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  1. wot_fan

    Why used iPads so expensive on auction sites?

    I think some are purchased by people overseas that can't get them locally.
  2. wot_fan

    iPad plastic bulge?

    You don't have to backup your apps since Apple will let you download them again for free. You do need to backup any music or video you have purchased as well as any items you created with your apps (like pages docs). Just sync your iPad to your computer before you visit Apple and you should be...
  3. wot_fan

    They Should Make...

    Just double tap the home button. A small iPod control window will pop up.
  4. wot_fan

    I got my iPad!!! :D

    Congrats! Hope you get well soon :).
  5. wot_fan

    iOS 3.2 VS 3.2.1 wifi speeds

    I ran a couple of tests after I upgraded too. I am getting much better download transfer rates now. The top three results are post upgrade.
  6. wot_fan

    we rule friend needed

    We have a thread going on this here: Thread closed.
  7. wot_fan

    iOS 4.1 in beta

    I like how the multitasking/app switching works on my iPhone. Since I haven't jailbroken my iPhone or iPad, I am unfamiliar with backgrounder. How is it better than Apple's implementation?
  8. wot_fan

    iPad Fan!!!

    Welcome to iPadForums.Net :).
  9. wot_fan

    Bluetooth memory card adaptor...IT's A BIG DEAL!!!!

    Not Bluetooth, but have you looked at the item in this thread?
  10. wot_fan

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Since the update, my download speed has increased significantly (according to the app). Before the update, I was getting about 8,000kb/sec down and 4,400kb/sec up. Now I am getting about 15,000kb/sec down and 4,400kb/sec up. I ran across a site that tested 3.2 vs 3.2.1. Here...
  11. wot_fan

    Do YOU think this is true?

    I received my iPhone 4 the day before it was launched. Overall it is the best phone I have ever owned. I thought the display on my 3GS was great. The 4's screen blows it out of the water. The camera is fantastic as well. Here is a pic I took of the difference between the 3GS display and...
  12. wot_fan

    DVD to iPad

    There are several threads with good info about converting DVDs/video for the iPad(like this one). I recommend you search the forum.
  13. wot_fan

    bookmark to app

    You can add links to websites to your home screen by pressing the bookmark button in Safari.
  14. wot_fan

    TowerMaddnes FREE 7.16.10 only

    Thanks for the info ;).
  15. wot_fan

    Copy and paste

    From the iPad User Guide. I recommend you check out the user guide. It has a lot of good info for new users.
  16. wot_fan

    Bluetooth Speakers

    The OP said he wanted Bluetooth speakers for his bathroom so he could listen while in the shower. I don't think the speakers have to be in the shower with him though ;).
  17. wot_fan

    Can Someone Tell Me....

    It came highly recommended from a friend so I popped for the paid version right away. I therefore don't know what limitations are on the free version. Maybe one of our fine members will chime in and explain the differences. If the free version meets your needs, I see no reason to pay for...
  18. wot_fan

    We Rule usernames (plus usernames)

    There is a We Rule thread going here:
  19. wot_fan

    Can Someone Tell Me....

    IMHO, it is one of the best iPad apps. Being able to stream my whole video library (currently 2+TB) to my iPad over my local network is great. Being able to stream it over the internet is even better :D.
  20. wot_fan

    Bluetooth Speakers

    I have Sony's SRS-BTM30 Bluetooth speakers. I use them with my iPad and my iPhone without issue. They work well without any dropouts like I have experienced with some Bluetooth headsets that I have tried. They also work on battery or wall power. My only complaint is once you get out of...
  21. wot_fan

    Mail - Mailboxes

    It depends on your email provider. If your provider only supports POP, I don't think you can get access to your other mail folders. If they support IMAP, the folders be added automatically. BTW, both GMail and Yahoo! support IMAP.
  22. wot_fan

    Can Someone Tell Me....

    To learn how to get pictures and MP3s on your iPad, I recommend you check out the iPad User Manual. It has a lot of good info for new users. As for AVIs and MPEGs, unfortunately the iPad can't natively play them. You can either convert them to an iPad friendly format with a program like...
  23. wot_fan

    Unable to view Apple WWDC 2010 keynote address on ipad

    Plays fine on mine. Are you using Safari or different browser?
  24. wot_fan

    My Home Automation iPad work in progress

    Wow, I didn't expect to see this thread again. @ Fotonutz I have an automatic feeder (see pic) plugged into an insteon appliance module. The feeder is setup to dispense a preset amount of food when powered so I just have Indigo (software on my Mac) turn on the feeder for a few minutes 4...
  25. wot_fan

    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Dragon Age on the 360 (available for PS3 too). I can't seem to get enough of the game ;).
  26. wot_fan

    Poor planning by Apple IMO

    I beg to differ. Apple makes very few accessories for the iPod/iPhone/iPad. A vast majority of accessories are made by 3rd party vendors. While I agree that Apple is not trying to give aftermarket suppliers a boost, I don't see how they can be considered "locked down" when it comes to...
  27. wot_fan

    iTunes and iPad

    iTunes / iPad does not support mpeg playback. You will need to convert your mpeg into an iPad friendly format using a video converter like Handbrake. You can also use apps like AirVideo to convert and stream almost any format from your Mac/PC to the iPad. This method has the added benefit of...
  28. wot_fan

    iPad Wall Mount

    Please don't start multiple threads on the same subject. Please post comments to this thread here: THREAD CLOSED
  29. wot_fan

    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    Have you tried MakeMKV? It rips (removes the copy protection) and saves the video to your HD in MKV format. You can then use Handbrake to encode it to an iPad friendly format. MakeMKV is available for Mac and PC. BTW, it will also rip Blueray discs but you have to purchase the program...
  30. wot_fan

    How can you update a book's cover?

    I have run into this bug myself. You can force the artwork in iBooks on your iPad to update the book covers by uninstalling iBooks then reinstalling it. Not the best solution but it does work.
  31. wot_fan

    Apple Fanboy Arrogance

    I think this thread has run its course. THREAD CLOSED.
  32. wot_fan

    The iPad - For Absolute Beginners

    Great post. I am going to move it to the FAQ section and make it a sticky. Thanks.
  33. wot_fan

    HTC Sues Apple for Patent Infringement

    I guess that depends on the details of the lawsuit. If HTC did steal tech from Apple, you can't very well expect Apple to just let them get away with it. Apple spends a lot of $ on R&D. They wouldn't last long doing that if their competitors were able to use the fruits of that investment...
  34. wot_fan

    Are these books in the store?

    Awesome books by the way :). If you couldn't guess by my user name, I am a huge Wheel of Time fan ;)
  35. wot_fan

    iPad User Guide (PDF & ePub)

    When you tap on an email attachment, the mail app will show you a preview ("Quick Look") of the item. If you press and hold the attachment, a window will pop up giving you the option to open the attachment in apps that support that type of file. So in your case, tap and hold on the pdf...
  36. wot_fan

    New Apple Commercial

    Plays fine on mine.
  37. wot_fan

    FREE iBook in iBook Store (MetaGame)

    I moved your the thread you started in the General Discussion forum to this forum: No need to start another thread.
  38. wot_fan

    FREE IBook in IBook Store (MetaGame)

    Your wish is granted ;).
  39. wot_fan

    iPad User Guide (PDF & ePub)

    I have added a link to the original post for the ePub version of the guide.
  40. wot_fan

    Airstash photos - push from Ipad to mobileme

    You can find the answer to your question in the Sharing Photos section in Chapter 5:Photos of the iPad Users Guide. You can download a PDF version of the guide here: or you can get an iBooks (ePub) version here: iPad User Guide by...