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  1. brhon

    Ramon from Michigan working abroad

    Ramon-welcome to the forum. I too am in Michigan, work in Rochester, live in Washington Twp. You should also use Dropbox-makes adding files a lot easier.
  2. brhon

    Calling everyone for some help to a newbie!!

    Kevin, Welcome. I would say WinAdmin, GoodReader.
  3. brhon

    Thinking about buy an iPad give me some advice!

    Chris, congrats on your new purchase. I would suggest DropBox, and Evernote. These are both great apps. You should be ok with 16 gb, I went with 32 and have 20 g left on my Ipad almost all the time. Welcome to the Forum
  4. brhon

    Newbie from Hawaii

    Me too, married there in august 2002, at Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden. It was awesome. One of the most awesome places.
  5. brhon

    I-pad and some specifics regarding PDF files

    Jer, You should use Dropbox. There are several good PDF apps for the iPad. Another great app is goodreader. You could load your PDF to dropbox and then open on the iPad. I know there are lots of students on the forum that should be able to help. Good luck
  6. brhon

    Hello-Nu-IPAD User

    Welcome, you found a great place for help and tips.
  7. brhon

    "Closing" files and apps

    If you deleted the file on your PC in dropbox it will not be available from the iPad. If your iPad is connected it will update your available files. When you hit the home button your apps should save the file.
  8. brhon

    Considering an Ipad - some questions

    Congrats on your purchase. You will love and be amazed at how much people will help you here. Yes you can load files to your Ipad from Itunes. Every app that has the ability to transfer files will be listed in Itunes under Apps at the bottom. You can control what you put on your Ipad. When you...
  9. brhon

    What Is The Coolest You...

    Sitting in front of a client showing them my desktop that sits in my office two states away-they thought that was cool.
  10. brhon

    Is it possible to download MS Word files on to the iPad?

    I use Pages on my Ipad and load MS Word files from my office often. You should use GoodReader, and DrobBox. Sometimes you loose fonts, and format when you open them in Pages but most of the time I dont have any problems.
  11. brhon

    GetGlue Arrives for iPad and Decides to Stick Around

    I installed the App a couple of days ago. It crashes and closes frequently, besides that I do not really see the value of rating movies and other things-everyone has such different taste what I like might not have any value to someone else. Not sure If I am going to keep it on my Ipad at this point.
  12. brhon

    My app launched yesterday!

    Congrats good luck
  13. brhon

    iPad Development introductory help

    Ashry, I am making way through two very good books, first is iPad dev for dummies, and second is objective c for dummies. Both written by Neal goldstein. The next best source is the dev center on apple web site.
  14. brhon

    What apps to get for small business, mobile sales person?

    I would suggest bento for iPad. This could be more powerful and useful, might be able to export data to quickbooks.
  15. brhon

    LinkedIn App

    I looked today as well and didn't find.
  16. brhon

    Staying informed

    Welcome to the forum, I used to tote my heavy Dell on all my trips. I don't do that anymore. I se my iPad for all travel-business and fun. I have the 32g wifi version and only a few occasions I have not had good connections. My next iPad will be 3G but that also depends on whether I decide to...
  17. brhon

    1Password Pro advantages?

    I have 1Password for my Ipad and love it. I also tried LastPass recently. I like this but have not really embraced it. LastPass is free and can be accessed anywhere. The Tab Browser Last Pass download for iPad is jumpy when you scroll. I am not that familiar with Google Docs-is your data...
  18. brhon

    Recent Trip with my Ipad

    I was at the Hyatt at the north end of Downtown on High Street near the Convention Center. When I checked in I was told I could activate in my room and it was 9.99. I am sure they disable to signal in the Convention area so they can force exhibitors to purchase the more expensive 99.00 a day...
  19. brhon

    Recent Trip with my Ipad

    I was in Columbus, Ohio this past week staying at a Hyatt Regency. The hotel uses Tmobile for 9.99 a day. The coverage and speed was terrible. This is my first experience wishing I had waited for the 3G. The other challenge was the Tmobile was only available in the hotel area. The meeting rooms...
  20. brhon

    Hello from Kentuckiana

    David, look for Bremen on the site. He has been a great help to many with ebooks, etc.
  21. brhon

    the kensington slingbag failed today

    I am still using my incas travel kit bag but the handle sucks, not in a good place and no shoulder strap. The STM bag looks awesome and the price isn't bad.
  22. brhon

    Greetings from Detroit

    Chester, The iPad will work great, but you should spend time with before buying. I use mine for work all the time and have not turned on my Dell laptop since launch day. There are other students in the forum that should be able to help. Good luck, btw I'm in Washington TWP and rocked with Kid...
  23. brhon

    HP Photosmart C309A premium fax aio

    I replaced my HP 7150 with the C309a this week. It prints fast, although the pics I printed so far have a very orange tint. Will need to play around with the fax, and scanner. Anyone looking to buy should consider Sam's. I paid 199, Micro Center was 299 for exact same printer. The wireless...
  24. brhon

    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    I travel frequently and see someone with an ipad nearly every trip. I am also meeting with people bringing their iPad to the meeting.
  25. brhon

    Stickers on your iPad?

    Matt said it all too well. Stickers belong on beat up cars not the iPad. How many BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, have stickers?
  26. brhon

    How Many Of You Actually Used iPad....

    The iPad rocks In the bathroom.
  27. brhon

    I am new here

    Welcome AMber, you will find lots of great tips here.
  28. brhon

    Best password protection app

    I like 1password, tried data vault but the interface was too WIndows oriented for me.
  29. brhon

    Flipboard For iPad Review / Twitter And Facebook As A Magazine

    I like the concept,I think they need to make a few updates for it to be fully functional
  30. brhon

    What limitation prevents me from updating my status on

    I have lots of issues with FB on my Ipad. I am shocked they have not come out with an optimized Ipad app yet. I would pay for it.
  31. brhon

    Which case to buy?

    I have not fallen in love with a case yet and have kept the Apple case on only for that reason. It does not stand up well-not good for that application.
  32. brhon

    Is Your iPad Vulnerable to Hackers?

    I have iAntivirus installed on my iMac. Will this provide protection for my Ipad when I sync to Itunes? Although I am careful of where I go and what I click on, I would rather be safe.
  33. brhon

    Tucker, sorry about not responding to your message. I just came across it today. I was not able...

    Tucker, sorry about not responding to your message. I just came across it today. I was not able to connect my BBerry to my Ipad. I refused to pay the 49.00 to buy the tetherberry app. I am waiting for now. I have been very lucky with connecting to WiFi everywhere I have been. My next phone most...
  34. brhon

    Remote access

    I use WinAdmin and like it. I use it to connect to my Windows Server at work. I use Mac at home not sure about LogMeIn
  35. brhon

    Safari 5 is here!!!

    I installed Safari 5 and was tried installing a couple of extensions. Each one failed with an error code, after the error code the window under the extension changed to "installing", but it was not installing. Anyone have any suggestions or exp installing extensions?
  36. brhon

    Damaged iPad & repair

    What's the point of the rider on your h/o policy. The next time call you INS co cust service number. I recently had a claim for water damage. My agent didn't want me to claim it either. I don't think it matters, they just don't want the claims. Sq trade would have been a good idea.
  37. brhon

    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    My laptop has not been out of the bag since launch in April. Rarely use my iMac now.
  38. brhon

    Uses of a remote desktop client

    I use winadmin to connect to a Windows Term Server and it works great
  39. brhon

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    I have strong wifi connections. I'm on the new uverse motorola unit. I can access my wifi from the back yard, garage, and everywhere in the house.