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  1. Jman09

    iTunes - Pitfalls with owning both iPad & iPhone

    I also use the Playlists method. I have an iPad2 playlist and iPhone4 playlists and just add things to each whenever I get new music if I want it on a certain device. Then when either device gets connected it automatically adds the music to the devices.
  2. Jman09

    Best Buy or Apple Store

    I would go to an Apple store if one was close enough, the closest one for me is 1.5 hours away. I got my iPad 2 at Target when I worked there at the beginning of the year. And bought a MacBook Air a few weeks a go at Best Buy. I see nothing wrong with going to the other retailers, especially...
  3. Jman09

    Friendly messing up again?

    I have given up on Friendly. I just use Safari and go to the site.
  4. Jman09

    Folders for the Kindle app?

    After I saw you question I opened my Kindle app to try and figure it out and I didn't see a way to do it. But if I figure it out I will post back.
  5. Jman09

    Getting Comparative Cost for eBooks

    I found a website called and there is also a universal app called Leatherbound that lets you type in the title or author and it will display the prices in the 3 major stores. I'm not affiliated with the site or app in anyway, just want to share what I found.
  6. Jman09

    IBooks vs. Kindle vs. Nook apps

    Hayles66, I know with the Kindle app and Kindle books you don't need to back them up because your purchases are tied to your Amazon account, and can always be re-downloaded on any of your devices that can read Kindle books. When I got my iPad 2 I already had an Amazon Kindle so my decision was...
  7. Jman09

    E-mail app always shows last opened email?

    Yeah that could be good. Or a way to have lockable folders without the need to Jailbreak. Then you can put you sensitive stuff in the one folder and keep it away from your friends or family that may use your iPad.
  8. Jman09

    E-mail app always shows last opened email?

    It's usually just me using my iPad but if I let a friend look at it they might open the email app to see the layout. And I wouldn't want the email to be right there in there face. The only app design flaw I've seen from apple yet. But not too big of a deal.
  9. Jman09

    E-mail app always shows last opened email?

    Every time I open the email app it always has the last email I looked at open. Is there a way to have it like the iPhone email app where it shows your list of inboxes? I stopped using the email app after the first week of getting my iPad 2 because of this but decided to start using it again...
  10. Jman09

    What are you reading now?

    That's what I've been hearing and after reading Law of Nines I liked his style of writing. I'm only about halfway through this book now, and I really enjoy it. I never want to put my iPad down at night.
  11. Jman09

    Ipads@ Walmart

    The price isn't bad as long as the iPad 2 is the 64GB wifi+3G. $829 is the price everyone is selling this model for.
  12. Jman09

    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    Some are more noticeable than others. But either have a full black picture on the screen and go in a dark room and look at the edges of the screen to see any flares or light bleeding in. Or play a movie and the black bars on the top and bottom, and turn it to landscape mode and check the edges...
  13. Jman09

    What are you reading now?

    Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind. I read Law of Nines first a year or two ago and finally decided to give this series a shot. --- - Sent from my iPad2 using Tapatalk
  14. Jman09

    For all IPad 2 users

    11. It does what I need it to do, and what I expected it could do. I didn't get it expecting it to replace my MacBook. But it does get me through the school day where I would have brought my MacBook.
  15. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    That article looks like it directed toward the people with jailbroken iPhones on unlimited plans and are abusing it every month. I only have a 2GB plan and barely use half of it. But I will change it if they email or text me about it.
  16. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    I'm on AT&T, and jail broke my iPhone 4 so I could make it a hotspot without paying AT&T's higher rates. Still had to pay for the app to do this. The way I see it is that the tether/hotspot feature through AT&T isn't worth the extra $20 dollars a month to use. Yes, you do get the extra 2GB of...
  17. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    Yeah AT&T rates suck, which is why I have my iPhone 4 jailbroken.
  18. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    Except he was asking about AT&T data plans. That's why I wouldn't look at T-Mobile rates.
  19. Jman09

    Can a 2nd iPad 2 mirror my first one, purchases and all?

    I agree with Poser, and think you should start it up as a new iPad. Which is what I stated in the other thread you created about this.
  20. Jman09

    iPad2 battery dies at 20%!

    I haven't seen this issue before. I can get mine well below 20% battery life and it won't shut off. I try not to get it that low if I can help it though. If it was mine I would bring it in there with the battery close to 20% and see if it shuts off while your there. Whether you bring in it with...
  21. Jman09

    2nd iPad 2 - can they share same purchases

    You should be able to have the app on both iPads no problem. Just set his iPad up under your Apple ID and you can share apps and other things purchased with you account. I would set it up as a New iPad, because restoring it from one of your backups could cause problems. But I'm not exactly...
  22. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    If you want the AT&T mobile hotspot feature to be added to your service it is $20 extra a month and you have to give up the unlimited data. You will have to switch to the $25 2GB plan and add the $20 tether/hotspot plan and you also get an extra 2GB of data with that added.
  23. Jman09

    How many megabytes equal a gigabyte?

