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  1. Hal05154

    Price drop when iPad 5 comes out?

    What do you mean?
  2. Hal05154

    Price drop when iPad 5 comes out?

    Anyone have an opinion what the price drop on the iPad 3 will be when the 5 comes out this fall (? If then)?
  3. Hal05154

    App to clear up space on my iPad

    Thank you, folks. I appreciate it.
  4. Hal05154

    App to clear up space on my iPad

    None know an App that can give me an overview of my iPad, particularly what apps are eating up space. Any ideas? Hal
  5. Hal05154

    At what point do you stop upgrading you software?

    I am at 5.1.1. I wonder what it would take to downgrade? Jailbreak at least. Anyone know?
  6. Hal05154

    At what point do you stop upgrading you software?

    Was wonder when folks felt that the new operating systems would outpace the iPad 1's ability to run it. I haven't upgraded lately out of fear of my iPad bogging down. Anyone else feel this way? Hal
  7. Hal05154

    Anyone know if there is Webdav for Skydrive?

    Just added Skydrive to my iPad. I'd love it if I could use WebDav and iWorks with Skydrive. Anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how? Thanks, Hal
  8. Hal05154

    Uploading Docs from Pages to Dropbox (or any other way...)

    Twerpoet, any info on Pages webdav for Skydrive? It's looking more and more like Dropbox every day...
  9. Hal05154

    BtStack Keyboard/Mouse better on 5.0.1

    I was just curious if there was any consensus on what the best bluetooth mouse to use with the ipad was. Thanks!
  10. Hal05154

    DropDav LIMITED is now DEAD. Now what???

    Any suggestions out there for a webdav service for Dropbox? DropDav Limited kicked the bucket, and I need a new one. Thanks, Hall
  11. Hal05154

    Looking for an excel app for my Ipad2!

    Considering Apple has it's own spreadsheet app, Numbers, I would be surprised too. Of course, now with Steve gone, who knows what Apple will do in the future.
  12. Hal05154

    New "Music" App not separating CD folders properly

    Hello All, I have book on my HD that is separated into 25 disc/folders. Before the iOS5 upgrade I could dump various folders into the playlist, and my iPad kept the various files separated by folder, even if they had the same name. Now, it's playing the files in order by name. Any ideas how...
  13. Hal05154

    Dropbox and Numbers

    Mikel, don't forget about Dropdav. It works fairly well for small files for those of us in school. ;)
  14. Hal05154

    LogMeIn question

    Can anyone tell me if you can access you IWork files via LogMeIn to upload to your desktop, or is only a one way street from desktop to iPad? Thanks, Hal
  15. Hal05154

    Pages document upload problems

    Just call me Forrest, I found out about the changes to the tool box. :mad: Hal
  16. Hal05154

    Pages document upload problems

    OK, I must have missed something in one of the Pages updates. When I open Pages now the "home" screen has changes. There is no longer the upload, delete, and whatever the third icon was at the bottom of all my documents. Apple bent us over again, didn't they? Is there a way to upload...
  17. Hal05154

    Which Remote Desktop?

    Just out of curiosity, what are you using? I'd love a good remote access to my home computer from my iPad. Hal oops, never minds. Somehow the forum app didn't load the entire thread for me at first. Thanks!
  18. Hal05154

    New User

    No offense, but you didn't do your due diligence before buying. It been common knowledge that Apple does not do flash since day one for iPhone and iPad. You insistence on having a "plugin" shows you did not research before you bought. Perhaps instead of insisting on having what you think...
  19. Hal05154

    Argh! Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD help!

    Any know how to win the Nassau drift race? It's only in the second frickn' section, and I'm already stuck. :( Thanks, Hal
  20. Hal05154

    What Games are you playing now??

