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  1. Dannyboy85

    Help with Gmail Please!

    How are you accessing it? Thru the web page or outlook?
  2. Dannyboy85

    Help with Gmail Please!

    More than likely you need to go into mail settings and have it sync without a limit. Right now it's probably only syncing a few days. Then you need to set it to push all your folders to your iPad. At the moment it may be set to just push the inbox that means the only sent messages will have come...
  3. Dannyboy85

    iPad WiFi to Router Speed?

    Yes, it's the same N... A lot faster than almost any real world speeds. You won't find it listed just because it's rated at that speed. Just like your computer shows the rated speed regardless of signal strength.
  4. Dannyboy85

    What kind of plug in printer should I get?

    Just go on the apple site for the list of wifi printers that work with the iPad. You will need to setup a wireless network to use it. If you go with an unsupported printer you will also need a PC to plug your printer into.
  5. Dannyboy85

    Try saving it as a different file type.

    Try saving it as a different file type.
  6. Dannyboy85

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy!
  7. Dannyboy85

    transferring apps between pages

    This should help some...
  8. Dannyboy85

    Hey all

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  9. Dannyboy85

    Typing l instead of i

    When the correction box comes up just tap it then finish the email. You can also go to settings and disable the auto correct. It can be quite annoying when typing email addys...
  10. Dannyboy85

    Any Geocachers use their iPad?

    My iPad is just wifi so I'm stuck using my iPhone....
  11. Dannyboy85

    Error 28

    You can download all your pay'd apps again for free. They are recorded as pay'd for on iTunes.
  12. Dannyboy85

    New to the boards: Trying to access IMac remotely with Ipad

    Whatever app you choose to go with they will have a howto on what you need to install on your Mac to make it work.
  13. Dannyboy85

    New to the boards: Trying to access IMac remotely with Ipad

    Splashtop is the best but you do havetoo assign your router to portforward if viewing from another network. If you want simple try iTeleport.
  14. Dannyboy85

    Error 28

  15. Dannyboy85

    Hi I am new here.

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy!
  16. Dannyboy85

    Camera Kit does not work with 4.2.1

    I was referring to using it iPhone to iPad. Not using the kit on the iPhone.
  17. Dannyboy85

    iBooks update!

    Its about time! Now what about Pages? :D
  18. Dannyboy85

    matte or Glossy screen protector?

    The reason I don't use zagg it because its tacky (sticky). During gameplay or games that require swiping is mostly when I find it annoying. The quality is great same as iPhone version...just makes for a different feel. I think it's a "you love it or hate it" screen guard.:D
  19. Dannyboy85

    New iPad owner in distress. Photos, file browsing, ftp)

    It all boils down to doing your research before you buy. Apple has managed to make it appeal to millions of users so to say they haven't got it...isn't quite a correct statement.:D
  20. Dannyboy85

    Please Answer and explain if it can be done?

    Someone else that knows more step by step on a droid can chime in here...:D but you will basically use an app that broadcast a wireless network and your iPad will connect to it. (not sure if the droid has to be rooted or not?)
  21. Dannyboy85

    Please Answer and explain if it can be done?

    Yes, your iPad will connect in the same way your PC does. I use my iPhone to do the same way... Works like a charm!
  22. Dannyboy85

    Need Help on Updating the OS

    You can update with any computer without syncing or deleting data... But I would recommend having a backup.... You never know what might happen during an update.
  23. Dannyboy85

    New To the community

    Welcome to the forum!!
  24. Dannyboy85

    Backing up purchased apps

    Yes, that's what I do when I change computers I just copy apps and music over to the same location in the new one. Saves from downloading them all again or having to convert all my music back into iTunes.
  25. Dannyboy85

    Jen in Tenn joining up

    Welcome! Enjoy the forum!
  26. Dannyboy85

    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    I saw it too...looks cool but for $30 I think I will just stick with the apple one. Will be interesting to see if the build quality is par with the apple one.
  27. Dannyboy85

    Camera Kit does not work with 4.2.1

    The USB doesn't work for most cameras. Just have too use the SD card.... Not sure why they lowered the power but it's stuck supporting mostly apple devices.
  28. Dannyboy85

    New iPad owner in distress. Photos, file browsing, ftp)

    Its going to be very difficult to do just because the iPad does not have an open file system. So as far as compressing and sending you are going to be pretty limited. The iPad was really designed as an extension of your computer not a replacement so...... I haven't really helped you any :) But...
  29. Dannyboy85

    HELP. iPad case for the classroom.

    I agree, this is a really nice case and makes it easy to grip.
  30. Dannyboy85

    Picked on up

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  31. Dannyboy85

    Ipad Easy

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  32. Dannyboy85

    Bortolo profile

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  33. Dannyboy85

    Pinkra1n 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak

    Scam......... Thread Closed
  34. Dannyboy85

    CNN Launches iPad App

    It's great!!
  35. Dannyboy85

    Glad I found you!

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  36. Dannyboy85

    Returning to 3.3.3 from 4.2

    You will not be able to downgrade unless you saved your blobs from 4.1. Apple isn't signing 4.1 anymore so it's not possible using the shift restore method.
  37. Dannyboy85

    Hello everyboady

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  38. Dannyboy85

    HI Looking for Guidance

    The only way I know of it to use the zoom feature that is available under settings. iPad: Configuring accessibility features (including VoiceOver and Zoom)
  39. Dannyboy85

    Notifications not working on my apps.........HELP

    Not sure what apps you are talking about (not all notifications will use local notifications yet. (a new feature on 4.2 for the ipad) The app store has never used local or other notifications you always must open once to get the number badge.... I have no idea why it's like that.
  40. Dannyboy85

    Email account settings unaccessible

    Have you completely shut down and rebooted your iPad lately? (hold sleep until the red slider appears)