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  1. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    I also have one on my South Realm .... PlusID: Balibe
  2. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    For anyone trying to do the New Quests, I have one of every business in my kingdom. Feel free to stop by to complete your quests. If you don't see the business on the main realm, check the outer realms. PlusID: Balibe WeRule Lvl 39 WeFarm Lvl 33 WeCity Lvl 23
  3. Balibe

    Need friends for city story

    We City Friends Needed .... We City has been released ...... So lets get the friends thread started :cool: Plus ID for WeCity, WeFarm & WeRule is Balibe ....
  4. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    They are 100c/85xp every 6 hours that doesn't require a buyer. So with 150 of them you could yield 60,000c/51,000xp a day. Much better than 20 farms & magic cauliflower: in 26hrs only yields 52,000c/14,000xp I do agree with an entire realm of them, but I am slowly filling in bare areas with...
  5. Balibe

    We Farm

    Yes, it was 30 in We Rule. Not sure the limit in We Farm, but looks to be the same. It is total transactions, so orders placed with you are in the limit.
  6. Balibe

    We Farm

    You will need to be connected to the internet via Wifi or 3G.
  7. Balibe

    Wired networking for iPad

    Apple - AirPort Express plugs into the wall for power & CAT5 connection to the network. Then provides wireless connections for 10 devices.
  8. Balibe

    Is it possible to revert back to iPad os 3.2 from 3.2.1?

    New Jailbreak is out, head over to or on your iPad as it is web based.
  9. Balibe

    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    From what I read at, its a loop hole in the Adobe PDF format. There is also a mirror site at
  10. Balibe

    We Farm

    Not getting them either, not sure why.
  11. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Reboot [Hold down the Power & Home Buttons] the iPad & they should return. Happens periodically to me too. If that doesn't work, uninstall then reinstall the app. You will not loose your progress. Make sure you are running the most recent version as there are two apps for the iPad. Current...
  12. Balibe

    We Farm

    Everyone in my friends list for We Rule are automatically in my We Farm friend list as they install the program. See you there .....
  13. Balibe

    We Farm

    For all you We Rule Fans ... We Farm will be released tomorrow 07/29.
  14. Balibe

    I want a new fun exciting App!

    You can also try We Rule [similar to FarmVille on Facebook], its free. I am still addicted to this game as most are who try it. It is a time management game which has kept my interest for over a month now along with other members of this forum. We Rule for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store...
  15. Balibe

    Perfect Web Browser

    Another vote for Atomic. I have installed and used Perfect Browser. It is not a bad browser and better than Safari, but it is not as good as Atomic. Expecially with the recent update to Atomic.
  16. Balibe

    Sync Outlook Tasks

    Check the AppStore. There is a program called TaskTask HD that will sync with Exchange for $4.99 [may be others]. I haven't tried it and realize it is an additional cost, but it may fill the void.
  17. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    I believe this is because the person already has 30 transactions. The game will not let a person have more that 30. It should not say OPEN, but for some reason it does.
  18. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Once you add friends to Plus+, go to Social in the lower right. Give it a minute to load the Kingdoms. Scroll thru your friends and select one with an OPEN sign. Once the Kingdom loads, you will see OPEN over some business/shops. Select one and place an order. You can have a total of 30 orders...
  19. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    You can have a total of 30 transactions at a time. This is orders placed at your shops and ones placed at others.
  20. Balibe

    Am I missing the obvious?

    Put your finger in the text box until the retina [magnifying glass] comes up. Then move you finger down, it will scroll down thru text and get to the end.
  21. Balibe

    Aligata case opinions and others

    Same here, all mine are properly aligned but the headphone jack. It is exposed but the leather prevents the plug from being fully inserted till it snaps. I never noticed this as I use a wireless headset.
  22. Balibe

    Taking your iPad out in the wild

    Took mine out to dinner the other night as our Bonefish always has a long wait. Kept my 4yr old busy during the wait playing free games like TicTacFree & FourInARow. It turned into more of a conversation piece with another couple waiting. I sounded like a salesman explaining all the cool...
  23. Balibe

    Apps using location

    Not sure which access point you have, mine is a Linksys E3000. The MAC Address is found on the status page [screenshot attached]. The MAC Address is a unique number to all wireless devices, should also be printed on the tag somewhere. Not sure if this is going to resolve your issue as I am no...
  24. Balibe

    Apps using location

    Maybe it is because your location is 200+ years behind the rest of the country :D Hmm, I Googled this and learned something new. Below is how the iPod Touch does it, iPad should be the same. Source: It actually uses the SSIDs and hardware addresses of any WiFi access points it finds...
  25. Balibe

    I have unlimited 3G how do I renew

    It will automatically renew every 30 days until you cancel or change the plan.
  26. Balibe

    Forum Help and Questions

    It is hard for Mods to see everything. There is a report button to the left of each post under the forum user name and information. This can be used to notify them.
  27. Balibe

    charging issues

    Did you even look at the article? It explained everything! Thanks Mike for spelling this out for him, it a shame it has to be done for some that don't even take the time to review the information provided to them.
  28. Balibe

    charging issues

    iPad's need a High Power USB 2.0 Port to charge. See this article .... iPad: Charging the Battery
  29. Balibe

    ATT WiFi

    The iPad 3G service only includes AT&T Basic WiFi Service, over 20,000 free locations. To use the Premier WiFi Service, there is an additional $19.99 per month service from AT&T, over 100,000 locations Use this link to locate WiFi hotspots, it works on the iPad .... AT&T Wi-Fi Locations
  30. Balibe

    Aligata case opinions and others

    I have the Incase Book Jacket and have been happy with it. I picked it up from my local Best Buy. The one draw back is adjustable viewing you want. While getting the link, I saw the Incase Convertible Book Jacket, which has addition feature you are looking for.
  31. Balibe

    Dropped, dented and sleep/wake barely works.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Thats what turned me off with the eco vue case. With it closed for carrying, it can come out. With other cases like the Apple or Incase, with it closed it is securely in the case and cant slide out unless opened up. From the video I saw of this case ... the...
  32. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    I missed it too. When you are in the South Realm, use Build\Castle then you can purchase Realm Upgrade levels.
  33. Balibe

    "N" router suggestions

    My Linksys E3000 works great with my iPad
  34. Balibe

    How do I know that my Ipad is using my home Wifi and not 3g

    This is on Page #2 of this forum LINK:
  35. Balibe

    Is there a site that monitors app prices?

    iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Deals and Discovery at App Shopper - Popular Recent Changes
  36. Balibe

    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    I recently upgraded my access point to a Linksys E3000. It has two freqs/antennas in it. I only have my laptop & iPad on one freq/antenna set at 5Ghz & N only. All my other wireless devices in the house are on the other freq/antenna set at 2.4Ghz & B/G only. I am using the laptop or the iPad, so...
  37. Balibe

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Don't think you search/posted in the wrong area, for some reason this is in the Apps section and probably should be in the Games section.
  38. Balibe

    We Rule friends needed...

    Try here .....
  39. Balibe

    How does the IPad choose between wifi and 3g

    When no data is being used, the icon in the upper left will show you which it is using. 3G for AT&T & the dot with two curved lines for WiFi.
  40. Balibe

    WIFI or 3G

    iPad will use WiFi over 3G. With both ON you will see different icons when no data is being used. 3G or the dot w/ two curved lines for WiFi. I typically turn OFF 3G when connected to WiFi to save battery usage. Not sure how much of a savings it is.