    Dead Space, Angry Birds, Eternal Blade. Anyone suggest a good 1st person space or race game?
  21. Hal05154

    Dead Space Question

    Try googling it for walkthru's or looking on YouTube. There are several out there. I found them, though I don't remember the website now, sorry.
  22. Hal05154

    Suggestion sought: 1st person space/flight game

    Anyone know if there is a decent 1st person cockpit space game out there? Anything like that game they show in the Xoom commercial? I just finished Dead Space, and would like another 1st person shoot, some flight simulator type game, preferably space. Also, what do what's the concensus on...
  23. Hal05154

    Cannot update iPad to 4.3.3 - error message

    yes, as I said, it was the first thing I checked... Apparently this is not uncommon problem. After doing some additional investigating it seems the most common fix involves tinyumbrella. The problem is I really wasn't interested in jailbreaking my ipad. Has anyone had success tweeking the...
  24. Hal05154

    Cannot update iPad to 4.3.3 - error message

    Has anyone had trouble updating to the newest 4.3.3? Every time I try to update I get an "unknown error #3194" . This error, according to the Mensa at Apple indicates I do not have the the latest iTunes installed. This is total crap, because I do. I THINK that the 4.3.3 download is...
  25. Hal05154

    Turning "off" DropDav in WebDAV to use another service.

    Ah, stupid me. Thanks to PoetTwerp he reminded me I could "sign out" when I try to upload or download in iWorks. THANKS!
  26. Hal05154

    Turning "off" DropDav in WebDAV to use another service.

    Does anyone know how to turn "off" DropDAV so I can turn "on" another service to use with WebDAV on my iPad? WebDAV is still using DropDAV and want to use another server. Thanks! Hal
  27. Hal05154

    Blood is shooting out of my eyes!!!! :mad:

    Hey Poet, I tried the first part of what you suggested. No go. Finally ended up having to save my keynote file as a PDF and creating awhole new ppt from that. That sucked. Huge waste of time. I sure hope this is not going to be an ongoing problem. :mad:
  28. Hal05154

    Blood is shooting out of my eyes!!!! :mad:

    There isn't an icon to describe how mad I am... I put togather a presentation in keynote, but only have powerpoint to display it. SOOOO I upload it to Dropbox, converting it to PPT in the process. Open in PPT to check it and find it is "corrupted". Now, every time I try to work on the file...
  29. Hal05154

    Dropbox problems??

    Hey amigo... Just checked, mine seems back up for now. I never did lose Goodreader. Try yours again. Hal
  30. Hal05154

    Dropbox problems??

    Is anyone else having problems with Dropdav and Dropbox? I cannot upload or download from Dropbox with Pages or Numbers. Goodreader is work though. Tried disconnecting, rebooting, reconnecting... HELP!!!!! :-( Hal
  31. Hal05154

    Pasting across columns in Numbers

    No, what I am trying to do is when you copy columns and rows of text, and paste it into excel, and those columns and rows of text you copied actually paste into individual cells. Sort of like when you import a csv text sheet. Does that make sense? Hal
  32. Hal05154

    What is left to add on iPad3? Worth the wait?

    Ha! +1! The only thing I want to see is beefed up productivity apps such ass a beefed up (ie. more functions in the software) for Pages and Numbers.
  33. Hal05154

    What is left to add on iPad3? Worth the wait?

    Yeah, well, lets all hope he's AROUND next year to tell us! :(
  34. Hal05154


    Hey, you can always jailbreak and use a webcam. That's what I am considering...
  35. Hal05154

    Pasting across columns in Numbers

    Does anyone know is you can paste text across columns somehow in Numbers like you can in Excel? Every time I try Numbers pastes everything in a single column. Thanks! Hal
  36. Hal05154

    iPad 2 event! Wow! not, rather "ehnt"

    For those of us NOT in garage bands, already have a blue ray, and 1st gen ipad, nothing excited me. Sure, the A5 is nice, but I haven't heard the developers screaming HALLELUJAH! to the heavens over it. I hope Infinity Blade will update nicely for the 1st gen too. I just didn't get...
  37. Hal05154

    iPad 2 event! Wow! not, rather "ehnt"

    "ehnt" Not enough wiz bang for me to run out and buy it. What do you guys and gals think?
  38. Hal05154

    Starting to lose interest in iPad 2.

    It can convert flash VIDEO to HTML5, sometimes, and does a half ass job with the rest. It does not convert all flash content on a site. Not really the great white hope. I'm pretty happy with my iPad at this point. I'd really like to see them beef up iWorks a bit. For functions and options...
  39. Hal05154

    Using iPad at Conferences

    I would recommend you look at Audionote. I am using it for school (after 20+ years of being out!) and I love it for notetaking. It records the lecture and timestamps my notes for review with the recording. BIG plus. If you dead set for ppt files, I'd suggest getting the speakers email in...