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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    Care less about iPad II - What about V1 accessories. I could care less about the IPad 2 accessories. My iPad 1 TV adaptor (apple), USB adaptor, video adaptor, and smart card adaptor all work on my V3. None of my cases work - which is too bad, I really liked the original Apple case & hate the...
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    Old guy w/new iPad upgrade

    Well, I am past the age many retire, not for me tho…. I bought a V1 iPad 64/3G on day one, tossed my MacAir and iPhone soon thereafter. I use my iPad for papers, presentations, and ------- every day. I've never found a better business tool, or cross country traveling aid - my iPad carried...
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    Will my original iPad unlimited AT&T data plan be grandfathered to the iPad 3?

    I just moved my SIM card - worked just fine on ATT.
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    I opened the box on my new 3 & put the screen protector on before I even fired it up… had one on my iP 1 & it looks new...
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    People who have got/getting their iPad-3 Today !

    Got mine at 1300PDT - restoring has taken over 30 minutes, so far….
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    Changing iclould account on ipad

    I don't back up to the cloud - I back up to my computer - swapping my old iPad for the new one was transparent...
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    Should I buy an iPad today or ...

    I have my new iPad AND I bought the stock at $34….
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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Full original price of $859, including case.
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    Screen protector or not?

    I have one of the first V1 iPads, and use it all day, every day. I have screen protection on the front, and the standard Apple case (best of all that I tried). I will do the same for my new V3. My old one looks like it just came from the box.
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    Version 1 to version 3

    I have one of the first original iPads, and will get a new V3 tomorrow. I noted that most did a simple SIM chip replacement when going from V1 to V2 - since V3 is 4G enabled, and I have an original unlimited 3G account - think the swap will still work? I really don't want to lose the cheap...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Mine is also en-route - won't be delivered until tomorrow, around 2pm - standard FedEx delivery… Black/64G/Wifi-3/4G
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    Friend works at the Apple Store

    I have one of the very 1st iPad V1.0, and am looking forward to my new iPad (3), arriving tomorrow. Both are 64G, black, WiFi/3-4G units, so I'll get to do a full side by side evaluation!!! Since I get to pass my V1 within the company, I will get full price for it, so my V 3 is essentially...
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Very nicely done, thanks. I have 60+ apps, and have yet to have one crash - but I don't do games either. I only used a laptop for travel (MacAir) & the iPad does everything I need it to do, and then some. I tried a Netbook, thought & still think it's useless (same for Win O/S, but...
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    ipad users - please tell me about your ipad

    BTW, I also ride a Honda Valkyrie - hence the Dragonrider...
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    ipad users - please tell me about your ipad

    Maya - This is a project that I would assign to a class... I am a PhD, running a company creating human and veterinary diagnostics (with occasional teaching episodes) - I find the use of the iPad catches and attracts attention when graphics are needed, and the iPad is perfect for quick...
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    ipad users - please tell me about your ipad

    1) What was your main reason for getting an ipad? [A replacement for a business travel laptop] a. Did you buy it yourself? If not, was it a gift, provided by work, or what? [Personal Purchase] 2) Did you intend to use for particular purposes? If so a. What were they? [Business...
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    When is your business cover (the pic you used in the forum) going to be available? Thanx

    When is your business cover (the pic you used in the forum) going to be available? Thanx
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    Until iPad1 introduces his integrated system, the one I have will work for me. I don't need leather or a "name", I need protection & convenience.
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    I use and like the Apple case, but would prefer an integrated solution - the attached pics show what I use for now...
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    WowWee or Pico projectors

    Has anyone tried to use one of these with the iPad yet?? I know they are not as bright as my Sharp, but at 10% of the space and weight, it might prove to be a great option.
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    Well, I like the Apple cover - although it is pricy for what you get. With the cover on, it fits into my St Georges zippered folio, for the best of all worlds - although I would like an integrated folio... I have installed the iWork package, the bluetooth printing app, the PDF reader...
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    I'm happy for those of you who can type fast enough to take notes in a business meeting - however, I cannot, and trying to do so, would not be acceptable at the meetings I attend. Therefore, is there an all in one solution, of do I continue to drag my St. Georges folio around too.
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    Me three... can't seem to find anything like it on-line...
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    Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

    I got one with my iMac that I wasn't using - works perfectly with my iPad
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    VGA adapter - did I miss something?

    I had the presentation software running my projector within an hour of opening the box - what I didn't like is that the projector takes over the image - there's nothing on the iPad screen, so you don't have the guide you had with the laptop. Small price to pay tho.
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    Prepared for Shipment Finally

    Me too - ordered 3.12. Now will it ship tonight for a two day, or tomorrow for O/N????
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Noon PDT - just got upgraded to "Prepared for Shipment".... almost like my first Cat Launch!!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I think the "Hysterical prospective" is correct - I purchased new, and still have, Mac S/N #00000000128. Still boots up too...
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    0700, 4.28.10. "Ships Late April", no billing. Ordered 3.12.10...
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    iPad users on Windows targeted with malware

    If I ran Win O/S, I wouldn't have an iPhone, iPad, or MacAir...
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    Did apple charge your credit card today ??? They did mine

    Ordered on 3/12, but NOT billed yet...
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    Absolutely useless - only runs on Win O/S
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    Will you try to exchange your wifi to 3G iPad?

    I guess I'm an old duck - my iPhone, Kindle and MacAir are all toast, as soon as I get my iPad. When OS4 is released, the iPad will meet all of my travel needs - memos, light spreadsheets, presentations (even via a projector), movies, music, photos, E-mail, and Skype. It's the prefect solution...
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    Steve Jobs Says iPad 3G Is Coming to Europe End of May, US End of April

    I ordered on 3/12 & got the same E-mail. I'm betting on 4/27 shipping for 4/30 delivery - otherwise a 4/30 ship date would 'qualify', but disappoint..
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    iPad 3G coming on May 7th

    I got the "late April" E-mail too - ordered on 3/12. Given that the 23rd is "Earth Day", and I wouldn't count the iPad as "green", I'm betting on shipments starting on the 27th, to arrive by the 30th - ie: late April. Also note that my CC has not been hit for the iPad - all of the accessories...
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    Hello from Redmond

    I'm a medical geek, who actually owned Osborne's, A IIEs, Sinclairs, and Mac #128. I've dumped Win O/S twice, pulled back the first time by beancounter requirements, and the fact that the Mac wouldn't run the hospital's patient information software... Now I have my own world, and can dictate...
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    Well, first it has a Win O/S - just a personal bias, but that alone would keep me from buying it. With O/S 4, the iPad user interface would be killer and do everything I need a travel system to do. It is cheaper - but it was a side by side comparison between a HP and Apple laptop that...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Ordered on 3/12 - #W68764762 64G, 3G
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    Travelling Light With Your iPad

    Think presentations... I've never been asked to show my Kindle at the airport. Personally, I see this as a MacAir replacement..
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    iPad app sales off to a slow start?

    This will be the ideal business laptop killer. A iPad presentation will garner attention, because it's on an iPad. Movies for travel GPS for whatever Books to read at the airport Bragging rights Memos & short data analysis and so on. The question is: how easy will it be to...