regardless of who actually makes the screen. It's glass.
  35. K

    Gorilla Glass

    "The iPad 2 and previous iPad both utilize Corning Gorilla Glass. This type of glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate, being primarily silica and aluminum with an alkali metal, along with other unspecified components mixed in to tweak its properties. The biggest benefit of alluminosilicate glasses...
  36. K

    Screen protector or no?

    They're successful mainly because in the past these protectors actually had a purpose. I remember people gouging and scratching their Palm OS devices a decade ago, but they only had hard plastic screens. So, naturally, most people bought protector screens. Gorilla Glass is a different animal...
  37. K

    What is the BEST Tablet To Buy?

    To the OP, If you have an IPad or an Android tablet, buying the other is (imo) a huge waste of money. You will not find enough differences to keep you interested in both. You'll gravitate to one or the other and your second choice will end up collecting dust. Personally, I'd choose one of the...
  38. K

    Apps to download Word docs etc from laptop

    OnLive give you a free FULL copy of MS Office 2010 and 2 Gigs of online storage to transfer docs from work. Unbelievable app. Oh yeah, and it's free.
  39. K

    Screen protector or no?

    It's pretty difficult to scratch glass; even by dropping tools on it. When it comes to dropping sharp tools, I would worry about shattering the IPad's glass long before scratching it. I imagine that would have to be a fairly thick (relatively speaking) slice of plastic protecting the screen to...