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    Replaced iPad mini glass, now LCD does not work

    That would be good if I was just starting. I finished the repair, but no LCD. I can hear the ipad make a sound when I plug it in though.
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    Replaced iPad mini glass, now LCD does not work

    I replaced a badly smashed iPad mini screen, and when I put the new screen on and replaced the LCD the LCD does not turn on. I know the unit functions, I can hear a tone when I plug in the lightning cable. I tried resetting using the home and power buttons, but still nothing. Anyone have...
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    Case with Notepad

    I found one that might work. I just ordered one. Premium Carrying Case (JPCase) for Apple iPad with cleaning cloth and writing pad, black leather, microfiber cleaning cloth, additional pocket for cable and other accessories, maximum protection and functionality: Electronics
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    Best iPad case

    I got a case with a built in keyboard.
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    Which iPad model you have?

    I got the 64GB 3G model. I will probably never use the 3G though, I just turn the wifi on my iPhone 4.