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    Amazon Launches Streaming Music Service for Prime Members, Will Release an iOS App

    Nice little pre-emptive strike. Wasn't the Beats purchase a prelude to Apple offering streaming? Even so, Prime has proven an excellent value for me, even though I rarely use the shipping. The music streaming means one ,ore reason to bring along the Kindle when I leave the house, rather than my...
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    What is the best or most significant smell you've smelled today?

    Funny, I was reading a thriller where the terrorists killed some guys with poison gas and one guy knew what it was because it smelled like freshly cut grass.
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    8 Little-Know new Features in iOS 8 That Actually Matter a Lot

    ...and that doesn't strike you as pointless? I'm not seeing why the post above couldn't contain the information, or put it only one click away. I read about the features on another site rather than go thru this rigamarole.
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    8 Little-Know new Features in iOS 8 That Actually Matter a Lot

    Why does the title say 8 features and list just one? Nor does the included link go to the remaining seven. These sorts of antics erode audience goodwill...
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    Apple Announces iOS 8, Here are Some of the Most Important New Features

    I am so far behind! I upgraded to 7 just last week!
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Relaxing after a fun morning tooling around on an old motorcycle. Left a 6 a.m., rode until 9, had a little breakfast and looped back.
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    Infinity Blade II is now Available for Free for a Limited Time

    Agreed. I have all three, but I play II the most often.
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    What is the best or most significant smell you've smelled today?

    Hai Karate's gimmick was that you had to fight the women off. The ads were hilariously cheesy, with a geeky guy in a leisure suit pursued by tons of models. If you've seen The Incredibles, Frozone is putting some on just before his wife's dinner party, when he sees a helicopter crashing outside.
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    What is the best or most significant smell you've smelled today?

    A friend of mine works in retail and she's always talking about how tons of people - regardless of age - simply don't know how much perfume or cologne to wear, or even their proper clothing sizes (she's actually argued with women abut their own bra sizes). Riding thru an area with a nightclub or...
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    What is the best or most significant smell you've smelled today?

    Riding a motorcycle does add an element, doesn't it? This morning I spent an hour in rush hour traffic smelling exhaust, but there was a bit there where a bakery was making cinnamon buns. :) And folks, if I can smell your cologne/perfume on the street passing at 40mph, you're wearing a bit much...
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    Which iPad to buy?

    Based on your screen name, I suggest an iPad Mini, which will fit in the inner pocket of a motorcycle jacket. (Full disclosure - so does my Kindle Fire.) Until you've got a better idea how you want to use it, a 16GB wi-fi model is the smart choice. Now that you can download maps, they make a...
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    Seagate Wireless Plus use

    Seagate doesn't have an app? Most wireless drives have an iOs app to browse their products. Once you can see the files, you should be able to select the appropriate app to view it with. I haven't seen a 3rd-party app that lets you view any manufacturer's drive.
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    ipad and usb stick

    Yep, I like my AirStash but I wish there was a way to save the data from apps to it. For instance, I subscribe to Evo magazine's digital version and the back issues take up over 10GB of space. I'd rather not have to re-download them every time I want to find an old article, but it'd be nice to...
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    Apple Announces iOS 7 Now Installed on 78% of Active Apple Devices

    Hmm. I'm one of the 22% that never bothered - sounds like I can hold off a bit longer.
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    Here are Some Popular iOS Apps and Games that are now Free or Discounted

    So Infinity Blade III and Final Fantasy V are on sale twice? ;)
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    Get a free $100 gift card when you buy the 16GB WiFi iPad Mini at Radio Shack

    What would make the deal more appealing is if it were offered by someone other than Radio Shack - I can't imagine what I'd spend $100 on there. Similar deals and Best Buy or Target would make me consider it.
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    Ipad mini 1st or 2nd Gen.

    If you bought it before the 2nd gen came out, it's pretty certain you have a 1st gen. ;) The biggest difference is the Retina display on the 2nd gen. If you have 4G version, the 1st gen has a black plastic antenna cover on the back, the new models don't. And if you bought your 1st gen after...
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    iOS 7 is now available for download

    I've been staring at that 1 since long before iOS7 dropped. :) Re. the accidental update, iirc you have to be plugged into an outlet to update; if she's like most people she's not using it while charging so the risk would be minor.
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    Chinese girl attempts suicide, after tiresome work in iPhone/iPad making factories

    The suicides are, in part, cultural; remember that suicide in a lot of Western religions and philosophies is anathema, so people here wouldn't consider it no matter how bad things got. But I've heard nothing about the kinds of beatings and murders that marked the US's history of labor disputes...
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    iOS 7 is now available for download

