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    Pre-Ordered through Apple Biz shipping info yet?

    All the chatter about shipping info, confirmations and holding stations is getting me a little antsy. I ordered (2) iPad 3s on Saturday and haven't seen/received any shipping data or cc charges yet via email. Curious as to when I will get virtual peace of mind ;-)
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    - iPhone to Sprint...can't wait any longer.

    The rumors have swirled for quite sometime now. I'm certain if the late summer Sprint rumors are true, Steve Jobs will make an announcement before Friday June 4th; the official launch day of The EVO by Android on Sprint. An early announcement will curtail EVO sales drastically by allowing...
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    Show Your Art!

    Brilliant work!
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    since getting the ipad how much stuff have you gotten rid of

    (3) iPad hating friends The need to use the calendar feature on my Bberry The need to use my iTouch as a portfolio The weekly use of my desktop
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    The only time it's when I'm in the shower. Really. :)
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    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    I agree, sounds like a welcomed change.
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    GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue

    Could not have said it better myself!!
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    Ipad camera kit smells like crap

    My kit smells like heaven...heaven to me = bacon ::D
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    Steve Jobs For President

    Damn funny!! Lol He would also have to make responses using more than 5 words on electronic communications ;-/
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    I'd have to say yes...only in the way that a mifi would work. My guess is that based on the standard Internet usage restrictions one may have would dictate the rates on usage. I have the $99 everything unlimited no worries here. The $29 monthly charge for 4G wifi + the $10 "EVO tax"...
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    I did as well...what price did they qoute you? The sales rep quoted $600. I told the dude it retails for $450...he said best buy marks it up and that the HTC Incredible for Verizon goes for $599 (no contract).I asked if I was locked into the pre order so if he was certain of the mark up, I would...
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    Greetings from TX

    Welcome as well...fellow Texan.
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    The sprint website has announced the beast of a phone will be available for purchase June 4th. Part II of my plan on buying the wifi version of the iPad...anticipating the mobile hot spot feature available on this phone! Sorry fellow forum mates...I would have gotten an iPhone...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    Excalibur... To "get dirty to make it work" may be true, for some folk. Sounds more like if I had faster shoes I could run faster. If grandma was a man she'd be grandpa. If my chevy chevette had a corvette engine it would be able to keep up with a vette! LOL If all those adjustments...
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    Last Night an iPad Saved My Life…

    You were partially tricked... The original phrase comes from a dance club song titled, " Last night a DJ saved my life".
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    SoCal Photographer

    Welcome John... I have successfully used my 32G iPad in the same manner with my photog work as well! It is exactly what you need to separate yourself from the masses.
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    Think first!

    Easy...easy... I think both posts are funny.
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    OK,, I take it back...

    Good to hear! Remind other nay sayers of your tale the next time you hear someone decree it is just a big iPhone. Take care my friend.
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    Home Made case -- iPad Under Water

    Great job Niel Armstrong! You nearly sacraficed your iPad life for the betterment of others!- LOL Thanks for doing so, now we know the outcome. Appreciate it my friend.
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    CBS is iPad friendly!

    As I've said before...once the new OS drops, there will be thousands of doubting Thomas' joining the ship. Multitasking will be a breeze...I'm glad to see big names pushing the html5. Standard!
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    Blake Blake bet is you bought the iPad because it was new,hot and sexy...not because you had a "gap" that needed to be filled by a device like this. As for "Feeling like a douche whenever you bring it out in public"?? How,what,why? Please tell me you've done this before with...
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    Sprint overdrive 4g vs MIFI for personal hotspot

    Exactly what I plan doing as soon as Sprint announces when the 4G HTC EVO4 drops this summer!
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    does anyone know of some iPad toplist sites?

    Great link SeaDog!! Thanks man.
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    Greetings from kentucky

    Welcome from Texas. Look forward to your posts here in the forums!
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    Jailbreaking void warranty? Even with restore?

    Great I would love a definitive answer too as well!
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    Great Prices

    Appreciate the link to all the goods!
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    Had it for 4 hours and have to go to Genius already

    No worries...just hit the genius bar andyoull be set!
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    Hello from NJ

    Greetings Czech...looking forward to seeing your work!
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    Words with Friends

    What's the premise of the game?
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    Dock Apple case Cimo case Hard candy case
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    iPad for Students

    The deeper the fixture within the academic community...the greater the level of day capture, productivity and Bluetooth/wifi print options that will frequently be developed and upgraded.
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    Case with Built-In Amp/Speakers?

    I would love to see something like that...would buy it in a minute if it had solid sound amplification!
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    what happen to my ipad?

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    iPad Wallpaper Request

    Thanks G!!
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    How to enable voice control on your iPad

    Man...getting the idea I may need to jailbreak my iPad.
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    Thanks for the breakdown...didn't know about the limit and contact list issue.
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    Stupid idea for Ipad looks like, well um...a laptop now! - LoL