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  1. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    Ok, many thanks for the info
  2. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    Hi! Maybe it's just me but the quality seemed bad, was definatly a long way from Hd, but maybe it's to do with shutter speed which cannot catch the golf swing.
  3. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    I'm sure I've seen a musculoskeletal app out there for golf!
  4. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    Am using "V1 Golf" it's great to compare swings even overlays
  5. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    Yeh, I have a fantastic app to analyse the recorded swings, and am able to draw over spine angles, head position and soforth... Just wasn't so happy with the quality of video taken, but I know this is not so easy with the speed of the golf swing.
  6. scotland66

    Video recording ipad 3 app

    hi! I know that my iPad can record video, but is there an app out there that can do a better job? I'm a golf coach and use my iPad for video lessons. Looking for an app that can record in good quality. Thanx
  7. scotland66

    new ipad cannot connect to the internet with 3g

    Bin in Österreich, auch kein 4g :) aber ich hab keine probleme mit 3G
  8. scotland66

    WiFi issues...time to return for refund

    All ok here :)
  9. scotland66

    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    Also agreed! I think the new iPad is amazing, the iPad 2 was also amazing!!! I could never go to android after using my iPad, the only think I would wish for is an sd slot.
  10. scotland66

    Ejecting Micro-Sim Carrier from iPad3 (How to)

    I think we have all found out the hard way!!!!! I was scared I was gonna break it!!!! :))
  11. scotland66

    Tv series on iPad?

    Yes there is a filmon app available from the app store, but the interface seems exactly the same as th web address. Another even better site is tvcatchup/ipad but here you need to set up a VPN on your iPad.
  12. scotland66

    Is it possible to save or move .pdf file outside ibook?

    You can install dropbox, and save to there
  13. scotland66

    Tv abroad

    Sorry, have just tested and they seem to be accepting my VPN! :-)
  14. scotland66

    Tv abroad

    Just google for "vpnuk" I use them at the moment, and am very happy with them, their worth the 5 euros a month. They also have easy instructions how to set up.
  15. scotland66

    Tv abroad

    This site only works in GB. They also are pretty good at stopping VPN connections from those trying to watch abroad
  16. scotland66

    Tv abroad

    You could also set up a VPN on your iPad, you then can watch all British players, bbc, itv, and channel 4 players.
  17. scotland66

    Should I purchase the iPad for my trip??

    Glad your gettin on so good with your iPad! Great photos! :-)
  18. scotland66

    Ipad2 not finding linksys wifi

    Try adding the Cisco router manually to your iPad. Just open wifi on your iPad in the settings page, there you will see "other" if you don't have an automatic connection. Happened to me aswell with a Cisco router, and ths then worked for me. Good luck!
  19. scotland66

    Mail application not working on New IPAD 2 13,8 GB VERSIE 5.0.1 (9A405) Model

    Go to settings then - mail,contacts,calendars - then choose your mail account on the right of the screen, a box should open up where you can change details, including password. Good luck!
  20. scotland66

    Any bought Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit ?

    Got mine from apple, have never had a problem up to now, always connects, find it a great add on to move pics and vids.
  21. scotland66

    Camera Connection

    Could it be maybe the device that is connected to your CCK. Try another device or stick. I've heard that the iPad doesn't like all external storage devices. Just a thought to determine if the problem lies with the CCK or with the attached device. Good luck
  22. scotland66

    Problem since the upgrade

    Try giving iPad a reset, home and power together til your device shuts down, maybe that'll help
  23. scotland66

    Bluetooth question

    Yeh, I've heard a lot of people wishing for this functionality. Is your iPad jailbroken? If so maybe something like sbsettings would make life easier :-)
  24. scotland66

    Signing documents

    Il need to try that out aswell, thanx Tim!
  25. scotland66

    create a shortcut icon for my pdf document ?

    No, you can't do that. You have to contain everything from within the app on iOS. iOS has no built-in editing or viewing applications that are automatically launched if you want to edit or view a document. At least that's what I've been led to believe :-) could be wrong though...
  26. scotland66

    My iPad 2 now has wireless internet any where for free!!!!!

    You can do it quite normally with the iPhone tethered to iPad. Or even better if you know your gonna need internet everywhere, buy a model with 3G and wifi :-)
  27. scotland66

    Who has tried AirPlay Mirroring?

    You can "mirror" anything, that means you can open hbogo on your iPad, and mirror the whole screen to your tv. I have found though when doing this with bbc iplayer there is a little lag, and the video is not over the whole tv screen, but it is watchable. If the hbogo app supports AirPlay, then...
  28. scotland66

    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    A restore to remove the jailbreak may not be so simple if the iPad is shattered.
  29. scotland66

    Should I purchase the iPad for my trip??

    Couldn't imagine going on any trip without my iPad :-)
  30. scotland66

    Ical Export/Import ability

    Could be wrong, but shouldn't it all sync automatically. Mine seems to keep sync with all my devices through iCloud.
  31. scotland66

    Safari keeps randomly closing now after updating to iOS5

    Which iPad are you using? iPad or ipad2.
  32. scotland66

    Safari keeps randomly closing now after updating to iOS5

    Pretty sure you can't uninstall safari on the iPad! At least not the simple way!!!!!!! :-)
  33. scotland66

    Wifi sync or icloud back up

    My brain is turned off at the moment! What's the difference between wifi sync and iCloud backup? I realize that with wifi sync data is stored local on iTunes and with iCloud it's in the cloud. But do I need to do both or choose between one of the two? Would be grateful for any advise Thanx Nick
  34. scotland66

    Is the ipad 2 the ultimate travel campanion? Over s laptop?

    On holiday, then it's just the iPad. Business trips I take both.
  35. scotland66

    Parse Error

    Still getting a parse error when trying to get into general discussions, since yesterday now. Maybe one of the mods can check on it. Many thanks Nick
  36. scotland66

    Parse Error

    Getting the same problem now when pressing general discussions link
  37. scotland66

    Joomla editing on ipad

    Non stop crashing, maybe it's not been updated to work with os5, not worth downloading at the moment, so now to get a refund... :-)
  38. scotland66

    Joomla editing on ipad

    Will do!
  39. scotland66

    Joomla editing on ipad

    Thanx guys, I think il take the plunge and give it a go :-)