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  1. j0yful

    Application wont delete!

    there's a way to hide it. you can search you tube for demos, its difficult to explain. ;)
  2. j0yful

    I need help with my PDF readers and files.

    when your ipad is connected to itunes, click on your ipad, hit the app tab, then scroll down you'll find two boxes. left box contains the apps where you can put files. for example, you choose goodreader, tap that one. then the box on the right side opens where you can put the pdf file you...
  3. j0yful

    I need help with my PDF readers and files.

    are you transferring those PDF files to Adobe reader, PDF reader and Goodreader directly? Transferring them to Ibook will only allow you to open it on ibook unless you add them to the PDF readers you mentioned.
  4. j0yful

    Ipad users Philippines

    nosebleed??:) Filipino joke ;)
  5. j0yful

    Iphone camera roll to ipad camera roll transfer

    you could stream them, in settings>photos>turn on stream
  6. j0yful

    iBook Content Syncing

    the bookmark is working well though ;) guess just have to live with it. thanks
  7. j0yful

    iBook Content Syncing

    anyone here uses this feature? I have use this feature and was happy when it was working very well, Then suddenly it stopped syncing my contents between ipad and iphone.I already checked all settings and its still "on". hoping for inputs here, thanks in advance. PS. Hi everyone ...
  8. j0yful

    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
  9. j0yful

    Are you Ios 5 yet?

    6:45 manila time no ios5.:(:(
  10. j0yful

    Does FaceTime work internationally?

    except for middle east countries, there is a thread on that.
  11. j0yful

    Looking for an ipad/apple coach/ IT person

    check out
  12. j0yful

    Movies on ipad?

    convert it to mp4. Using Handbrake a free program ( google it), you can use the video app that comes with your ipad ;)
  13. j0yful

    Daily app deals?

    appshopper, it's an app in itunes .
  14. j0yful

    Newbie from Johannesburg South Africa

    she might miss one step, that is checking the boxes like sync all songs, or sync selected song. under those options are several boxes too. playlist,songs, albums artist and so on
  15. j0yful

    Food anyone?

    yummy spinach salad sounds great ;)
  16. j0yful

    Contacts from iphone to ipad?

    use the google contacts sync, it is easy , try the link ;)
  17. j0yful

    What reality shows do you watch?

    i hate that too!
  18. j0yful

    can you play avi/mp4 files on ipad2?

    but i just learned itunes took out vlc on itunes.
  19. j0yful

    How many apps you have on your iPad?????

    i have 300+ app
  20. j0yful

    What reality shows do you watch?

    Amazing Race and Survivor
  21. j0yful

    What languages do you speak?

    chinese-mandarin definitely wrong, it was referring to new year. should be 圣诞快乐=sheng dan kuai le
  22. j0yful

    Happy Owl Wallet for iPad in UK

    i e-mailed them directly just early this year, and they ship internationally (not free though). Philippines here. you might want to e-mail them and inquire.;)
  23. j0yful

    App that tells you how much space each app uses

    cool DUMI, didnt know I could do that lol
  24. j0yful

    Apparently the world is ending tomorrow

    ohhh, so that means Im an endangered specie right now lol Im still alive and kicking!
  25. j0yful

    hi from philippines

    welcome kababayan! this is a wonderful forum ;)
  26. j0yful

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    if you have an iphone4 and an ipad. and your going on a. trip. would ou bring both?
  27. j0yful

    What languages do you speak?

    no big deal really , every chinese speaks at least 3 languages. filipino, english and a fookien.
  28. j0yful

    You're stranded on a desert island...

    honestly, i dont think ipad will suffice! i still want good food! lol
  29. j0yful

    Welcome Our Two New Moderators!

    keep on helping guys! lol ;) congratulations! @ Marie, cute eyes!
  30. j0yful

    What languages do you speak?

    Filipino, Bisaya(dialects included?), Fookien Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, and English.
  31. j0yful

    T.v series recomendations

    Grissom is somewhere out there, but Rey Langston not bad. ;)
  32. j0yful

    International Warranty when iPAD purchased from USA

    I forgot to ask my receipt from my friend who purchased it. and it was last year ago! lol
  33. j0yful

    PDF file blank when in Ipad

    I'll search for the e-mail from goodreader. I e-mailed them aboutmthis problem last year . I better start searching my mails now.
  34. j0yful

    iTunes Rearranged all my apps

    took me more than an hour coz I have about 300+ apps to organized them into folders again. I have lots of apps , most of them are educational apps and games for my daughters.
  35. j0yful

    Preserving app and folder configuration

    this happened to me when i sync my ipad after reinsataling itunes.
  36. j0yful

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    it's the point of the thread!;) i love a week of good surprises!!!
  37. j0yful

    T.v series recomendations

    CSI : Vegas! the best! ;) for me!
  38. j0yful

    Itunes music crashes

    RAM effects how much the iPad can do at once, and how fast. The iPad 2 has twice as much as the iPad 1. It's like having a big sorting table, or a small one. The iPad can only manipulate so much information at time, and a lot of that has to do with how big a table it can lay it all out on...
  39. j0yful

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I read it Hayle! Some kind of a week, make's ligpfe more exciting dont ypu think . :) I have one of those weeks where for the first 4 days someone gives me the reason to get mad. lol and im not good at it! it's like the light to the end of the tunnel. hahaha sound like death lol any plans...