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  1. DavidNM

    Original iPad 1 to Mini?

    K - thanks. I have the connection kit - and am a photographer - so I'll buy the converter/connecter and use as usual.
  2. DavidNM

    Original iPad 1 to Mini?

    Thanks all for your input and advice. I also appreciate the Belkin $4 tip for the adapters. I'll be taking my iPad 1 and giving it to my daughter (along with the Zagg keyboard/cover for her to use at school. I thought I read out there that there was some kind of SD card adapter or something...
  3. DavidNM

    Original iPad 1 to Mini?

    Greetings! I was one of those on this site that received the original iPad on day 1 of delivery and have been loving it ever since. I'm now considering switching to the mini and wondered if anyone else has made that particular move? When I checked out the comparisons about the only bad thing...
  4. DavidNM

    Is Zagg the only option for real leather skins?

    I'm at 2 months and no problems. It's a b it tight getting into the Apple case and a couple others - and I probably wouldn't recommend a tight case like the Dodo - but all things considered it works quite well. I keep going back to the ColcaSac cases I have - they seem to be the best for...
  5. DavidNM

    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    It's kind of funny - but I've got little urge to rush out and buy an iPad 2. Looking at my current iPad - it's exactly what I want. Speed isn't an issue, USB or SD isn't an issue, weight isn't an issue, I'm a photographer and already have a $3K camera. Buy buying an iPad 2 right now the main...
  6. DavidNM

    Which case to get?

    I use several cases / configs depending upon the situation. I love the Zagg keyboard cover - fits well and is very functional. But I'm also not that into keyboards for typing. The Apple case is quite thin and has great form and feel - I really like this case as well. For general carrying...
  7. DavidNM

    Good case to hold accessories??

    Check out ColcaSac - it has a special pocket that I keep my charger, my stylus and my compass stand in.
  8. DavidNM


    I like the compass as well. There's a ton of stuff out there though.
  9. DavidNM

    Is Zagg the only option for real leather skins?

    Each and everyone has their each and everyone as far as the iPad. I'm kist about to replace the paper in the KP printer which is printing out my manual for Notebook. I received z Zagg standard dark tan leather for my ipad yesterday. I like it - it's quite oool and was very easy to install ( a...
  10. DavidNM

    Second-Gen iPad Coming Early 2011?

    A camera is a 'have to have'- Apple is making up for the fact that they left a camera off the first iPad launch. Other than that - it's not a game changer one way or another.
  11. DavidNM

    looking for ipad case....

    Go over to the accessories discussion - ton's of info re cases. Your decision will / should revolve around how you intend on using your iPad - and not just what's pretty.
  12. DavidNM

    My Review: Marware Hybrid C.E.O. case

    I purchased this case from Marware during Thanksgiving week. They had a 30% off web special (and they will probably have some more before christmas. I own about 5 different cases but prefer this case the best. It's easy to put the iPad in and out of the case - and it has a slim form factor...
  13. DavidNM

    Marware CEO

    Does anyone have the CEO Hybrid from Marware? Looking for some reviews, etc.
  14. DavidNM

    Travel bag for your Ipad

    I use the ColcaSac sleeve. Very comfortable.
  15. DavidNM

    3D on Your iPad Without 3D Glasses

    What do you have to do - strap a lens over your iPad screen to watch a 3D movie from their library?
  16. DavidNM

    Can BlackBerry PlayBook Threaten iPad?

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'threaten'. I can tell you I've been a BB phone user for years and while the phones, and their email and messaging capabilities are great, web browsing and applications suck. I get the impression that BB will be marketing these tablets at corporate...
  17. DavidNM

    Anyone use a stylus?

    I have a pogo and don't like it. Have to press too hard.
  18. DavidNM

    Did you Jail Break your iPad?

    First time I JB'd my iPad it crashed and locked up within an hour. The second time - same thing. I listen to the iPad show via podcast - they're having problems all the time with freeze-up's, etc. and relate that it's because their iPad's are JB. Needless to say - I don't need to JB.
  19. DavidNM

    Screen protector- necessary?

    It's been 2 weeks now - since I installed the Zag. All but one tiny bubble disappeared - and I was able to rub that out. I also received my Colcasac - and I'm very comfortable with using the iPad alone and then putting it in the Colcasac when I leave the house - seems, at least to me, as the...
  20. DavidNM

    Second-Gen iPad Coming Early 2011?

