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  1. ScriptySandy

    Newby here, got ????

    I already bought a keyboard/ case at London Drugs for that price. It's a Targus and I am very happy with it so far. Now I just need to try it out at work. I need to familiarize myself with the ScriptE app I bought to do my job. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  2. ScriptySandy


    I wanted to introduce myself. I live in Vancouver, BC and work in the TV and film industry. I just bought my first iPad - a used 2 - and I love it. I bought it from a coworker who takes good care of his tech toys. I primarily bought it for work so that I can be paperless which is a big deal...
  3. ScriptySandy

    Newby here, got ????

    I just bought my first iPad - the 2 - and I got a great deal. $400 for the 64gig with 3G. It came in the protective wrapper, in the box, in the bag from Apple the guy brought it home in a year ago. Now I know the seller personally and know how completely anal he is about caring for his toys so...