    Whoa! I tend to get to it when I get to it. In fact, I plan to skip this one altogether - I'll update when I upgrade to the next gen of iPad.
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    Retina iPad Mini to Launch This Year

    Cool! I've been waiting for this - I usually carry my Kindle Fire on my motorcycle since it fits in my jacket pocket, but if the Mini will fit and has a Retina screen and (possibly) the option of 128GB of storage...
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    Chinese girl attempts suicide, after tiresome work in iPhone/iPad making factories

    The bottom line (pun intended) is that this isn't Apple's problem, or the problem of their customers. Conditions will improve when the Chinese people do something about this, not outside companies and governments. These are the exact same growing pains any country experiences with expanding...
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    I took over well 100 pics, but I'm a Honda guy so the main focus of the ones I uploaded are of those. There were quite a few BMWs at the show, and a few Ducatis, with only two Moto Guzzis in attendance. There were also some Italian-American bikes like the one sold by Sears/Montgomery Wards and...
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    I couldn't find the data card for my digital camera, so today at a vintage motorcycle show I was one of those annoying people taking pictures with an iPad. ;)
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    Navigation control?

    Rather than buy a separate device, I'd like my iPad to double as my GPS device, but for weekend road trips I prefer to use state/county roads instead of interstates - is there a way to make Maps do this?
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    CBS Launches Full-Episode Streaming on iOS App

    What? The CBS app is almost exactly the same as the NBC and ABC apps, which came out long before this. Even CWtv beat them to the punch...
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    Marvel's Special Offer for Limited Time; Download 700 Comics Free on iOS and Android

    Why would you miss those days? You can still do that.
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    iPad Mini Retina Display Said to be in Production

    What are you basing that on? The criteria I outline above is an iPad Mini under $829, the current price of a 64GB iPad. The wi-fi+cellular Mini is currently $170 cheaper than the full-size model, meaning a 128GB version should come in at $759 - $70 cheaper than a full-size 64GB model. Basically...
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    iPad Mini Retina Display Said to be in Production

    Hmm. I think the 128GB full-size model is too pricey, but if the Mini2 has retina display, gets a 128GB version and comes in at around the same price or less than a 64GB full-size model, I'd consider it.
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    128 GB iPad Available From Today

    I think we'll eventually wind up with a hybrid solution: really vital/frequently accessed data on wearable devices (thumb drives, SD cards, etc) and personal clouds: basically people accessing external drives at home via internet, rather than relying on someone else for cloud service. It...
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    My diabolical scheme is to hit 512GB. When the 256GB sd cards dip below $200, I'll get one of those to plug into my AirStash, and then I'll upgrade to the eventual 256GB iPad. That will give me as much storage as my laptop, which still has 100GB free. That's enough room for all my movies and tv...
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    It uses flash card-type memory, like an SD memory card, just permanently mounted. As far as I know, there's not an SSD drive that's thin enough to fit, in addition to it cutting the battery life by half at least. The 128GB cards just dropped down to the affordable range for installing in an...
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    That's a LONG way off. The iPad is essentially using a SDHC card for storage because that's the only drive that makes the form-factor possible. The technology has only recently come out to make 1TB and 2TB SD cards possible (2010, iirc) and I don't think anyone's making them yet because they...
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    Air stash

    The AirStash streams to your iPad via wi-fi, so the chief determining factor for performance is the speed of that connection, not the the read/write speed of the card itself. The only time you'll see the benefit of a faster card is when you have the SD card plugged into your pc or laptop.
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    128 GB iPad Available From Today

    I'm glad I skipped the iPad 4. Now I'll wait to see what the iPad 5 gets, or if the Mini 2 gets the upgrade (though I'm still iffy about the smaller display).
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    128 GB iPad Available From Today

    Hmm, I wonder when the 128GB iPad Mini will be released...
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    How many people would buy a Seagate wireless hard drive for their iDevice?

    I don't think I'd ever use a Seagate, simply because you've been pushing them so hard; this must be the 4th or 5th post advertising them, where the mods have had to remove a link to where (I suspect) the OP is selling them.
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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    I know lots of people feel that way but personally I am always looking to lighten the load. I didn't buy an iPad to lug around an external drive, wireless keyboard, and other crap. If I were hauling all that, I'd just get an Air with the extra storage and keyboard built-in. Every external drive...
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    Apple Announces 128GB Retina Display iPad

    I've wanted 128GB for a while now (I've mentioned here several times) but... no. For what they're asking, I'll keep my iPad 3 and add a MacBook Air and grab whichever I need (power/storage or portability) as I head out the door. That combo should tide me over until prices come down for the 128GB...
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    iPad or MacBook air?

    As she said, there are others. I use Splashtop's XDisplay.