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  1. henry2

    iPad in Law Enforcement

    As one old time officer said to me back in 1988 time frame when i first came on the force . it not hard to see who is allways screwing up in a small town when you answer about every other call in town is at there house for some reason or another .So remember to keep a eye out for them because...
  2. henry2

    What's your favorite carry bag for the iPad and stuff?

    I went back to a Swiss Gear Netbook bag to carry the ipad2 and it accessories around in a daypack .Since i'm traveling for work i just drop into the backpack i use for carrying my cloth's and other items back and forth to work in the remote area's and it work like a champ for it basic use of...
  3. henry2

    Is the ipad 2 the ultimate travel campanion? Over s laptop?

    I travel alot for my work and i have ditched the laptop and it accessories item for the Ipad2 and it basic accessories for use on the road for it does the work of three devices for me-N1 -surf the web & answer personal emails to the family along with video face time with the family -N2-MP3...
  4. henry2

    Smartcover or not

    i would say no to the socalled smart cover because of the basic fact all i want the cover to do is protect the back because of the front is protected by the case i keep it in .
  5. henry2

    Tethering for the ipad2

    it a money saveing tip for those who have a ipad .I was tired paying over $140.oo dollar's a month to verizon that was nickeling & diming me or other people who had a Iphone
  6. henry2

    Tethering for the ipad2

    money saveing tip for those who use a ipad2 Ok i have gotten rid of the Iphone and went with a Cricket Phone plan with the phone that has bult in Wifi hotspot to allow me use the phone as my personal hotspot set up .. The phone is there LG Optimus C with there Android phone plan for a...
  7. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    here is something else know you live in a small rural town when you see kid or a boy and his girlfriend at the time rideing a horse into town from the outside to go hang out with the local kid's on main street or at the lake on a sat night .
  8. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    My 8 year grandson has Autism so he does not speak and that how he talk's to us through touching and pointing to the item . From the 1980's on we have this movement in the US of spareing the rod and telling a child to use your indoor voice or time out is not working and CPS is a joke agency...
  9. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    My dad called that move come to Jesus and we are going to have a talk look where he get hold of the neck like that and give you that look and little movement of the hand to remind you that your in a public place . There is has been a movement in a few state's where place's have banned kids in...
  10. henry2

    Here is something i'm hateing about the whole smart phone data plan's

    I have rid of the Iphone & Verizion Data plan for the iphone and now useing a Cricket cellphone & it plan for my phone calls that i need because of the cost and not working as much because of beening in & out of the hospital and not beening able to stand for long hour's so work has not been...
  11. henry2

    Buyer Beware

    and he going to jail for it and if i was the people who lost thing's with him stealing it form me i would be in small claim's court asking the judge for some money back
  12. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    the cop said thank you and he was like i take a belt to the kid myself if it was me .
  13. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    I was a single parent and raiseing 4 kids when my wife passed away and they where age's of 12 to 16 years old with the two oldest beening the most helpfull along with her family helping out .The 12 year old was the most hard to handle but by the time she was 16 she had come around to becoming a...
  14. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    Ok i do own a dog and he knows when he can cut up and have fun and when it time to sit and be quiet .. The biggest problem we have in the country is the socalled the time out with a child way of thinking ..When i was growing up we had basic rules on how to act in public and if did not follow...
  15. henry2

    Children behaving badly

    Tonight i went to denny to get something to eat before turning in for the night ..There was this lady and her kid there and i swear i know my grandson who has Autism is a hand full at full throttle when he ging out all at the time's .. But this kid need a belt taken to his butt and the mother...
  16. henry2

    If you in the market for a newer small car do take a look at the smart and take a test drive in...

    If you in the market for a newer small car do take a look at the smart and take a test drive in one before moveing to another vehicle ..My insurance went down to under a $100.oo a month for full coverage along with beening great on gas .I never let the tank get below half a tank and filling up...
  17. henry2

    15K cash for a Car! Dealership or No?

    they are great little car's and they are safe as you going to be a in a car crash in a small vehicle ..The biggest problem most people have them is that they really have not read enough about them .. As a single person driver in the vehicle they are great or as my girl say i know that you not...
  18. henry2

    15K cash for a Car! Dealership or No?

    Have you thought about a basic Smart car you can get one brand new under the price that you post for about out the door for $12,500.oo with tags and title & taxs for about $14,000.oo there with a $1000.oo left over for gas for a couple of years of heavy driving My Smart is a great little car...
  19. henry2

    Simple question for the people here ?

    We have two other computer's in the house plus i can use my work outside computer network that have set up to do something if i need it .This area design for you to check your email or shop online or do a little bit of websurfing in the off hour's after work or weekends there at the base or...
  20. henry2

    Simple question for the people here ?

    Here is a Question for the people here ?.. Could you live with just a Dumb Cellphone and Ipad as your main Electronic device in one life and here is my reason behind the idea .. Something that i have been wondering about getting rid of the desktop computer and just liveing with the Ipad and...
  21. henry2

    50 Ways To Annoy People at The Cinema

    Eat beans and fart every couple of mins very loudly .I have a friend who does that in the socalled Twilight vamp movies ..
  22. henry2

    My only Dislike of the Ipad2 is ?

