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  1. Wookiee2cu

    iPad 2 battery draining faster since 6.1 JB

    F4780y, thanks for the response. I do have a few of the 4.x firmware SHSH blobs so I should be good to go. I'm not using the exchange calendar, I will double check all my installed tweaks to make sure they are listed as compatible with 6.x but I'm pretty sure they are. I figured maybe because...
  2. Wookiee2cu

    iPad 2 battery draining faster since 6.1 JB

    Well, I've been jailbroken now for a week or so and no matter the changes I make to settings the battery life still sucks compared to my JB on 5.1.1. I guess I'm gonna see if I'm able to revert back to that version, I have my blobs saved, the restore.ipsw and the JB software... just can't...
  3. Wookiee2cu

    iPad 2 battery draining faster since 6.1 JB

    Thanks for the tip, I will adjust it and keep an eye on the battery and see if that seems to make a difference.
  4. Wookiee2cu

    iPad 2 battery draining faster since 6.1 JB

    Is anyone else experiencing this? My iPad 2 was previously jailbroken (forget what firmware) and I upgraded to 6.1 and then did the jailbreak. I have noticed that my battery is draining quite a bit faster. I have the same tweaks installed that I did with the previous jailbreak. Last night I...
  5. Wookiee2cu

    HELP.... Ipad stuck on apple logo..

    Try these instructions: Connect the iPhone's USB cable to your computer, but not your iPhone. Turn off your iPhone. If the phone won't turn off in the traditional manner, just keep holding the buttons until the screen goes dark. Once you've turned the device off, press the home button on the...
  6. Wookiee2cu

    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    If you bought in the last 30 days from an apple store, call them and see if they are offering an exchange. Just read that the store in San Francisco is offering that deal (as long as the iPad 3 is not blemished/damaged) but the manager said it is at the individual stores discretion, not a...
  7. Wookiee2cu

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    Yes it did and if I had just bought an iPad 3 and past the return period I'd be a little po'd right now.
  8. Wookiee2cu

    Apple Also Teases Their Fourth Gen iPad

    If I had just gotten an iPad 3 recently I'd be a little po'd right now. The cycle for the iPad has been 1 year and folks know that going into the purchase but say you just got yours a month ago and are beyond the return period, that would be a tough pill to swallow knowing a new device just...
  9. Wookiee2cu

    Apps wont update on iPad 2

    What is the app that you are having problems with? Just to rule it out, is your device on 5.1? If not it may be that the app requires you to be on 5.1 (I think the iMovie update requires that).
  10. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Don't rule it out, pod2g tweeted "People say: "don't release now coz iOS 5.1 tethered is good enough". Don't forget there are Apple TV3, 4S, iPad2 and iPad3 users out there!" Will have to wait and see what happens.
  11. Wookiee2cu

    iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Update: All Required Exploits Have Been Discovered 5.1

    didn't noticed it mentioned but pod2g posted another tweet. "ASLR seems bypassed! Weird machines FTW. Time to ROP the payload." Probably still a ways out but it sounds like he is making good progress.
  12. Wookiee2cu

    Anyone here not impressed by the new ipad 3 screen? Or not find it worth the upgrade

    I think you really notice the difference in reading text, it will be much crisper and the edges are more defined. When looking at pictures or watching a movie I'm sure you'll notice a little improvement in sharpness as well. Like another member posted if you plan on putting a screen protector...
  13. Wookiee2cu

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Thanks for the tip, was having the same problem. For those that are also having the problem, open settings and sroll down the left hand side and look for the ikeywi HD icon (it's not on the general-keyboards section) and just hit the 'save and respring' button and you should be good to go. I...
  14. Wookiee2cu

    Watch AVI files on iPad without jailbreaking and CineXPlayer discussion

    +1, used a few and have found AVPlayerHD to be the best... for me anyways. Never failed and has played every format I have thrown at it.
  15. Wookiee2cu

    VoiceSo Dictation not Siri !

    it will simply convert your speach to text and that's it. With siri you can ask it questions and it will perform searches for you and so on, the iPad3 will not do this.
  16. Wookiee2cu

    Some apple double talk.

    I don't really see people taking pictures with the iPad just because of it's awkward size, a phone or actual camera is more likely. I would think if they improved either of the lenses it would be the one on the front for skyping/facetime.
  17. Wookiee2cu

    Is it safe to jailbreak?

    It is safe to jailbreak, if it wasn't no one would do it. People run into problems when they load tweaks that are for certain firmwares that their device does not have (ie your ipad is on 5.0.1 but the tweak is for 4.x.x) or they load a tweak that is intended for the iphone only on their ipad.
  18. Wookiee2cu

    iPad 2 old tech?

    I don't feel it's old tech. I bought my iPad 2 on launch day and still very happy with it and have no desire to upgrade. The only big rumors I've heard are increased resolution and improved processor. I can read magazines and other text just fine on my ipad and movies are great. I don't play...
  19. Wookiee2cu

    The rarest collector iPads?

