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    Game center friends

    Please add me my username is: racerfan
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    Real Racer HD

    No one has got Real Racer HD?
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    Real Racer HD

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    Real Racer HD

    Anyone got Real Racer HD? If you have please add me my username is racerfan Thanks :)
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    Fishing Kings HD Available Today as Free Download

    They might not of noticed when the thread was created.
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    Hearing beeps

    Every couple of minutes I keep hearing beeps just enough to hear. I check my email and nothing what could it be? Thanks
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    I went for a galaxy tab for the flash and the camera so I won't be buying iPad 2
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I would still buy one and would buy another if I have to.
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    May 21st 2011 ~ END OF THE WORLD?

    They have been saying this for years
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    Ouch! Dropped the iPad

    Maybe send it away to Apple or take it into a Apple store that's all I can think of.
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    Printing to a Kodak printer wirelessly

    I have a wireless kodak printer not sure of the model but I can print direct from the iPad to the printer but the computer has to be on for some reason.
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    Running Battery to Zero

    I have let the iPad run down to 0 a few times and havnt had any problems when fully charged.
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    Try emailing videos to your email account on the iPad that's what I do.
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    A desktop Rambo would be proud of..

    WOW fantastic set up. Is that a light sabre on the top shelf in the middle?
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    Who is coming up on their one year anniversary?

    I had my iPad few days after release here in the uk.
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    I was going to get the iPad 2 but it still won't have flash which I need so I opted for the Galaxy Tab, which has got cameras back & front.
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    iPad Gets Run Over by a PT Cruiser and Survives (ish!)

    The obvious choice would be a replacement. Just shows though how robust the iPad is.
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    Best Buy or Apple Store?

    If I had to choose from apple store or best buy I would go with the apple store. I bought mine at PC World here in the uk
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    Buying a Ipad and have Q's.

    I have seen that picture on most websites. If your unsure yourself do not bother with it at all although it maybe be a safe seller you never know. Contact them for pictures of the iPad they are selling with the screen on and picture of the back to show if it is a 32GB, worth a try.
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    WOOHOO I Bought One!!!

    Welcome to the site and congratulations :) This is a great place for help, tips and tricks Enjoy :)
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    Zaggmate in uk?

    Thanks Tim What about in the shops like best buy or comet, currys places like that?
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    Giant iPad attacks!

    Not bad actually
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Last week I was bought a galaxy tab android 2.2 and very pleased with it now I can view flash websites and use it for conferences via webcam which works well. I do use the iPad still which I am still pleased with :)
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    iPad not working with windows live

    I use IM+ works a treat I've had no problems with it at all.
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    Camera connection kit

    I was going to get one when I first bought my iPad but all I do is email the pictures from my iPhone to the iPad no need for the camera connection kit at all.
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    Zaggmate in uk?

    When will they bring the zaggmate case and keyboard out in the uk?
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    GTA: Chinatown Wars HD Half Price to Celebrate Chinese New Year

    I downloaded this game when it was half price last time and worth it.
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    The cost of iPad apps.

    You can make them bigger on the bottom right you will see a circle with 2x on it press it, it will make it larger
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    unboxing your iPad. Slow or fast?

    Opened mine slowly, was very exciting lol
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    Will you upgrade to the iPad2?

    I was thinking about waiting for the iPad 2 but decided to buy a galaxy tab which is great. But still love my iPad :)
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    Fishing Kings HD Available Today as Free Download

    The best free gift they have given so far is the Christmas father ted episode.
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    Text Message From An iPad For FREE With TextNow

    I can't see it on my iTunes is it only for America?
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I've never used it so it doesn't really bother me really.
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    AirPrint help

    I have a kodak which I know isn't a AirPrint printer but thanks all for your help much appreciated.
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    AirPrint help

    Isn't there anyway of printing from the iPad without turning the pc on?
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    AirPrint help

    Its a real pain to put the pc click on AirPrint.exe to print from my iPad I may aswell print from my pc. But I would like to print from my iPad rather than going through all that. Any idea BrennB?
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    AirPrint help

    AirPrint.exe it works when a command prompt comes up
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    Need advice on buying now

    If you intend to use it at work then I would go with 3G also if you can get the 64GB it's worth it.
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    Running Out of Memory

    Just wondering what iPad did you get 16 or 32GB?
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    AirPrint help

    Brilliant thank you very much, much appreciated. I just tried it and worked but it won't work unless I click on a program I found on the Internet. Anyway I can do it without having to go into that program all the time?