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  1. Wing rider

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    I always thought Babylon 5 started off kinda slow but turned into a very good series. Towards the end it was downright excellent.
  2. Wing rider

    Problem installing ipados13

    Actually, no. Downloaded it to my Air 2 and it installed perfectly but some changes may have happened since you posted on June 26th. Is it possible to re-try the download and installation?
  3. Wing rider

    $120.00 iPad From Comcast Xfinity

    So far, I’ve only seen one charge for exactly $5.00. What I did notice was when I was reading through the offer details was the lack of fine print. I even had my wife read through it to look for a “gotcha” clause and neither of us saw one.
  4. Wing rider

    $120.00 iPad From Comcast Xfinity

    All you have to do is check out the link but if you’re not a Comcast customer that’s as far as you can go. It worked out for us because we were at the end of our two year contract anyway. Two of our adult kids were able to take advantage of it as well and we’ve all seen our bill by just the...
  5. Wing rider

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Update worked fine here on both iPads.
  6. Wing rider

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Taking a quick break after finishing hanging two sets of mini blinds, bifold doors and reassembling a bed.
  7. Wing rider

    $120.00 iPad From Comcast Xfinity

    First off, I don’t work for Comcast, I’m just a customer. Also, if I posted this in the wrong sub-forum, feel free to move it. Okay, here’s how it works. If you’re a Comcast Xfinity customer as we have been for some time, go to and plug in the required information. If you...
  8. Wing rider

    What is your single most favourite feature of the iPad?

    There’s a few favorites. I like that it just turns on and doesn’t need to boot-up like a computer. Really nice to not need anti-virus software. When Apple releases an IOS update, it just works.
  9. Wing rider

    Red 1 in Messages

    I had exactly this happen with email on my iPhone 7+ which is on a corporate AT&T account not long ago. Our IT department had me reset the email account and the new message notification disappeared. So, Apple Support may well be correct in having you do the reset. Good luck!
  10. Wing rider

    iPhone to iPad Handoff

    Seems like it only works if both devices share the same iCloud account which my iPhone (Corporate AT&T Account) and personal iPad don’t. Still, thanks for posting what is probably a very underused feature on these devices.
  11. Wing rider

    A Merry Christmas To You All.

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to the most civilized forum I’ve found and especially to those who keep it that way.
  12. Wing rider

    Pen Question

    I use a stylus which I guess functions also as a pen made by Targus. Don’t even know where I got it and it’s old. The finish is worn, it’s ugly, but it works.
  13. Wing rider

    wifi underwater

    Couple things occur to me. First, radio signals and that’s what WIFI really is, a very weak radio signal, don’t travel well at all under water. The higher the frequency, the worse they are at it too. Second, the pond water may be acting like an earth ground thereby grounding out most of your...
  14. Wing rider


    Downloaded it last night and everything went smoothly. Haven’t yet dug into all the changes but so far I like what I see.
  15. Wing rider

    printing to bluetooth printer?

    Well, no. I’ve only had this router and Xfinity for a year and I don’t know for a fact that their new ones, if they even have a new one, are any different. Most of the printing is done by my wife and her Windows 10 Laptop prints perfectly via Bluetooth as does my Ubuntu desktop. When I need to...
  16. Wing rider

    printing to bluetooth printer?

    Also, and this is apparently not the case here, the wireless router must support AirPrint via Apple Bonjour service. Our Xfinity router doesn’t support Bonjour so when I want to print from this iPad Air 2 or my iPhone 7+, I have to manually turn on the printer first then send the job to the...
  17. Wing rider

    Repair iPad Pro or purchase 2018 New iPad?

    I don’t think there’s anything particularly defective about the iPad Pro but, in your situation, I’d probably opt for the 2018 iPad and get the full year warranty. I’m using a three year old iPad Air 2 and haven’t found anything lacking.
  18. Wing rider

    Anyway to make tethering from my iPhone to my iPad more reliable ?

    I frequently have to connect my Windows laptop to my iPhone 7+ and I never leave the hotspot enabled full time. I turn it on when I need it then turn it off when I’m done. I’ve also experienced erratic connection reliability as you have when leaving the hotspot turned on full time.
  19. Wing rider

    Charging question regarding iPad (2017 model)

    Read through this recent thread which may be of some help in dealing with that message window: popup
  20. Wing rider

    Security Issues with IPad Air 2

    What old info app did you run?
  21. Wing rider

    How to stop these redirect pop up sites?