    Googled the Limited edition Michael Jackson iPad. It appears it was a promotion that Astorvision did, you had to purchase the new Michael album at any Astroplus / Astrovision Store nationwide and you got a coupon for each purchase and there was a drawing of some sort. So since it doesn't appear...
  20. Wookiee2cu

    Ipad 2 vid converter

    Handbrake is good and it's free, another alternative is AvPlayerHD. This app will play pretty much any format so you wont have to deal with converting all the time. Once the app is installed, connect your iPad to your computer, fire up iTunes, click on your iPad in the left pane, select the...
  21. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    At this point with iOS 5 you can not downgrade to a previous version of iOS 5 so if you are on 5.0.1 you cannot downgrade to 5.0 even if you have the shsh blobs. It has been mentioned that it is still a good habit to save the shsh blobs anyways just in case there is a breakthrough in the future...
  22. Wookiee2cu

    How can I keep the first page blank?

    Thanks for the tip Mickey330, I'll have to give that a try. In the past I used to have iBlank (I think that's what it's called, would create fake icons to take up spots and dissapear once you stopped the wiggling) and I would fill up the first page with them to force the second page but stopped...
  23. Wookiee2cu

    How can I keep the first page blank?

    Here's my problem. I have gridlock installed and all of my apps are in folders except for the task bar. I have about 8 folders in all, which I move to the second page so that way the first page is blank and all you see is the wallpaper (don't know why but I like it set up like this). It seems...
  24. Wookiee2cu

    Ipad 2 resetting automatically

    Is your iPad Jailbroken? If so you may have installed a tweak that is iPhone or iOS 4.x.x only. I would uninstall the most recent tweaks you've added. If it's not jailbroken I would reboot the device (hold down home and power button until the device turns off, keep holding when you see the...
  25. Wookiee2cu

    Best case for ipad 2?

    I have the Griffin Survivor and I like it a lot but there is no case for the screen. It does have a thin sheet of plastic that covers the screen but if you were to drop the iPad and something hit the screen I'm pretty sure it would still crack it. I had the OtterBox first but even with the...
  26. Wookiee2cu

    Dropped iPad screen not functioning

    I understand you are upset that your iPad is not working but it's not Apples fault that YOU dropped it. Some (not all) Apple stores were doing a 1 time courtesy exchange for damaged iPads and it was at their discretion. I don’t know of any other company that would replace product that was...
  27. Wookiee2cu

    Connecting to remote computer

    There is also Logmein which there is a free version. The $99 version allows you to transfer files between the devices and some other features. I use the free version and if I need something from the other computer I just open up outlook on that computer and email the file to myself and then...
  28. Wookiee2cu

    Watching free movies on my ipad

    If these do not work I believe your cheapest alternative is getting a Netflix account if it is available in your country. A co-worker has it on his ipad and the quality was surprisingly very good. I believe it's $8 a month which is pretty cheap if you think about it, they have both movies and...
  29. Wookiee2cu

    How to save shsh blobs for ios 5

    Mickey330 just to clarify, I was under the impression that you can't downgrade to an earlier version of iOS 5.x.x but can't you still downgrade to 4.3.3 provided you have those blobs saved?
  30. Wookiee2cu

    How to lighten the memory of my ipad

    Connect your ipad to your computer, fire up iTunes, click on your ipad on the left hand side, once it loads your ipad info in the middle pane click on the apps tab, select the radio button towards the top that allows you to select individual apps, go down the list and uncheck the apps you don't...
  31. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    When using the Windows GUI it seems to be a lot easier if you do restore your device before you perform the jailbreak. It may vary depending on how much stuff you have on your iPad; I had about 50GB's on my iPad so the backup and restore portion took about 1 hour before it finally gave an error...
  32. Wookiee2cu

    Adobe flash player substitute

    you can try other browsers like iswifter but these are not guaranteed to work, the ipad does not support flash.
  33. Wookiee2cu


    Stevelamont, I was rebooting to see if the iPad started up fine or if there was a conflict somewhere. Reason I went into safe mode is that was the only way I could get Cydia to function properly. I know the respringing solved the issue but for some reason it bugged me that there was the...
  34. Wookiee2cu


    Not that I know of. However if you are trying to use this on the iPad I think there is still a glitch. I have it on my iphone and it's fine but I have it on my iPad 2 5.0.1 and whenever I reboot my iPad it ends up with portrait only viewing and my folders are scattered. I have to open...
  35. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    1. Yes, you simply just click the restore button in iTunes (the one you mentioned under "version") 2. It will restore your device with the most recent iOS which at this time is 5.0.1. It's best to get it straight from apple because if you get it from another source I believe you have to hold...
  36. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Mine was fine yesterday and today I decided to do a reboot which caused my iPad 2 to start acting up. I figured it was a Cydia tweak I installed that is not compatible with iOS5. If you are having issues with your device acting up hopefully you have SBSettings installed, go into safe mode (in...
  37. Wookiee2cu

    Need some serious help guys...

    I installed the remove background sbsettings toggle and it works just fine on mine.
  38. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Man, that's the most problems I've had with a JB and I've been doing them since the iPhone 3G. To start I have an iPad 2 64GB WIFI only version, I only had about 15GB of free space (yes I have that much crap on my iPad). Ok, I was about 40 minutes in and then I got the error that Absinthe...
  39. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Apple has made it so that you can't put Newstand into a folder for what ever reason. There may be a tweak in Cydia, I'd do a google search for "cydia tweak to hide newstand" or "cydia tweak to move newstand into a folder". Currently jailbreaking mine right now, so far I'm 30 minutes in and based...
  40. Wookiee2cu

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Tweet from pimskeks "Windows version: #jailbreak #A5" :-)