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  1. sjleworthy

    My new IPad Pro 9.7 thoughts.......

    glad you love it! pricing is always an issue. i have a 12 incher, white pointy thing and keyboard. cost a small mortgage. is it over priced and extortionate? well, thats subjective and an issue of personal opinion. possibly so, but didnt stop my buying. and i hold no grudge towards Apple...
  2. sjleworthy

    Is Using TruTone and Nightshift sorta redundant?

    i find TrueTone the latest gadget gimmick. i can see where the average user might like it and where it might 'look cool' and give the best all round optimum screen gamut, but as an artist and photographer i find this an option completely and utterly useless. the idea of the device making up...
  3. sjleworthy

    Help! Unwanted finger detection when drawing with Pencil

    it's an app/software issue. you didnt mention which app. sounds like you're talking across the board for the Pro. this isnt the case. some apps deal better with it than others. for me, i love Notability's recent update - it allows you to completely de-activate finger drawing in place of...
  4. sjleworthy

    Ipad Mini Pro is my prediction

    it's a completely logical conclusion. i'm personally not happy with their naming convention over the years - quite bewildering for new users or 'at a glance' on-lookers. i think the 'Pro' naming (and it is only a name after all) is good and surely should encompass the 12.9, 9.7 and mini sizes...
  5. sjleworthy

    9.3 & Pencil

    I havent actually turned my ipad 'off' since before Christmas
  6. sjleworthy

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    wow, i just did what he did! even in the UK shipping is cheap. what a great idea.
  7. sjleworthy

    Love my Apple Pencil!

    The Pencil has turned into a star! It really is an awesome thing. I use mine almost exclusively for general ui navigation. My fingers are obsolete. Infact i might chop them off, they're no use any more.
  8. sjleworthy

    Thoughts on the rumored iPad Pro 9.7?

    Personally, after using the larger Pro, there absolutely no going back. The regular 9.7 screen is like a child's toy to me now.
  9. sjleworthy

    Sending pictures to desktop

    Same on pc, almost. Just plug in via usb lead, and the ipad's photos show up as a separate drive in Explorer.
  10. sjleworthy

    iPad Pro fails to load entire web page. Why?

    For some reason Safari has a crappy caching/ram issue. Its a well reported thing. The solution is to quit and reload. Or..... Get a free or cheap ad blocker. These seem to filter out tons of back end crap that slows Safari. I use Purify. I never have any issues with sluggish Safari ever again.
  11. sjleworthy

    Sending pictures to desktop

  12. sjleworthy

    Almost No Sound in Mail

    agreed. the notifications sounds are louder and more audible now, but could still be notched up a few decibels.
  13. sjleworthy

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    some great Apple Pencil accessories here - Apple Pencil Accessories
  14. sjleworthy

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    i ordered one of these - Apple Pencil Magnet
  15. sjleworthy

    Almost No Sound in Mail

    This is a known happening, with a ton of others reporting the same issue. Me included. Apparently the latest ios 9.2 will fix it
  16. sjleworthy

    Let's see your reviews!

    ipad is, and always will be a subjective and personal issue. all this crap about 'will it replace a laptop' and 'it has no proper filing system' are rubbish. For me, as a professional artist, the Pro has replaced my laptop and is earning it's keep sitting on my office desk all day. i still...
  17. sjleworthy

    What swayed you to get the iPad Pro?

    I was happy with my ipad2, but the more higher and advanced the ios became the slower and slower my ipad was. About ios5-6 was peachy, then it got slower and slower, then up to ios 8 it was a nightmare to use. And the problem was i couldnt down grade. So i thought a change was in order. And...
  18. sjleworthy

    Is the iPad Pro 'redundant'

    i dont understand the statement.
  19. sjleworthy

    What is your favorite thing to do with the iPad Pro?

    i had delivery of my Pencil and smart keyboard this morning, a week after my ipad arrived. it now feels 'complete'. it's sitting on my home office desk earning it's keep :) my favorite thing so far is using the Pencil as a general stylus/pointing device. works wonders on every aspect of the...
  20. sjleworthy

    What's your favorite feature or features of the iPad Pro

    The shear brute speed. It's savage. And wifi is hard-wired speeds too. Yup, pencil, sound, great screen etc etc are all great, but greatest is speed! It really does hit home like a raw trout.
  21. sjleworthy

    What has the iPad Pro replaced for you?

