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    What brightness is your ipad 3 set to

    25%. But it's wifi only used mostly low lit living room.
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    I knew I wasn't crazy! There is a problem with some WiFi only iPads!

    Yeah, I've been finding this out. So far I've been lucky with Apple products.
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    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    I upgraded from the iPad 1. I figured the third iteration would have the retina display.
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    Do you like typing on the ipads on screen keyboard?

    My cruising speed on a regular keyboard can get to 175 wpm. I can do about 60 or so on the ipad keyboard.
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    Get official facebook app for iPad! (jailbreak required)

    This worked. Less work too.
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    Where are you ipadding from?

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada. On the couch...
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    What are you reading now?

    Frankenstein (the original, not the dean koontz one)
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Ipod nano 3rd gen Ipod nano video Ipod shuffle Ipod touch 2nd, 3rd gen Ipod claasic 120gb Imac (blueberry) g3 Macbook (white) Macbook pro 15" Macbook pro 13" Ipad 1
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    New to jailbreaking. But i know my way around the unix command line, and what not to touch, etc. For me jailbreaking was a means to an end, and i knew that jb'ing was a moving target when it came to firmware versions vs jb software/techniques, i wanted to get the jb right the first time.
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    I switched cydia to developer. Found all the goodies i was looking for :) MobileTerminal in the store is really outdated. It was at r364 which at 4.3.* wilk crash immediately on launch, so i updated it to r520. So far no regrets on the jb :)
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    Ipad jailbroken. It was a bit anti-climactic :) There wasn't a Mac version of iFaith so I had to fire up a win xp vm and run it there. Took a few tries to get I ti DFU mode. Backed up my SHSH blobs. Once cydia was installed, I installed dospad, openssh scp'd a dos version of perl, ruby, tcl...
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    That helps a great deal! I reran TU and got the 4.3.4 (and a few of 5's). Next time I post it should be after a successful jb. Thanks again.
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    Thanks for the link, I'll read that first. I have an iPad 1 still at 4.3.1. I don't HAVE to have an unthethered jb but I would really like a plan B in case something goes horribly wrong. My plan C on a bricked iPad is to just go buy another one :)
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    Too late for 4.3.1

    I keep my iPad untethered for the most part so I haven't updated my firmware for a while. I'm stuck at 4.3.1. I can't save the SHSH for it. I get the "you are just too late" error showing up in the TU log. Am I really stuck or should I chance it and move on to 4.3.4 firmware? Is jb'ing...
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    User, hacker, or developer

    Ah, good to know. Thanks for the info :)
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    User, hacker, or developer

    I've decided after a year of owning an iPad (1) that I want to jailbreak it. I've read that picking "hacker" opens up a few more options that "user" doesn't have. Should I bit the bullet and pick developer? Does that open even more options.
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    Download limited

    I have a 60gb cap on my cable Internet. No Netflix or any other kind of streaming for me :/ I think Netflix will fail up here. iPads won't save it.