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    Torn between an I Pad 2 and a Macbook Air 11

    Since you already have the 27 inch imac ( I have that one too!) I'd get ipad2. I love my ipad1 but if I was buying now I'd get the 2. But I'm waiting for ipad with retina display before I upgrade.
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    iPad 1 users!!!

    I'm just happy we got 4.3 with the screen switch button back. That was all I wanted.
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    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    Put a skin on to protect the back. I have no comment on the color choice whine though.
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    70% of iPad 2s Sold to New Buyers According to Analyst

    Are you kidding, Amazon has TONS on stuff listed on their website with no release date at all. Heck I had one book on my wishlist for 2 years that still had no release date and isn't even published yet. Now what did you say about release dates?
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    Bible App recommendations?

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    iPad Dock

    I love the dock alone, but I really have no need to input data while it's docked. For versatility I'd rather have the wireless keyboard and the separate dock if I thought I'd need to use both sometimes.
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    iBook and Kindle Questions

    ibooks is compatible with open epub and pdf so I can keep all my stuff on one app. Kindle app is only compatible with kindle books bought from Amazon. I do have both apps, because I already owned a kindle reader before the iphone app and the ipad even came out. But kindle app alone does not...
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    Two months now -- how much data usage?

    I did a gig or so the first month
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    GPS Maps Apps

    Depends what your need is, for turn by turn verbal directions I've used the at&t navigator app I also have on my iphone, on my ipad. But otherwise my favorite is just the maps app. It's not perfect, but I've yet to use a GPS app that is, but I like that you can actually view the map while...
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    change the iBooks Cover on the iPad ?

    You can change it to anything you want.
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    "N" router suggestions

    My Apple airport extreme works fine with my ipad and all my other devices, it's dual band N
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    change the iBooks Cover on the iPad ?

    Right click the file, and choose get info, then artwork. Same way you do on audio files.
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    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    Guess they need to update their FAQ on their website then.
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    iBook and Kindle Questions

    1 ibooks bought in the ibookstore can not be read on/in anything other than the ibooks app on a compatible device. 2 the ipad kindle app only reads Amazons .amz files 3 you'd have to find the file and strip the DRM, I can't help you with that.
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    Transfer of PDF files

    You have a variety of ways, it depends on what app you plan on using them with. If it's ibooks just drag and drop the files ( I haven't tried doing a whole folder ) into the itunes page labeled books. Then sync your ipad, and make sure you have sync books checked. If you are using another app...
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    Opinions: iBooks on Android

    0% chance
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    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    No, it doesn't support any format. From their website Stanza iPhone / iPod Touch supports eReader with or without DRM and ePub without DRM. I had to convert all my books to epub when I still used Stanza on my iphone. Since ibooks also reads epub natively, I have no need for Stanza anymore.
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    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    What is cheaper than free? You can read pdfs in ibooks for free. The kindle app for ipad/iphone doesn't allow anything other than kindle books to be read.
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    kindle app DESTROYS ibooks imo

    except when those pesky publishers block that ability, just like they already do on many of their books even though the Kindle device is already capable of reading them to you.
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    How do I sync my ipad to my mac when i originally sync'd it to a PC

    Just plug it into your mac, tell it to transfer purchases, you don't have to lose anything.
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    Bling Out Your iPad with a Swarovski Crystalline Apple Logo!

    60 bucks for that? they have been sitting too close to the crack pipe
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    AT&T sucks & lies

    I guess it's time to sell your ipad.
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    Where should Apple have put the docking plug?

    There is no bottom or side, because you can rotate the ipad and read with any of the sides facing up.
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    How does the 10W Power Adapter work

    One piece hooks into the other and then plugs into the wall and the ipad at each end.
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I have 2 iphones, I'm passing my old one off to someone else though my mac shuffle airport extreme 2 ipod classics ipad I won't count the accessories. Those are all mine so that doesn't count my daughter ( who still lives at home ) devices, she has an ipad, ipod classic and ipod touch I bought...
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    I sold my Nook on CL for $150!

    Don't have a nook but I'd guess it's like the kindle and that you need to deregister the device from your account. Should have done that before you sold it.
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    3rd party ipad dock

    I use the Apple one, and I use the macally case which is very easy to remove the ipad from when I want to dock it.
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    Who bought an iPhone 4 on 24 June?

    I didn't buy one today, I preordered on the 15th and Fed Ex delivered it yesterday. It's beautiful.
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    Buying the iPhone 4???

    Fed Ex delivered mine yesterday and I love it. The screen is absolutely beautiful.
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    Second device same app purchase

    My daughter and my husband do this all time on their own itunes libraries, and also just download directly on the devices themselves.
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    Second device same app purchase

    nope, the only limit is having 5 computers authorized on your account. There is no limit on devices and as such no limit on app downloads.
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    Restricting access to mail app??

    I really don't think iPad was designed to be a multi user device.
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    Amazon Cuts Kindle Price from $259 to $189 as the eReader Wars Hot Up

    I own both, I never read on my kindle anymore though.
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    Second device same app purchase

    You can download any app you own to any device on your itunes account.
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    Buying the iPhone 4???

    I already preordered my 32 gig for delivery on the 24th.
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    Mobile Me Calendar

    The mobile me calendar is the same as the mac calendar app ical.
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    Sorting music videos

    I'm annoyed by the separate video app, because it isn't compatible with watching video playlists. It just takes me to the stupid app, plays one and then stops. Plus I have a lot of videos and I'd like a better way to sort them in the video app.
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    iPad without iTunes?

    oh cool, someone else to add to ignore.
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    My review: biggest issue: book reading aps are not up to par.

    Page numbers aren't consistent in print books unless they are all the same edition anyway.
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    Apple Refuses Cash Payment for iPad

    Unless you are a complete deadbeat you can get a debit card at most any bank without any fees.