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    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    Great logical post and it hit home with me. I want the pad. Why? Because I just do. LOL. Maybe see what the 3 offers. :)
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    Problem With eBooks.

    I drag epubs into iTunes from windows explorer and drop them on my library. Then I connect the iPad, highlight it in iTunes, go to books (across the top, not on the side) and check sync books, then hit sync. Viola.
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    You absolutely can add epubs to your iTunes library and then sync them to your iPad. No question about it..
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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    Not to me. The hint that a second gen is coming has been out there since about two days after the first gen hit - hints have only gotten more frequent and more detailed since. If it were me, I would have either: 1 - taken a hard look at the specs of the first gen and decided if they would...
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Absolutely. I was an early adopter and have grown to depend on my Pad more than I ever thought I would. Great device.
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    Whats your favourite ipad app?

    Lots of things.. Can't name just one. iBooks Angry Birds (aced all levels, now trying to get into the top ten online) Angry Birds Seasons Flight Control Youtube (streaming movies to TV sometimes) Fieldrunners Office HD IMDB (all the time) Touchpad (control the mac mini in my HTS) Real Racing 1...
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    Can't add contacts to my new iPad

    Like the above said - I use iTunes and sync to my Gmail - love it.
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    Ok I've made my decision to sell...

    Seriously? Maybe one of the new features suits their wants/needs and they have the means to do it. Maybe they want the 1080P out - I know I'd like to have it. Maybe they want the cameras - they would be nice to have. Maybe they want the faster processor or better GPU... Who knows? I'd...
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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    I think anyone who bought an iPad 1 in 2011 should have done their homework a little better...
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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    If buying today, no way. I'd wait on the iPad 2 for the processing power alone - especially since it looks like there won't be a price premium. I love my iPad and was an early adopter, but the 2 is a better iPad in a lot of ways..
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    Copying Itunes to Macbook Pro

    Does the Macbook Pro export it's library into a file other than .xml? I do both but have never paid attention to it. I primarily use my iTunes on my PC, but will be transferring the library over to the Macbook. Thought it would be as easy as exporting and then importing.. Off to Google.
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    Video Thumbnails Not Showing Up

    This works like a champ, but it's a ridiculous thing to have to do to get a thumbnail. Why the extra step? Either way - thanks for suggesting this - I'm back on track.
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    Video Thumbnails Not Showing Up

    OBTW - I converted all my videos using Handbrake, have used Handbrake or DVDFab since day one, and have never had an issue. As stated above, vids play fine, I just don't have any thumbs. I mostly do series episodes and concerts and have a bunch of video on the pad at any given time. It's a...
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    Video Thumbnails Not Showing Up

    I'm having the same problem - just started happening after doing a full restore and updating all my software. Makes me wish I'd remained Jailbroken..
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    DVD Conversion

    And does Nero recode rip, or do you have to use a separate ripper? Looks like you have to use a separate program to rip.
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    DVD Conversion

    What is the latest version of Recode?
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Then I'd say your reply doesn't fit well in this thread.
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    Paper Toss HD is out

    It's fun, but I'm horrible at it. I can't get past the mid 50s.
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    Labyrinth 2 HD

    I haven't, but I haven't messed with it that much yet. I'm addicted to Fieldrunners right now.
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    Which iPad apps you are playing?

    Too much time playing games indeed. I'm addicted to Fieldrunners. What a stupid, fantastic game. Let's Golf. Roswell Fighter. Mr. Aahh Blocks Two different Mahjongg games Real Racing Need For Speed Shift Asphalt Five Cheese.... What else? There are several more I'm playing with.. Angry...
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    I don't even know what this is.. <shuffles off to figure it out...>
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    DVD Conversion

    DVDFab. Use the iPod TV or custom settings. Three clicks and you're set - beginning to end.. It updates with each new security measure the DVD publishers create so you'll never have to worry about separate software for decrypting, it coverts from any format to any format, and it's simple to use...
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    Motorcycles! (take that you cagers)

    I'll cheat. My Road Glide looks exactly like this, with a few little extras.
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    Motorcycles! (take that you cagers)

    These are the only two I have pictures of right now. I was riding the wing, the wife was riding the cruiser this day.
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    ARGH! My iPad is ruined (isn't it?)

    If I push the home screen to the right, the screen goes into a search window and the keyboard pops up. Other than that, it's only there when you need it...
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    Just FYI...charing the iPad via USB

    And it works like a champ.
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    Adobe FLash

    It was my second. My first was "glad I don't miss flash.."
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    Saving space on your iPad

    Ninja edit.. Right now I have about nine GB free on my pad. That's a lot. If I ever got to the point that I ran out of space, I'd really have to take a really hard look at what I had on my pad that I didn't need before I killed the quality of my music.
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    Saving space on your iPad

    My iTouch is a 64 as is my iPad. I went that way because I don't like to sweat space. I think whether you can hear the difference depends a lot on how they were encoded and which headphones you use to enjoy them. Apple headphones, in my opinion, are about the worst thing you can do to your...
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    PS3: Red Dead Redemption Need For Speed Shift Little Big Planet Couple of others... Wii: Super Mario World PC: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Quake Live Return To Castle Wolfenstein iPad: Fieldrunners Let's Golf Real Racing Asphalt 5 Bunch of others...
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    ARGH! My iPad is ruined (isn't it?)

    Results? Unless you have a crash and dent warranty, I can't imagine them covering it..
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    Removing Apps From iPad Help...

    I'd be interested to hear how you're doing it.
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    Only seven, but they aren't full. I don't go past three rows. I like a clean area for finger swiping. LOL..
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    Saving space on your iPad

    I can absolutely hear the difference between a 128 and 192k music file. Your mileage may vary. I prefer to keep top quality and vary the mix frequently. Works for me. Seriously, I have 32GB of tunes onboard right now and that's more than enough music for a couple of weeks. Most of my music...
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    Yxplayer - divx/flash/wmv player in the app store!

    Worth a look to see the results over here. Just because one rip stutters doesn't mean they all will.
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    Where's the ARROW keys????

    Bothered me at first but the magnifying glass is doing fine for me now.
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    DVD to iPad

    On my machine DVDFab runs a two hour movie down to iPad format in about 30 minutes...
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    Removing Apps From iPad Help...

    Update - this is crazy. If I use the press and hold feature on the touch screen until the icon shakes and then delete it that way, then delete it on the desktop i Itunes, then sync, they stay gone... Odd.
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    Removing Apps From iPad Help...

    This may be a bit long, but here goes. In my library in iTunes, I've deleted the apps from the listing. They no longer show there. On my iPad, I click the icon and delete it, and when I have my iPad selected under iTunes I go to the App tab up top and the Apps I've deleted are no longer...