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    Charging Issue

    hi guys... these are call touch statics, not vibrations. They are due to badly grounded devices. I never had such things on the ipad2, but it appeared on the ipad3. Just like i dont used to expect them on a sony walkman but plenty of them on a china made cheap electronic.
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    Who Thinks It's Worth Going From iPad 2 to iPad 3?

    I have both the 2 and the 3. Once you are used to the new screen, looking back at the ipad2, the screen is absolute rubbish. but the software is not really there for everything to support the screen. The ipad3 is much slower, like when i flip pdf magazines, it takes some time fo images to...
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    iPad Mini Could Eventually Outsell the Regular-Sized iPad

    Not likely at all, maybe the microsoft surface may have those you wished for, sd, usb.... that is also why cloud is the in thing, "moving" things about...
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    iPad Mini Could Eventually Outsell the Regular-Sized iPad

    my company has under 5 staff, ground staff travel between retail outlets to stock take and top up of goods, so requiring them to carry cartons. Each of them carries ipad2s or 3s which are 3G and installed with software that have full ERP access to warehouse, as well as issue invoice, query...
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    Yet More Talk of Apple Launching 7-Inch iPad

    the dont need to half the price, the market is not a retail level market, its more cooperate. What is USD1000 a unit if the crappy data collectors they have now from the like of socket, symbol etc running ancient wince can sell for USD1000-2000 each?
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    Yet More Talk of Apple Launching 7-Inch iPad

    There is a market in 7 inch, its stupid to assume a market segment does not exist and try to squeeze them to predefined segments. The ipad size is perfect for signing of documents and reading, but there is an explosive segment where the 7 inch will fit for warehouse inventory barcode scanning...
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    I am confused how multiple appleid work

    That is very good information. So it is a good idea to keep a company id and a personal id, lovely, just as it should.
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    I am confused how multiple appleid work

    How does it work actually to have 2 appleid on an ipad. Say if appleid 1 has app 1 2 3, and appleid 2 has app 4 5 6 appleid 1 is company id and appleid is personal id. if I change the app store appleid from 1 to 2, will it uninstall app 1 2 3 and all its data? or if I log in to appleid 1...
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    Overnight 8-hr Charge stopped at 65%

    The ipad 3 simply takes longer to charge due to its bigger battery. I was using the ipad 2 fairly much and it drains down to about 40% and i charge it overnight to get 100%, for the ipad 3, i wake up to between 60-80%, and battery runs down to as low to 10% on a heavy day's use
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    ipad 3 takes much longer to charge

    am comparing ipad2 and ipad3, ipad2 if i charge and use, it will still charge. if i on the screen for ipad3 and plug in, the charging will be like stalled. I use the ipad3 every day And after so long of use, i have never managed tomget the ipad3 over 80% full charge based on my daily use and...
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    Charging Issue

    bad grounding for some bad devices have these statics, yes the ipad3 i could feel it, not on the ipad2 though
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    Rumor: 4G LTE is 'good to go' for Apple's third-gen iPad

    live, that means merchandizers do stock take in a retail store, as they scan with their BT barcode scanners, the ipad feeds the scans back to office server where warehouse prepares replacement stocks based on those data. office ERP systems with live data on stock and inventory, ipad log in from...
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    Rumor: 4G LTE is 'good to go' for Apple's third-gen iPad

    aa, it depends on users. for us, we will not use a wifi unit even if its free, our guys are on the road collecting live business data and send back info to office. 3G is too slow, we are very happy if the new unit comes with LTE, if testing works, we will ditch all our ipad2s for the LTE capable...
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    Rminder app

    my microsoft exchange account syncs the task with ipad reminder, my mail, contacts and task are all the same account.
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    Why it would be neat to have Microsoft Office on the iPad

    i will pay 50 bucks for it, and install once its released, bring it on, microsoft
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    iPad locator is a joke

    It works on 3g no problem, i leave 1 on the delivery vehicle and can trace the vehicle like gps. The stupid thing about this as an anti theft tool is that, the guy picks up the phone, just need to go to setting and switch off find my ipad, and in icloud you will see it as disabled. The idea is...
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    Picture orientation in ipad2 or ios in general

    there are a few threads on picture orientation but its not exactly what i am trying to find out. simple, i take a picture in portrait format, uplaoad to facebook, it comes up landscape and i have to turn my head 90 degree to see. Its not only about face book, but sharepoint, other apps. i...
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    location based reminder in ios5?

    assume that they are taking wifi only ipad2s into consideration, becuase 3G ipad2s should not be much difference with an iphone.
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    location based reminder in ios5?

    tested, i tried on an ipad2 and iphone 4s, it only show up n the 4s.
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    location based reminder in ios5?

    i am using ipad2
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    location based reminder in ios5?

    dont see this option available? i turned on sync for reminder in icloud, but there still only reminder by time and not location? is there some prerequisite?
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    Does anyone else think split keyboard is too small?

    too small, does not work, but the undocking is excellent.
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    How The Photos App & Photostream Should Work.

    you know what, i installed ios5, then found out all the functions dont really work intuitively. in the end i basically deactivated ALL the icloud function and found that its the best way to work.
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    One more with auto sync

    Hi, for icloud sync, the space online is 5GB and the smallest ipad is 16GB, so its not too clear what happens, especially if you have 32 GB or 64 GB, and even syncing 5gb of stuff should be putting quite a lot of strain on bandwidth.
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    Anybody knows how this iCloud work?

    am asking because it seems to be the same as Appleid and it seems not. why also is that i have 1 appleid account with 3 devices. And all 3 of these devices are with 3 different sales people who come and go. I was suggested that i uase 1 account so as to get thensame set of applications. But how...
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    Whats the best way to set up appleid account for my staff?

    yes it is getting confusing. I understand that the device can use only 1 active appleid at one time. What I need to understand is how the transistion is. Example the company id buys app A B C D so I log in to company id on 2 new ipads, both of them will be able to have A B C D, you were saying...
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    Whats the best way to set up appleid account for my staff?

    Lovely, so it blocks them from installing their own personally apps, unfortunately...I will test it out.
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    Whats the best way to set up appleid account for my staff?

    I am getting 2 ipads for 2 sales staff. What is the best way to set it up? I was thinking if I use 1 appleid, all the apps will be synchronized and will be the same across all 3 devices (including my own), i should still be able to use different email accounts n each ipad? I am not sure through...