    the Pro has replaced my ipad2. i work from home using stupidly fast pc's, so general computing and the job of a laptop is all taken care of. But, i do use ipad for general admin in my business life - comms, billing/letters, portfolio presentations etc etc, all of which the Pro now does...
  22. sjleworthy

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    so, i you're advocating i can take meds and drink? wow, what a nice man. thank you :) (i'm off to the bar)
  23. sjleworthy

    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    my Pro arrived last week (still awaiting delivery of pencil and keyboard) together with my new Airport Extreme, and i updated from the old ipad2, so you can imagine i'm still in heaven ! my over-riding 3 impressions (in no particular order of preference) 1) size. the screen really is huge...
  24. sjleworthy

    Need to reboot after charge

    This is a widely reported problem. Apparently ios 9.2 fixes the issue.
  25. sjleworthy

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    ok. i caved in. i opened it :) just...lost for words. more than meets expectations 1000 times over. also consider i'm coming from ipad2 ;)
  26. sjleworthy

    Which iPad Pro are you getting - WiFi or WiFi Cellular?

    i plumped for wifi only this time. my ipad2 (my last/current ipad) was cellular, but i never ever used it. just personal choice. but, what i did occasionally use and will miss on the wifi only version is the GPS facility. the GPS acted as an "X marks the spot" or convenient sat nav function...
  27. sjleworthy

    Will the iPad Pro replace your Laptop or your smaller iPad?

    i use uber pc's for my work. for home use i've used ipad2 only for the last 4 or 5 years. The new Pro is my only home computer :) the ipad2 has been decanted to the wife
  28. sjleworthy

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    i'm going through a major bout of depression this week - i'm currently 1/2 way through a week long treatment from the dentist which includes super strong antibiotics, meaning i cant touch alcohol for 2 weeks, and my car has just packed up. so im in pain with no wheels. but, the arrival of my...
  29. sjleworthy

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    mine arrived all boxed up from nice mr postman this morning. probably wont unbox and open it until the weekend
  30. sjleworthy

    I Pad Pro orders available on Apple

    all ordered on Apple Uk site. gold pro 128 wifi pencil smart keyboard airport extreme :)
  31. sjleworthy

    iPad Pro available on November 11th

    couldn't come fast enough. will be a welcome update from my ipad2 :)
  32. sjleworthy

    ups and downs....

    Friendly - my comments about putting ipp into laptop territoty was regarding specs, not os. Read agian ;) It might not be the worlds fastest device, but its now certainly in laptop/desktop areas, spec-wise. I've recently read so much about the lack of productivity, lack of a 'real' os and...
  33. sjleworthy

    ups and downs....

    no no, i cant wait more than any of you! this is like waiting for the ipad2 all over again. the stress and excitement takes 30 years off you (my wife thinks I'm stupid) :)
  34. sjleworthy

    palm detection?

    can i assume the device being able to ignore you resting your hand on the screen when drawing/writing with the Pencil is a software driven thing and not a hardware limitation? in the video demos to date they seem to show both hand hovering above the screen and hand sitting on the screen. if...
  35. sjleworthy

    Pencil Question

    4 gig is officially confirmed i believe.
  36. sjleworthy

    ups and downs....

    hi Brian, yup, that pencil charger is crying out to be snapped! luckily a small charge is just whats needed. i'm more confused where to keep the thing when not in use. as for not to go for a 1st gen? i'd generally agree, but personally i think tech (especially in Apple's case) is so far...
  37. sjleworthy

    ups and downs....

    Hi chaps Been reading some of the comments on the MacRumours forums and a couple of other forums about the iPadPro and so many are really really negative. More than not actually. Even from 'fan-boys'. It's a shame to see so many closed minds. I'm not an Apple fan per-se in the slightest...
  38. sjleworthy

    Pencil Question

    i'd be curious to know where to store the Pencil? did Apple forget to tell us about a clip or slot in the new keyboard maybe? i cant imagine this aspect was overlooked, can you?
  39. sjleworthy

    Welcome to the iPad Pro Forum!

    i remember when i pre-ordered my first ipad. the ipad2. my only ever ipad. i was like a kid at Christmas. just couldnt wait. so excited. i even counted the sleeps until release date. Then, even the 4 week slippage in delivery caused me sleepless nights. i've coped beautifully well with...
  40. sjleworthy

    Pencil Question

    i presume the Pencil will act as a regular stylus for those apps that have the Pencil SDK written into the app. i'm always keen to wonder when we'll finally get a mouse for our ipads, and now considering the ipad pro size we're certainly in mouse territory, but if the stylus can act as the...