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  1. SevenOfNine

    Apple iPad Complete Specs

    via Wifi ^^
  2. SevenOfNine

    Hello, hello.... Stoked about the iPad!

    What are your reasons for buying then? Ive heard a lot of criticism, and im critical myself. What makes this pad a good device for you? :welcome: SevenOfNine
  3. SevenOfNine

    The 2¢

    Why dont you just buy a newspaper then? its somewhat 80 ct! this device costs at least 499, even MORE when you want serious busines!! That is way to much just to see a newspaper fullscreen and read some ebooks! but well, every device fits some needs, unfortunately not mine, but gladly yours. I...
  4. SevenOfNine

    8 things that suck

    Now this was a horrible night.... i made up my mind about all that, and i decided NOT TO BUY the iPad as it is now. Most reasons where given for that decission: - its ugly - its got glare display like iphone, wont see anything in summer - with 3G its 649USD WTF? - iPhone OS - no multitasking -...
  5. SevenOfNine

    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    Im not sure as well. But why not. Doing ONE DEVICE for everything, featuring Netbook, Pod, Phone... why not? :D SevenOfNine
  6. SevenOfNine

    Leaked iSlate Photos

    iSlate concepts rumored Hey guys, today i found some very interesting concept pictures of the iSlate: What do you Think? SevenOfNine
  7. SevenOfNine

    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    This is exactly the question....if it CAN be used as phone (maybe via headset) ..... iPhone wont...
  8. SevenOfNine

    iPad Case Reviews

    Yeap, this one will be really interesting. Cases have to cover the back of the iSlate, have to somehow cover the screen, though providing full functionallity. WIll fun to see if Seidio does some! SevenOfNine
  9. SevenOfNine

    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    Well, from the measures of that tablet shown here, i'd say its just an oversozed iPhone, but the OS and the functionallities will make the difference. I wonder if you can make calls with it by using 3g Networks instead of doing it via wifi and skype... cuz then, maybe there will be no more...
  10. SevenOfNine


    Heya DG~X welcome to the new ressource and to the only one showing competence :D So, have you already bought your iSlate? :D Just kidding! SevenOfNine
  11. SevenOfNine

    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    Folks! Get this, new pix rumored around teh internets today showing the iSlate, the very next HAMMER by apple! The last picture shows a cooporation run by apple registering a lot of domains and stuff on the name iSLATE. Most of rumors just say that it will be a oversized iPhone, but...
  12. SevenOfNine

    Will Steve Jobs announce it?

    Hey guys, let me know what you think. Apple has something to announce on the 29th of january. Do you really think its the iSlate? IMO i think its the iPhone 4G combined witrh the new OS4 for mobile devices from apple. Gimme your thoughts! Seven