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    Hey Guys and Gals: I want to change my online name - to something cool - like some of you. How do I do it? Or do I just re-register? I will let you know what I change it to.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Gmunford: You are SICK! Dana
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Hello. My name is Dana and I am and IPAD-aholic! :o
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    OK!! IT IS OFFICIAL! I AM EXPECTING!!!! I caved this evening and placed my pre-order. I am, once again expecting my 3G. My slightly saving grace, is that I can still play with my WiFi, and that takes a little of the sting out. But I will not be satisfied until it's little - big sister is...
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    Keeping iPads in Stock a Tough Task for Apple Stores

    Me TOO! I am afraid to give mine away to my son or husband before I know when the 3G is coming out. I feel like I am giving birth twice in one month. Dogs don't even do that!!! :D Dana
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    Samantha Fox has NOTHING on the iPad.

    MTCason: Your review was great!! Now, how do I get MiFi 2200? Do I call Verizon? and will it have them put it on my Driod? Thank you ever so much. DanaNgidhu IPAD Addict
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    Skee Ball
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    2nd Impressions after a week

    How do I get the books to do two pages in landscape?
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    Owners...what are you using to clean the smears?

    I am using the hem of my cotton/knit nightgown!!! :D
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    Reading Books

    How do you make the IPAD read books with two pages showing? Mine will only show one page at a time.
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    First scratch!

    I went to the Apple store before I took the IPA home and got a "Incase" case for my baby. $59.00 plus tax, but so worth it. I take 'my baby' everywhere I go. I am also IPAD OCD!
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    JohnnyApple: What happended to the other IPAD Forum? I have not been able to find it since...

    JohnnyApple: What happended to the other IPAD Forum? I have not been able to find it since yesterday. Dana
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    Can you tether the iPad thru a Blackbberry?

    I found the download for the Droid, but I cannot figure out how to go from there. Can someone help me. It is called EasyTether by I may give up on the 3G. Dana
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    iPad built for Verizon?

    I tried downloading EasyTether for the Droid (Verizon) last night and still have not figured it out. I gave up and ordered the 3G! danaNgidhu
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I am officially a member of both the IPAD Wi-fi and the 3G forum. I worked a deal with my Apple consultant where I will send this one back and reluctantly WAIT for the 3G. I really miss being able go on line anywhere! So the wait starts all over again. Anybody want to sell some Valium...
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    Sent from my car!

    Dan: Would you please explain what tetering is?? Thanks.Dana
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    B&N eReader for iPad Coming Soon

    I have Barnes and Noble too. I have a Nook, but I have already started reading on my IPAD. It is wonderful.However, I have noticed that the bookshelf and the B&N app do not show the book covers. Is there a way to do this?Dana NgihduProud IPAD 16GB Owner
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    iPad built for Verizon?

    Hi:Where did you get the program Waling Hotspot? I have a Verizon Driod phone.Thanks.Dana
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    Dumb Question

    What are you using now to type on this forum??:confused:
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    Johnny: I have not been able to register for this owners forum. Dana

    Johnny: I have not been able to register for this owners forum. Dana
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    Store Pick-up + Cases in stock to Boot *PIC*

    I had ordered a case too, but it will not ship until the 20th of April. Best Buy in Alexandria will not case accessories until next Friday, the 9th. I went to the Apple store at Pentagon City and they had plenty. Got a nice leather one that folds and props. $59.00 plus tax. Dana
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    New iPad not charging via USB? Check here

    I kept seeing (Not Chargng) too. However, I had already charged mine while I was at the beauty parlor. When I unplug it from the computor, it says "100% charged." Dana
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    What do you think about the case?

    I did not get the Apple case. They did not even have one out at the Pentagon City store. I did get the foldable one by Incase. 59.00, but it is leather and has all sorts of folding options.
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    Live coverage from San Francisco Apple Store

    Dan: Did you get yours yet? I am still waiting! It is 1:38 p.m. Mine was at Dulles Aitport at 7:46 a.m. Maybe you are playing now. Dana
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    No Sleep Tonight...

    It is almost midnight on the East Coast and I STILL cannot get to sleep. I have turned off the computer and the TV once and I am up again!!!!!! UGGHH!!! Santa, please come soon! Dana :(
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    Live coverage from San Francisco Apple Store

    I plan to stop by the Best Buy after I receive my IPAD tomorrow, just to get some pointers. If you send the flyers, I will pass some out to the less fortunate persons standing in the line. :) I am in Alexandria, Virginia. Dana
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I feel like a child in the car with my parents on vacation. "ARE WE THERE YET!!! On Christmas time, when I used to look through closets for the gifts; shake them, and sometimes open the ends and peek. Can't do that now! :D Dana
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    WOW! Do you ever take me WAYYY Back! I was a computer operator in the 70s. I trained on a 360 and keypunched from time to time. Do I ever feel OLD!!:o Dana
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    Initial battery Charge?

    That was in reference to letting it charge for 24 hours before using. I need to start sending quotes! I called tech support and they said that you can use it straight out of the box. But to charge it for 3 to 4 hours for a full charge. Apple employees get to play with the IPAD tomorrow...
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    Easter with the Ipad

    Good Idea! I just might do that!:D
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    Easter with the Ipad

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    Easter with the Ipad

    Good Idea!
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    Easter with the Ipad

    Don't tempt me!
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    Preparing for delivery... what crazy things are you doing?

    Get into comfy clothes and slippers. Fix three meals so there will be not need to cook.
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    Easter with the Ipad

    I don't think that the minister would like that. I will be in the choir stand. Do you think I could pretend to read my music from the IPAD?
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    Initial battery Charge?

    That is mean!
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    No Sleep Tonight...

    You are right about no sleep tonight. The worse part for me will be the wait tomorrow. I am serving lunch to the homeless tomorrow morning and it will be all I can do to get through it. Isn't that pitifull!! :( Mine was in Louisville, KY today at 2 something! Hey Dan, what will this forum...
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    iPad Apps are up in Itunes!

    I started looking through the apps this evening. After I got to page 12, I was weary. I downloaded a few, but mostly put them in a wish list. I hope that I can find the wish list when I go back. I wonder how many pages there are? I will pick up at another time where I left off.