    My only Dislike of the Ipad2 is the rear camera set up..To me that is a waste of space on the unit and i cover the camera with a piece of tape before putting on the hard rubber case on the ipad2 model .. I do like the face time video with the family and kids along with makeing video message to...
  23. henry2

    Child-Proof iPad 1 (Otterbox vs Kraken vs Big Grips)

    Try the Griffin ipad case on there website to see if it fits your need
  24. henry2

    a question for about the ipad 1 & 2 accessories

    Will any of the ipad one accessories items i have all ready will they fit the ipad2 model without any problems . the reason why if i buy the ipad 2 i do not want to have spend alot of the extras again
  25. henry2

    Have you ever gotten this question asked by someone you know

    most of the time i shut up and do not saying anything but that day it was funny because we where waiting for the client's group to come into the meeting room so we could do our sales pitch to them .. we had been talking for a few mins time frame when they came in and every man had a bag to...
  26. henry2

    Have you ever gotten this question asked by someone you know

    She and i have been good friends for alot of years and she thought it was not funny that my memory is slipping alittle when it comes to remembering some of the fact and figures i need to remember and that why she notice me useing my ipad alot in business now .. But once we got out of the...
  27. henry2

    Have you ever gotten this question asked by someone you know

    She was jokeing abit about the socalled manpurse thing..but she notice that i have my sling bag around with me everywhere i did tell her i do not carry into the bathroom or the showers in the house and only carry it in the bathroom stall if i useing a public bathroom without someone at the table...
  28. henry2

    The Ipad & the USMC pilot's

    the military has really taken a shine to the ipad tablet idea where the normal was to carry around up to 60 pds of paperwork in some of the larger aircraft that the units is useing like C5 cargo aircraft..which is a monster plane to smaller aircraft where it easly to handle inside a cockpit set...
  29. henry2

    The Ipad & the USMC pilot's

    here is a couple of shot's of the USMC polit's overseas useing the ipad to carrying alot of the maps that they use .. in the first photos show the ipad second photos shows the ipad and how many map case must carryed compared to the one ipad and all the maps and manuals loaded onto it . third...
  30. henry2

    Iphone and an Ipad - is that overkill

    we use the iphone 4 in the family to keep intouch with through video call each other and i use the ipad as my main internet device when traveling at time's i love the large screen of the ipad to see things when i surfing the net and the phone is fine for video screen calling but not for...
  31. henry2

    any point to the ipad?

    it has a great screen for seeing the items on the screen along with beening able to use anywhere when you have wifi .. it great for checking emails on the fly and surf the web if need along with playing a game or listening to music or reading a ebook when you have some down time and it alot...
  32. henry2

    Have a saying from your country?

    few more western saying never steal from you follow man never squat with your spurs on allways take the time to care for the horse before you eat because they are the thing that keeps you alive never sit down to the table with you guns on wash you face and hands before sitting down...
  33. henry2

    Have a saying from your country?

    there is a old western saying a man saddles his own horses & kills his own rattle snakes.. that basically means you have to take care of business yourself and not have someone else do them for you ..
  34. henry2

    this is a two part question post

    1ST part who use Amazon app and how well does it work on the ipad for ordering things and haveing them shipped to a APO set up .... 2ND part What to take with me on a four to six month trip out of the country as i'm takeing the ipad with me as my all around device to use in my off work...
  35. henry2

    iPad Users in Cali!

    i had a reaction to a new medication the doctor had put me on and it happen right in the middle of rush hour traffic and i woke up in the hospital with the LASD personal standing here looking at me when i was in the ER and he asked me ..are you ok you give me a little bit of scare there henry...
  36. henry2

    iPad Users in Cali!

    I can no longer drive because of the medications the doctor has me on now after beening the hospital for a week ..So i will asked her and see if she is up to a drive next weekend .. I'm fine now i had a dust up with the meds and it was not good i woke up in the hospital and me and the doctor...
  37. henry2

    The Queen Wants an iPad!

    The Serect Service took care of that and they run i through a program that does not show up who the device is or who it belongs to .. The security protocols they have in place for them to use apple devices inside the White house ..
  38. henry2

    Switch to mac?

    the gentlemen was right about Macs and there easly to use system ..i love the simple to use OS and the fact it going to work when i need to work and not alot of problems or freezes or updates on the computer.. My oldest grandkid took my mac laptop home with her and i had to replace the laptop...
  39. henry2

    President Obama Pictured with iPad 2

    The other day i went with my girl to a meeting for a upcomeing shoots for fall fashion line up and it was like walking into a Apple product placement for there products inside the room from laptops to ipad and iphones in the room with all the people .. I was sitting behind her hold her bag at...
  40. henry2

    President Obama Pictured with iPad 2

    In the area around hollywood and it socalled famous people you see alot of the stars with ipads or mac products in there hands and they are beening used now in tv shows .. You could not ask for a better product placement than in some tv show and that starts the chain about people wanting them...