    No way - If the public really thought a new iPad was going to be released in early 2011 - it would kill holiday purchases unless they discounted the current iPad - and we all know they've learned their lesson on that song.
  21. DavidNM

    Why has the iPad been so successful?

    Why? Two Words: Flash Memory All of your tablet PC's have had hard drives to date (at least the serious ones). That means they have to expend a large amount of energy booting up - also taking a lot of time and battery life. So with a tablet PC you get a slow, lethargic Windows machine with...
  22. DavidNM

    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    When I first got my iPad and picked it up I thought - wow it's heavier than I thought it would be - whatever that means. Now I would much rather give up a finger than my iPad. I was a Kindle user before the iPad - and I've got the Kindle right here. When you compare the two - the Kindle wins...
  23. DavidNM

    iPad 2

    Apple releases iPods in September and iPads in May. They'll stick to that schedule. As far as decreasing size - Apple doesn't react to competitors - specially those that don't have a product out yet. I would think they'll have a camera - and maybe a little more memory - but the flash memory...
  24. DavidNM

    New case

    What do you mean by battery case?
  25. DavidNM

    Top 10 iPad Apps according to Wired

    I don't believe this list - I think they made a lot of this up out of personal preference.
  26. DavidNM

    Screen protector- necessary?

    I've always tended to swear off screen covers. But I did install the Zagg full body cover yesterday afternoon. So far about 85% of the bubbles are gone and the areas without bubbles now look great. I'm assuming that, over 2 or 3 days the rest of them will disappear. If this is true I'm going...
  27. DavidNM

    question regarding apple wireless keyboard

    Also - the 'tilde' key (wiggly horizontal line), when pressed, will wake your ipad out of sleep mode - very handy. I would be curious if someone has written an apple bluetooth keyboard guide.
  28. DavidNM

    Review: Padacs Ergonomic iPad Stand

    Looks nice - but too big for my needs. I just received the Compass pad yesterday - very nice, seems to fit the bill and extremely portable.
  29. DavidNM

    New case

    OK so I'm going to be the different one here. The wood is pretty - that's about it. You spend $500 to $900 to buy a state of the art ultra-thin portable media device and then turn it into a wooden briefcase - heavy and clunky. I would bet it comes out of the case PDQ and stays out.
  30. DavidNM

    New iOS 4.2 Announced

    What about multi-tasking?
  31. DavidNM

    Aperture 3 for iPad???

    This week in Photography is reporting that Adobe has released a Photoshop Express app for the iPad. Since the iPad is an Apple product - has anyone heard if they're working on an Aperture Express type app for the ipad? I'm a photographer and would find it very helpful to have a way to...
  32. DavidNM

    OK - I ordered a ZAG full body

    I've always been a little skeptical of covers, etc. Did I make a mistake? Can someone provide some guidance tips / suggestions on how to install this the right way? Suggestions? thanks
  33. DavidNM

    LG Says New Tablet Will be Better Than the iPad

    Here's the thing folks - if this new tablet is better than the iPad - YIPPIE!!! I'll buy one and will have something even better than my iPad which I think is terrific. If not - oh well.
  34. DavidNM

    Is A 7-inch iPad Really on the Way Before Christmas?

    I know Kindle is coming out with a smaller unit in a month or two. But I would have to see the 7" model to figure out what I liked or disliked. Maybe I might like it a bunch - easier to tote around - who knows. But I won't pay any attention to this until I hear it from Apple,.
  35. DavidNM

    The New Kindle, Cheaper, Lighter, Free 3G!

    Agreed. I had a Kindle - always free 3G but the browser was crap. Comparing an iPad to a Kindle is loke comparing an apple to a walnut.
  36. DavidNM

    Who Had A Tablet Before, Or Thought Of Getting One.

    I've had tablets and worked with tablets for the past 10 years. My team headed up a testing project for a major corporation in which we compared all of the major brands of tablets including use case scenarios, work process flow charting and bench testing. We eventually purchased and deployed...
  37. DavidNM

    How Many Of You Actually Used iPad....

    Every single morning. Wake up, put on my glasses and grab my iPad. Make it 5 steps down the hall and turn into the throne room. First order of business is to open up settings and pick my new screen background for the day - and set brightness up to high. Then I check radar and weather...
  38. DavidNM

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    Gang - it's all personal and there isn't a right or a wrong answer. It's up to the individual owner and depends on their curiosity, skill level and patience. When I owned a Samsung Omnia I jailbroke the damned thing twice a week - once with every build. I enjoyed it. I just, personally...