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    Ipad vs Android

    I own two iPads and I tried a Motorola Xoom for a few weeks just to check it out. After deciding the Xoom was total junk it went back to Costco. The iPad IMO is the best tablet hands down.
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    Wifi not on but internet works

    I know the reason but if I posted, this place up would become the biggest uproar it wouldn't be worth it :D
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    Torrents on the iPad 2

    Do you think a Google Search for Torant movie down loads for iPad would find the answer :confused:
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    Another user appeared on my 'Home Share' on iTunes!

    Try sharing your opionion with New York Times, or any newspapper, media enterprise in the country,,,,, they would roll over laughing theirs heads off,,,,, in fact that's what I'm doing right now......:D. To the orginal poster, share whom ever name you desire, your mother, father, sister, WTF...
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    scosche case

    Try the ZooGue. I haven't found anything better yet
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I think Apple got my account mixed up with someone else. Even though Apples last email said my delivery was May 26th, the UPS guy delivered a day before (may 5th) their orginal delivery date... I got my white iPad2 and I love it... I'm noticing that the GPS works a lot faster then the iPad1...
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    How I play flash videos

    Sounds like a pain in the are to me....
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    iPad 2 Jailbreak FIGHT!

    You mean no one has bought Geo an iPad 2 yet?? No wonder he hasent jailbroke it bets are, he has but just waiting for his reward pay
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    Ipad 2 and Youtube

    X2 here with same issues. I've also noticed that the UTube audio slide does work well, anyone else see this?
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    Can iPad 2 connect to projector wirelessly?

    There must be something out that works, I was at a board meeting several weeks ago and the CEO was showing a presenation on a big screen via his iPad. Or at least he was controlling the big screen via his iPad. And I know it was set up via Bluetooth because I was in the room when IT was called...
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    I just cancelled my ipad 2 WIFI order....

    Here is my experience using GPS option with a 3G version not connected to a carrier: GPS works fine when connected to home WiFi, but looses GPS tracking functions when out of home WiFi range. GPS works good in automobile while 3G iPad is connected to a MiFi, or teathered to a 3G phone, all...
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I ordered a 64 GB White 3G on March 20th, original deliver date was May 6th. Got an email from Apple tonight and now they're saying May 26th.. What's up with that??? White???
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Press ALT / CTRL / HOME all together and your iPad boots in MS :D
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    Ipad2 shipments

    After searching everywhere and not finding anything, I placed order with Apple for two 64 3G's (Verizon) and my confirmation shipping date is May 4, delivery May 6th. That the meantime I picked up a Motorola Xoom from Best Buy last Monday and I actually like it.. In fact I like it a...
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    Zoogue Case Warped after One Week!

    I don't think humidity is causing the bubbles, mine is doing the same thing here in 'hot as hell Calif. I think it's an adhesive problem. The ZooGue case has some minor issues but on the bright side, the manufacture is on top of resolving with it's customers. IMO these issues are minor...
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    Verizon Droid Hotspot

    I wish this was as easy as jail breaking an iPad. What happens if rooting goes south? Can you easily restore and do you void phone warranty?
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    T-Mobile and iPhone

    Here is a neat article getting an iPad to work on T Mobile network. Has anyone tried this???
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    Jailbreaking now legal - what does this change for us??

    Key log, forward information from your hard drive to remote servers, remote access your computer, record your usernames and passwords when you log into bank/credit accounts, send your address and phone number to all members of ipaddorums :D. :). Anything and everything :(
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    Jailbreaking now legal - what does this change for us??

    Installous and Cydia and some others are hacking software to put it on the free market and that i believe this is the illegal aspect of jail breaking.. just my guess, this whole jailbreak business confess the heck out of me:confused:
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    ipad/ipad tether without jailbreak

    So send us a copy and we will enter our user account and password :confused:;) I wish it would be hay easy
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    Jailbreaking now legal - what does this change for us??

    I've heard people saying this and it makes this subject more confusing. What did the recent ruling making jail breaking legal actually mean. Did the ruling just validate and confirm jail breaking legal :confused:
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    Jailbreaking now legal!

    What is the standard iPad warranty, 30 days? I know many people buy extended warranty from Apple and jail breaking could be a risk factor for those folks purchasing extended warranty from Apple but what about the third party warranty suppliers? Do they void your warranty if you jailbreak? I...
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    Jailbreaking now legal - what does this change for us??

    Now that jail breaking is legal, what do we get to look forward to? Are we going to see more APP sites with better deals on APPS? Are we going to see more free APPS ? I'm just curious what benefit of being legal will do. :confused:
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    iOS 3.2.1 WARNING

    When is the new Sprit coming? Now that jail breaking is legal, what will change with jail breaking?
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    Air Video - best 3$ I ever spent in the iTunes store

    Good to hear positive reports for Air Video. I saw it awhile back and couldn't decide
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    Couple bright spots near the bottom of the screen

    Does those bright spots change with light conditions? And do you notice I'd the spots change when the screen is adjusted from bright to dim?
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    Ipad shuts down in heat lawsuit.

    It's all about the almighty $$$$ and nothing else.. Way to many attorneys in this world... The two biggest groups of people you can't trust are car dealers and attorneys...:confused: Hope I didn't any feelings out there but JMHO
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    Charge rate threw USB vs AC adaptor

    Most of the older iPod AC chargers won't allow charging while using. All of them will charge the iPad, but iPad must be off
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    Don't forget your headset
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    Screen protector cleaner?

    Plain 'ole micro fiber cloth works well
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    iPad case interfering with Wifi?

    They do have magnets,,, this case has been discussed on this forum having this problem. I believe the discussion was in accessories
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    Turn your iPad right side up :D
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    I am suing Apple

    I know for a fact the early models had issues with overheating. And if you complained about it Apple made sure to get one in your hands that didn't have this problem
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    Next Gen iPad/Trackball

    I think you have trackballs planted in your brain... And yes the steel ones :confused:
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    After a week of usage, here are my thoughts

    And yes, they do that so cleverly well too.....
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    Anyone on here know someone or have experience with developing iPad apps?

    Yup, I think that would sell really well to. Thanks for sharing this with us
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    Doc app?

    I agree on the laptop, but defeats your desire to write while in bed. Try Pages
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    Doc app?

    Where the heck are you coming from???? Man, you need to roll over on the other side of your bed and try again... While you mare at it,,you owe the poster an apology,,,