    That exact problem is being discussed in this thread: popup
  22. Wing rider popup

    Again, try installing one of the many free content blockers as mentioned in my previous post. That’s what I do in addition to blocking pop ups with Safari and I don’t see those things.
  23. Wing rider

    Accessing iPhone Hotspot via my iPad

    What you’re describing in connecting to the iPhone hotspot is what I experience when connecting my laptop to my iPhone hotspot. I’m a field technician and live off the hotspot. What I’ve been doing for a long time is when I’m not in need of the hotspot connection, I turn it off on the iPhone...
  24. Wing rider popup

    Don’t forget about the content blockers. I use the two aforementioned ones and can’t recall the last time I got any kind of pop-up in Safari.
  25. Wing rider popup

    Couple questions. What browser are you using when the pop up appears? Does it happen while browsing this forum? I’ve had these types of pop ups occur when using browsers like Chrome and Opera but not with Safari. I do use two content blockers with Safari “Freedom” and “NeverAds” which do work...
  26. Wing rider


    Welcome Terri to a very knowledgeable and civilized forum. You’ll be amazed at the amount of information contained here. Rural WV? Wow, great motorcycling roads down that way and the scenery is also excellent!
  27. Wing rider

    Retired with varied career

    Welcome to iPad Forums!
  28. Wing rider

    iOS 11.2.2? (Plus: No iOS 11.x Sub-Forum?)

    I installed it on my iPad Air 2, an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 7 Plus with no ill effects whatsoever.
  29. Wing rider

    iPad Pro flashing and beeping

    Well, according to the OP it would be two devices, one new and one refurbed, that developed the same problem. A quick search does show a genuine Apple store at the aforementioned location that looks like your standard Genuis Bar. I don’t know whether or not Apple stores sell refurbed devices so...
  30. Wing rider

    iPad Pro flashing and beeping

    There’s a Youtube video of this exact problem but I see where no solution was every found. It does seem odd that two iPad Pros have the same exact problem with the only difference being in how long the problem took to appear. Almost seems like some type of physical but non-obvious damage. Maybe...
  31. Wing rider

    Bluetooth Tip

    If you’re trying to pair your iPad or iPhone with vehicle or other device and it doesn’t seem to be working, turn off any other devices in your home then try again. Just paired my wife’s new iPhone 7 Plus with her Jeep Wrangler which didn’t initially work till I remembered there was another...
  32. Wing rider

    Thinking of getting a mini 4

    I use one of those keyboard folios which I think is a Targus brand with my Air 2 and it works well, just like a mini laptop. Something like that may work for you and it would certainly cost less than a new iPad. It connects via Bluetooth and the battery lasts at least two weeks though I’ve never...
  33. Wing rider

    AirPrint Problem

    I did download an HP print app but it can’t detect the printer unless I wake the printer with a laptop so at this point I’m just gonna cruise as is. 99% of what gets printed is done by my wife with her laptop so I’ll leave well enough alone. Thanks for the help and hey, we gave it a good effort!
  34. Wing rider

    AirPrint Problem

    Thanks for the response. With this printer I can set the delay for sleep mode but can’t disable it. Also simply turning it on manually doesn’t work either. I have to actually send it a print job from one of the Windows laptops then it will print from the iPhone or iPad. I rarely have to print...
  35. Wing rider

    AirPrint Problem

    This I believe isn’t so much an Apple problem as it is printer related but here goes anyway. I have an HP Officejet 8040 printer that is fairly new which supports both regular print via wifi as well as AirPrint. Neither my iPad Air 2 nor iPhone 6+ can wake up the printer from sleep mode to...
  36. Wing rider

    My first Ipad

    Welcome to the forum which I think you’ll find to be very helpful and informative. I’m kinda like you in the respect that when I get home from work I just want things to work properly. So far my iPad and iPhone have yet to let me down through the years I’ve owned them.
  37. Wing rider

    IOS 11

    Are you certain they’re not using some version of Windows “down there?”
  38. Wing rider

    IOS 11

    In a few years we’ll all be using IOS 27.0.3 but you’ll just be an expert on IOS 11.
  39. Wing rider

    IOS 11

    Downloaded it a little earlier and it went fine. I’ll spend the next few days checking it out but so far so good. Don’t know how long it took on my iPad Air 2 since I walked away once the process began.