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  1. thewitt

    Shopping List App

    I use Anylist. It's brilliant
  2. thewitt

    Mail app in ios8.1

    Photos can be sent from within mail if you long-press in the message body.
  3. thewitt

    Coding on the iPad

    You can complain about the infrastructure all you want, guys like you are not the target market for the iPad. Seriously. Work around whatever you want, it's not ever going to be a development environment for app development. No play on words for me, just straight talk. Go buy a windows tablet...
  4. thewitt

    Coding on the iPad

    Apple has no intention of allowing apps to be developed on an iPad and uploaded to the App Store any time soon. It may be in their road map, but it's not in any near term plan they have shared with their developer partners. I have no issues with that.
  5. thewitt

    Imessages to Samsungs

    In iOS 8.1 you can set up Text Message Forwarding using your iPhone and then send SMS text messages from your iPad using iMessage.
  6. thewitt

    Sync of Ibooks

    Just one clarification. Books you purchase thru the iBook Store will sync between devices. Books you include from other sources will not.
  7. thewitt

    Office for iPad App to Get Released Ahead of Windows 8 Version

    Micro$oft could surprise us all and provide a tablet designed UI with seamless syncing between desktop files and tablet files thru the Cloud - but since they waited so long to release, they better have a boatload of easy to use features....and seamless compatibility.
  8. thewitt

    Samsung Takes Hits at the iPad Air in its Latest Ad

    They need to just sell on the merits of their systems. Negative ads don't really work in this space.
  9. thewitt

    Office for iPad App to Get Released Ahead of Windows 8 Version

    A quality release of Office on the iPad would make Micro$oft hundreds of millions literally overnight.
  10. thewitt

    Imessage closing down

    Definitely not healthy.... Try writing your iMessage in the note app, copy and paste it into an iMessage. This may purge whatever is causing iMessage troubles.
  11. thewitt

    Activation Apple ID

    No way your student "got around" the iOS 7 security. He either guessed or found the password. This security is very, very solid. Take your iPad to Apple , but don't be too surprised if they tell you they can't help.
  12. thewitt


    Try Google Apps... Run via web browser.
  13. thewitt


    Assuming the laptop is a Mac
  14. thewitt

    Would You let Apple Take Control of your iPad?

    What's the site you used? Post it here.
  15. thewitt

    Magazine subscription delivery

    I have auto app updates enabled, so my subscriptions all download automatically.
  16. thewitt

    Wi-fi won't stay connected

    Forget the specific network under the Information button on the wifi screen. Reconnect by using OTHER and manually typing the wifi network name. This seems to be a better way to connect to wifi networks than simply picking one from the list.
  17. thewitt

    How do I get kindle ebooks on disk to my ipad Kindle for Ipad?

    Interesting. Open In doesn't work for me on the Kindle app. Never has. I have to sync to get the books to show up.
  18. thewitt

    How do I get kindle ebooks on disk to my ipad Kindle for Ipad?

    Go to and log into your account. Add an email address from which you can receive eBooks. Email the books to your email account. Sync your kindle app.
  19. thewitt

    How do I get kindle ebooks on disk to my ipad Kindle for Ipad?

    I find emailing them to my linked kindle email address to be the easiest way.
  20. thewitt

    There’s not yet a market for a bigger sized iPad Pro, says analyst

    If they can't sell more than 5 million units a year, there is no market.... That takes the niche markets out of place.
  21. thewitt


    Ignore it
  22. thewitt

    Spelling suggestions

    Though you cannot add words to the dictionary, adding them as shortcuts will also fix this problem. Add the Phrase, but no optional Shortcut and your device will recognize the words
  23. thewitt

    DAW or all-in-one app fro playing midi files

    Music Studio works great.
  24. thewitt

    Shipping ipad mini from USA to phom Penh , Cambodia

    I find DHL between Asian countries to be very good, but twice the cost of Fed Ex from the US to Asia. USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate would also be a good choice.
  25. thewitt

    Shipping ipad mini from USA to phom Penh , Cambodia

    Fed Ex is very good to this part of the world.
  26. thewitt

    Apple ID

    You don't know if he hacked into your account.
  27. thewitt

    Apple ID

    You remote wiped someone else's phone? Really?
  28. thewitt

    iPad for Students

    And which credible medical source states this?
  29. thewitt


    Not directly. There is a website that will download a torrent to a temporary location for you, the you can download to your ipad from there. Sorry I don't remember the link. Google will find it though.
  30. thewitt

    Has the iPad Killed the Netbook?

    We have two for evaluation and app development. Neither runs more than 4 hours without recharging. It's a NetBook, not a tablet in my opinion, and we won't be doing any independent titles for them, only enterprise apps.
  31. thewitt

    BlackBerry Announces BBM Coming to iOS This Summer

    I don't know anyone who still uses a Blackberry...
  32. thewitt

    Our Long Awaited Flying Car is on the way - please predict the future

    Utopian dreams surface in the minds of idealists every few years. Not going to happen.
  33. thewitt

    Has the iPad Killed the Netbook?

    There are plenty of keyboard covers already available. I prefer a detached keyboard, and carry one in my iPad case for those times when I need to enter more than a few lines of text. Yes it killed the NetBook. Dead and buried.
  34. thewitt

    Bill Gates thinks Windows tablets have a big chance against iPad & Android ones

    Microsoft won't release Office for iOS until they have at least attempted to force business users over to their Surface hardware to get more than 50% compatibility with Office on the PC. There are two major issues confronting them. They are not a hardware company. Not a focus. Never will be...
  35. thewitt

    Cannot pair my keyboard again

    Make sure the keyboard is not paired to another device in the room
  36. thewitt

    Samsung's new device may be a game changer for apple fans!!

    Very cool tech. Interesting that Samsung created a new brand to market this as well. I'm sure they will be very successful supporting their "partners" it's this technology as well.
  37. thewitt

    BlackBerry CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Irrelevant Five Years From Now

    Blackberry CEOs continue to be completely irrelevant. You remember when they predicted the iPhone would be a total failure because it didn't have a keyboard?
  38. thewitt

    Microsoft app

    I don't believe Microsoft has officially announced availability.
  39. thewitt

    Are there any iPad apps that can be opened by Open Office?

    Save your open office files as text files and not ODS files. Share them via Dropbox.