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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Took a bit, but finally got it orderd. Stepping up form iPad 1 to iPad 3....
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    Photographer Desperate for App that shows Title

    Why couldn't they just use Safari? Like in my case, I host my photos on Smugmug and while they have an app for viewing, you can't make purchases in the app (at least I am not aware of it). But click the globe inside the app, and it takes you the the gallery via Safari and you can make...
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    Texting with an IPad 3G

    textPLUS is what I use on my 3g iPad
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    iPad to tv ? VGA question

    Think of the iPad as a VCR or DVD player that you may have hooked up to your tv now. It can play videos with sound but the sound out is located at the headphone Jack and the video out is located at the dock connector. The television is only a very big monitor at this point as the sound and...
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    iPad to tv ? VGA question

    What MikesToolz said. I have a VGA cable that used to belong to a long since dead computer monitor. FWIW, I go the iPad / VGA adapter this weekend and plugged into my friends 65" LCD tv and was blown away with how good it looked! It was not Blue Ray quality by no means but it looked great...
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    Geotag Photos – taken by any (DSLR or compact) camera using iPad (3G only) and iPhone

    So how do you use the promocode? Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to giving it a try.
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    GPS Maps Apps

    I am very, VERY, satisfied with MOTIONX GPS DRIVE. $2.99. I have used it on 4 business trips already since getting it a couple of weeks ago, (California, North Dakota, Pennsylvania & Louisiana). I have a Garmin 376c that I use on the Boat, Motorcycle & other Vehicles, that I would take...
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    iTunes + iPad, iPod App - Sorting Question

    You Sir are a Genius! That fixed me right up. Thank you for your help. :thumb: :thumb:
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    iTunes + iPad, iPod App - Sorting Question

    First off, I have searched the forum to the best of my ability as well as Google. Really I did! But I am certain one of you will put up the "Let Me Google That For You" link for me. :p I have a question and hope to get your all's help. I have my music sorted in my "top rated" playlist by...
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    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    Pinch to zoom works just fine in iBooks on my iPad :confused:.
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    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    Yes, you can do what you want to do, buy just dragging the pdf to "Books" section of iTunes. Here: You will end up seeing them in the iBooks app under the "PDFs" tab. Here: I have been using the Cloudreader app, but with the update of the iBooks app, I no longer use Cloudreader, iBooks...
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    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    Your going to have to get that disk to a computer. But when you do, just drag and drop the PDFs to the books section of iTunes, and sync. iBooks now reads PDFs after the up dare a week or so ago.
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    Over temp my problem

    I can't offer any help to the OP, but I thought that I would share that it was nearly 100 degrees here in Houston today. I used mine out by the pool for several hours this afternoon. Reading mags, surfing the net, and letting it play music when I went swimming to cool off. Mine never did...
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    I don't understand why the Apple case is so hard to find?!

    I have been hunting for 3 weeks. Still cant find one. I did buy a padded carry case from Best Buy made by Targus. Not the best, but at least I feel somewhat protected when I go to toss it in my brief case. I am flying to California in the morning and will see if I can find one out there this...