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  1. naughty_nikki

    Apps For 15 month Old Youngster ?

    I got an app for my son who is now 2 years old it's called lunchbox has a monkey preschool excellent it has counting,colours,matching picture cards cheers Nikki
  2. naughty_nikki

    Life is crime need adds

    If you play life is crime and need to add some friends please add NOTORIOUS13 and NAUGHTY NIKKI78 Thanks I gift daily :)
  3. naughty_nikki

    DragonVale newbies less than Lv20 please post and add friends here.

    Hi there you can add me to your game center my username is NIKKI_1978. :)
  4. naughty_nikki

    Looking for 2 Dragonvale gem exchange contacts

    Hi there add me NIKKI_1978