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    Why it would be neat to have Microsoft Office on the iPad

    I think it's worth driving a stake in the sand on what we should expect from MS for an iPad Office app. Personally speaking, it cannot be a scaled up version of the "Pocket" Windows Mobile apps (especially Excel). Obviously, it also has to be significantly superior to any of the available apps...
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    Excel capabilities on iPad

    Amanda, Basically, at this point, you're out of luck. There is no Excel app available on the iPad (I've tried them all) that has the depth of what you need for your requirements. My own special need is for drop-down cell validation... a seemingly simple function that greatly enhances what you...
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    iPad to iPad Brainstorm App

    Karen, I don't know about the connectivity issue, but I use iThoughts HD for mindmapping. Cheers,
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    Great music apps ?

    Just in case you meant apps with which to make music, Music Studio is the best by far. Cheers,
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    drop-down list for ipad numbers.

    Nothing yet that supports this. For the life of me I can't understand why not, it is such a terrific way to take advantage of the small screen real estate we have to endure. It's really annoying that one of the most important business tools, the spreadsheet, is in fact so totally useless on the...
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    OS Update Notification

    You are notified of pending updates when you sync with iTunes.
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    Building an iPad from scratch...?

    Unless you have access to the Apple proprietary chips (which will have at least a rudimentary BIOS in them), this project is for naught.
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    IPad not seen in iTunes nor device manager

    Here's some basic things to try (forgive me if they seem simple, but that's usually what gets you): 1. Do a reboot (especially if it's a Windows system). 2. Confirm that the computer's USB port you're using works with some other device. 3. Check both ends of the cable carefully, the iPad...
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    IPad not seen in iTunes nor device manager

    Is the iPad turned on?
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    Live music composer app?

    Music Studio is one of the best sequencing apps out there. Cheers,
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    screen play writing app?

    Check out Notebooks, which syncs to Scrivener. Excellent! Cheers,
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    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Did you use Settings to modify this?
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    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    So where is the Personal Hotspot? I don't see any reference to it (searching) on either iPhone4 or iPad. Is this a carrier-controlled feature (I'm on Rogers)? Safari shows a noticeable and welcome speed boost. Cheers,
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    Question about new 4.3 software hot spots

    So, where exactly is this Personal Hotspot? I'm now running 4.3 and I don't see any reference to it anywhere on either the iPhone4 or my iPad. I'm on Rogers in Canada, is this a carrier-controlled feature? Cheers,
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    Project management app?

    I've been using SG Project for quite a few months, and now the more comprehensive version, SG Project Pro. This is the closest to real PM I've found for the iPad, and, it can exchange files with MS Project. They are very proactive in developing the app and in supporting it. Cheers,
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    I-PAD and photography

    +1 for Filterstorm, it's a very complete app. Cheers,
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    Best Word / Excel software?

    I have almost all of the so-called Office equivalents, and I can tell you that none of them are "ready for primetime". All have issues with recreating the document formatting etc. The Excel apps are stunted even as to what formulae are included. My take on it at this point is that you can...
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    Looking for good Task or To Do App

    +1 for Todo, but I now use Pocket Informant to have both calendars and tasks. PI syncs to Toodledo for tasks and to Google for calendar. Cheers,
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    Job assignment app

    Have a look at SG Project or SG Project Pro. Very capable project management for the iPad (the only PM program so far). Cheers,
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    Demonstration video for ipad

    That is done by using the emulator that runs in the development SDK, not on the iPad. Cheers,
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    What Notes apps sync with Toodledo or Googledocs?

