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    Cant add new contacts

    I also hv the same issue and did a hard reset and turn on the ipad ten mins later n the issue not not resolved yet. Please help anyone?
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    IPAD IMESSAGE text messaging not working

    I tried to log in with my apple id but it said network error when i have five signal bar strength and the signal is vv good. Please help, anyone? Thk u
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    IPAD IMESSAGE text messaging not working

    How cani do it please? Check both boxes? I hv the same issue also. Not able to send imessages. Thks
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    Battery problem with ipad2?

    May I check w u usually u charge your ipdad when it is 30% and then full charge to 100% ?thks
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    Battery problem with ipad2?

    What is the purpose of Ping?
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    Battery Charging Info While Power Off

    I was so worried that last night i full charge overnight while i am asleep, that i will spoil the battery. M i m glad that it has this intelligent facility
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    Messages green icon apps after iOS5 instalLation

    Thank u for taking time to write such a detailed explanation. This message feature is the same as what apps function right? My impression is that this message feature is like sms, m i right?
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    Messages green icon apps after iOS5 instalLation

    It is on insettings, but still cannot send, as it is greyed out.
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    Messages green icon apps after iOS5 instalLation

    The send button is greyed put, cannot send.
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    Messages green icon apps after iOS5 instalLation

    How please? I click on the messag icon but could not see any icon to activate e id account?please help,thk u
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    Messages green icon apps after iOS5 instalLation

    Hi all, May i check how can I activate the message icon apps where i can use my ipad2 to whatsapps my friends please? I realised that after the iOs 5 installation, this is a new apps icon feature but does not seem to work. Not too sure if there are other steps I need to do to get the...
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    Will Siri be avaliable for ipad2?

    Joping if Siri can work w ipad2 wld be great n an apps i wan for my ipad2
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    IOS5 icloud contact address book

    Thk u.
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    IOS5 icloud contact address book

    I saw i have tow folders in my contact address book, one is" all contac" and the other is "all iCloud". So i keyed into the "allicloud" and it should appear in my iphone4s when i purchase this coming week right? Thank u.
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    Reminder App

    The new reminders app w the iOS5 is synced w icloud iphone too?
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    IOS5 icloud contact address book

    Do i key the contacts under "All iCloud" folder please? Thks
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    IOS5 icloud contact address book

    Hi all, Need to check with anyone here if after my ios5 installation, the icloud contact address book, if i key in my contacts under the icloud contact in my ipad, does it mean that my new iphone4s which i m planning to buy will contain these contacts also? Thks.
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    Missing app after iOS5 installation

    Hi all, After i have i stalled the new iOS5, one app that I have downloaded is the QR Code and it is missing. But when i do a search on my ipad, the thing is there just that i am not able to see the app icon. When i tried to go to the apps store to want to download it, it said that i have...
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    ios 5 iCloud Email

    I m not able to send outgoing mails using my icloud to mynfriends, wonder what went wrong. Butnwhen i checked my sent folder,the mail was sent but my friend did not receive my mail. Can anyone help please?
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    Can the 3G iPad replace a phone?

    Can my ipad2 with 3G work like a phone?
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    Lost all my emails after ios 5 install.

    Mine only the free games and other free apps gone missing after the iOS5 installation. Dono why also.
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    What is your favorite ios5 update

    How do i swipe from apps to apps please?
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Black Ipad2, 64GB with wifi plus 3G, bought since sep 2011. Great device. Love it.
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    ipad 2 and iOS 5 and iMessage

    I am also having the same issue w the new ios5 trying to use the imassage to send to my whife's iphone but it said error. I wonder why also. Anyone can assist?
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    I am iPadded & iPhoned OUT!!!

    Hi, How do u use your imassage with e new ios5 pls as i tried to use mine to send massage butit got bounced back. Can u assist please?
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    IOS5 Message question

    Dear all, Last nite after i have download the new iOS5 into my ipad2 , i saw the icon "Message" and try to send a message to my spouse iphone, it does not work. Is this message same as the previous whatapps function in iphone please? Can anyone help me out here? Thks.
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    iClous to send mails

    Hi all, I tried to send an email using icloud at mail but not able to send the mail. Any reason why pls? I have sent up both the iCloud account n account successfully. Pls assist in this matter. Thks.
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    How many of you bring your ipad to work to use on lunch and breaks?

    I bring my ipda2 to work daily to work as often my eork pkacethe internet connection is down due to server issue and i m not able to use the laptop to check my compsny email acct and other updating stuff for the company which requires website to do it. Hence with my ipad is handy as there is...
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    IOS5 release confirmed for 12th October

    No news as i hv just checked the website, wonder when will iOS5 arrive?
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    Are you Ios 5 yet?

    Singapore now is 7.25pm and i have checked the apple store, no iOS5, wonder why?
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Not too sure if now it is availabke in apple store, cannot wait to download tonite into my ipad2
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    IOS5 release confirmed for 12th October

    My impression is 12Oct USA cupertino time?
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    IOS5 release confirmed for 12th October

    I also cannrot wait for the new iOS5, now my side is night time, by the time i can download is way past midnight, hv to do it tomorrow morning when i wake up the first thing do.
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    What do you want to see in pad 3?

    Thinner ipad3 by one third of current thickness of ipad2, better battery life by fifty percent. Lighter mass by one third of e current mass.
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    iPad Facebook App is Finally Here!

    Great update for me the FB, love it. Using it now. Hopefully will not crash my ipad2
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    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    I like the wallpaper with the Apple logo with raindrops as the backdrop,thks for sharing.I m using it now as my homescreen, really looks v cool.
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    How many Ipads does your household own?

    One ipad2 for my entire family. My brother in law has one too, my extended family
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    4.3.5(8l1) ?

    Anyone can reply to my query please?
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    Everywhere i go, except for jogging.
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    iPhone 4S REVEALED! Let's Talk iPhone Event FULL COVERAGE

    I m waiting eagerly for the sale of iphone4s to arrive in my country