    When you have the iPad connected to computer with iTunes opened it shows you how full the iPad is. You can also find this in you iPad in Settings > General > About
  24. Jman09

    PDF reader with annotations

    Check out iAnnotate PDF. It's a great app. I've been using in summer classes to add notes to the professors slides that I turned in to PDFs.
  25. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    I agree, if I'm doing any long amounts of browsing and I'm at my house I will use my MacBook connected to my External Monitor. But the iPad is great when you just want to sit on the couch or in bed and look some stuff up and don't want to be bothered with the weight of a laptop.
  26. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    I should have elaborated more in that first post. I agree with you, the Kindle is a superior reader than the iPad will ever be. But at the time, I wasn't using either for reading because of being busy in school and work. So while I had the time left to get a full refund I jumped at it to...
  27. Jman09

    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    I just got my iPad 2 replaced last weekend. The guy that helped me said he would replace it if the problem was a big enough deal to me, which it was or I wouldn't have driven the 1.5 hours to do so. He took my iPad to a back room and played a youtube video and verified that the light bleeding...
  28. Jman09

    ipad2, my best electronic purchase EVER!

    I agree, my iPad 2 has been one of my best electronic purchases. Keep finding more uses for it and ended up returning my Kindle that I bought the month before my iPad 2.
  29. Jman09

    iPad 2 Home Button Not Working

    The home button and dock connector are pretty close together, so it's possible that something right there went bad. I agree thats its weird that two things messed up on the iPad but since they are close together, one faulty piece could effect both items.
  30. Jman09

    How many GB's do i need.

    I went 32 GB mainly for the added space to put Movies on it for vacations, so I wouldn't need to bring the MacBook. Also know that the Apps take up more space than you would think. I have 76 apps so about 6.4 GB in apps and games alone. Then under 4.5 GB in Music, I have most of my music on my...
  31. Jman09

    Don't hate me but I'm selling my iPad.

    I also don't think it was meant to replace a Laptop or even a Netbook. Its a great piece of technology to use along side either or both. Quick easy web browsing, keeping photos, music and videos on the go with you. I stopped taking my now 4.5 year old MacBook to college with me because of the...
  32. Jman09

    iPad 2 dock question

    "Connect the dock to a stereo or speakers using an AV cable or a stereo audio cable to play music from iPad 2." Straight from the Apple website. Apple iPad 2 dock The audio cable is the same thing used to connect iPods and iPhones to stereos in cars.
  33. Jman09

    deleting stuff from my I pad 2

    The only way I know how is in iTunes when the iPad is plugged in. On the left side of the screen under devices, click the dropdown for your iPad 2. It will say music, movies, tv shows. Then click on one of those and you can select an item from the screen on the right and delete it.
  34. Jman09


    I have an external hard drive with mine and plug it into the XBOX 360 or PS3.
  35. Jman09


    I always use the Universal preset (only difference seems to be the framerate) in Handbrake for movies and tv shows for my iPad. And also put them on my PS3 to watch on my 32" 720p TV and they look fine.
  36. Jman09

    Saddleback Leather Case

    There only available at Saddleback Leather Co. : Leather Bags, Leather Briefcases, & Luggage. I have one and really like it. It is expensive though, but the leather is thick and sturdy. I did have the Yoobao leather case from, but didn't like the smell so I returned it and got the...
  37. Jman09

    Kindle versus Books ?

    I only use the Kindle app as well. I like the Whispersync tech they use to sync across all devices and I plan to get a 3g Kindle in the summer, so the books I have now will be used on it also. I was using the Books app for PDFs, but since downloading GoodReader and iAnnotate, I haven't opened...
  38. Jman09

    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    Since iPad 2, I still use my computer quite a lot throughout the day. And will be getting either a new iMac or MacBook Pro in a few months. I will always need a computer. But iPad is still great with what it was designed for, and won't be giving it up anytime soon.
  39. Jman09

    Earphones for iPad (and other i products too!)

    I'm also a Bose fan I've had the in ear pair with the mic to use with an iPhone or I guess it could be used with Facetime on the iPad2. These are the best sounding headphones I've had. But I haven't tried too many out other than some cheaper Sony and others under $30 range. These Bose have a...
  40. Jman09

    Ipad 2 cases

    Just received my Saddleback Leather, Co. iPad 2 case. And so far I am impressed with the quality of the leather, and has the nice new leather smell. It's bulkier than the Yoobao case but I expected that from this boot leather Saddleback uses. From a few quick test it is pretty sturdy in the...