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, none solve my root issue... having calendar, tasks and notes all in one app that has good syncing abilities. As mentioned, PI does calendar and tasks, and is working on notes interface, so I guess I'll just have to wait. Cheers,
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    Wanted: fast PDF-annotate app for large CAD-drawings in PDF-format

    iPad does not do true multitasking, it only saves a file of the app's current status, so you can resume where you left off. These files will be small to insignificant for the most part. The RAM available to the system in the iPad is simply not going to allow for large graphic content. Cheers,
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    .CSV on iPad

    BTW, renaming the file with an xls extension doesn't work. Dropbox (at the receive side) says it is not a valid file, as does Docs to Go. Cheers,
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    .CSV on iPad

    @iPilot, I just tried using Dropbox to open a CSV file in Numbers and it does indeed open it fine. (Don't get too excited just yet though...) I also tried Doc to Go Premium, but CSV files don't even show up in the file manager, nor does Dropbox show DTG as a choice. QuickOffice appears as a...
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    docs to go spreadsheet issue

    Do you have the latest version of the app? This works on mine without an issue. Try deleting the app from your iPad and downloading it again (you don't get charged). Ciao,
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    docs to go spreadsheet issue

    Last thing I'd try is to recreate the file. Sounds as if the file is corrupt, unless you have this issue with other sheets too?
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    docs to go spreadsheet issue

    Try a reboot on the iPad: Hold down both buttons until the chrome Apple logo shows (takes about 10 full seconds, so keep holding both buttons until the logo). After this the iPad restarts and this will cure almost all issues that aren't app-based. Ciao,
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    Spreadsheets with Numbers

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    docs to go spreadsheet issue

    As I said, check the cell formatting. Sounds like it's in Scientific notation rather than Number. Tap on the cell and then formatting icon on the lower toolbar (2nd from left), click " ...More", then the "12" in the popup title bar, then "Category" and choose "Number", then "Done".
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    Very specific Note-taking app question

    Have a look at Neils Notepad. Cheers,
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    docs to go spreadsheet issue

    Check the cell formatting. Sounds like it's in Scientific notation rather than Number. Cheers,
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    What Notes apps sync with Toodledo or Googledocs?

    Yeah, I have that too, but it's Tasks only, not notes. I use PI for both tasks and calendar. It's a shame because the BB and older PPC versions of PI do have Journal (notes) incorporated. Cheers,
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    What Notes apps sync with Toodledo or Googledocs?

    Currently I work on a PC/Mac <=> iPhone/iPad/Blackberry platform using Google (for Email, Calendar, Documents) and Toodledo (for Tasks and Notes) to manage and collaborate over the cloud. I am using Pocket Informant for the handhelds and this gives me calendar and tasks that sync to Toodledo...
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    Rumour: Apple to Introduce Free iPad Engraving in time for the Holidays

    Just be aware that Apple, at least up to now, for engraving iPods states: “Personalized iPods (e.g., engraved or customized in any way) may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances unless such product is Dead on Arrival.” Cheers,
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    PowerPoint to Keynote

    Sounds like you'd need a catheter and a leg-bag.
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    PowerPoint to Keynote

    Well, here's a real world example: I have a 223 slide Keynote presentation that is 880MB due to virtually every slide being a full-slide image. I had to break it into 4 separate chunks to get it into the iPad. Personally, I can't imagine a 12 Hr presentation. Sounds gruelling! :eek: Ciao,
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    PowerPoint to Keynote

    Don't hold your breath... no app on the iPad has much RAM space, so you will have to break large presentations into ones small enough to run on the iPad. Cheers,
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    Anyone using Bento?

    The issue with this and the other top DB app, HanDBase, is that you can't alter the screen layout of the fields. HanDBase is working on this and will be the one to watch. Once you can create your own forms, then you can better present data and use the screen real estate so much more efficiently...
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    iPAD excel APP that can show combo boxes (pick down list)

    Drop-down validation is missing from all of the Excel apps. I (and many others) have been asking on their support fora for months/years, but it's to a deaf ear, I'm afraid. I cannot for the life of me understand why they don't see the advantages of this on small screen devices. It drastically...
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    Task list to synch with MSOutlook

    Todo to Toodledo to Outlook works great.