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  1. zipur

    Goofy question about Apple’s awesome looking boxes....

    Apple boxes will be like the Mona Lisa in 50 years. You should holding to them like fine art. Think like this... 10 viewed per hour $499,999.99 Current bid.
  2. zipur

    iPad mini 2019

    Have you tried the new Kindle unlimited for $9 a month. Pretty good deal,it also includes audible/Kindle books
  3. zipur

    PaperLike Screen Protector

    Lots of reviews on this product. If you draw or write a lot it's a must have. However its a thin film an it does reduce glare AND clarity.
  4. zipur

    Ear phones

    Getthenew Beats Wireless. They improved the audio and hang in your ears better plus water resistance.
  5. zipur

    Zagg glass invisible shield help

    No way that I've been able to find. So I called it in and they said they would replace broken screen protector (wink wink). It does have a lifetime guarantee. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. zipur

    Samsung's new device may be a game changer for apple fans!!

    I watched this YouTube, apple better step up their game
  7. zipur

    iPad 3 review (video)

    humm, what did we ever do before youtube?
  8. zipur

    USB to ipad cables . Looking for a good quality one

    Ditto! and that's from my personal experience.
  9. zipur

    Should I get 16g or 32g?

    64 is the way to go, you can never have enough.
  10. zipur

    is there a way to expand the amound of Itune accounts you can have?

    Is there a way to expand the amount of iTune accounts you can have? I am getting this message... "Including this one, you have authorized 5 computers out of your available 5." I have an 1) Ipad, 2) Iphone, 3) Ipod and 4) MBP, 5) win7 all with itunes authorized. I plan on getting a ipad...
  11. zipur

    No lyrics are appearing on ipad 3

    I agree please post on the feedback page to turn it back on! It makes not sense that they removed this feature, it was fun and informative to be able to play a song and check the lyrics while listening to music. Karaoke at parties or on long drives not to mention getting a quick pickup line...
  12. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    So at some point users will run out of Itunes liceses right. You only get 5 total right so. 1-Macbook, 2-Iphone, 3-Ipod, 4-Ipad, 5-Ipad Mini. the problem is I have Itunes on my win7 machine so something has to go...
  13. zipur

    Every ipad should come with one of these!

    Now how exactly am I suppose to get That into my sleeve case. Humm.
  14. zipur

    New iPad user wants TOUGH cover/case

    I was thinking about a super protect case, but now since the 4 came out I' thinking if it breaks I'll have an excuse to get a new one.
  15. zipur

    So now do we own MaxiIPAD's since the MiniIPAD is out?

    I'm just saying...
  16. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    funny I felt the same way when I saw that, they should do something for us 3'ers. I wonder what they were thinking, they kinda slapped us new adopters in the face. However I imagine they will come out with a new tweak in March. Setting that aside, I really don't need anything else to cause...
  17. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    gkinghrn -- I think you are right on point, there is a lot to be said about portability. However Apple better keep the price reasonable or else people with go Samsung. When it all boils down, all the 7in tablets do the same thing. Book reader, a game or two, email and some web browsing...
  18. zipur

    Screen to Small.......She says

    I had a simular experience with my wife, I spent all that money, got her a nice pink case, stylus, set up her apple account, downloaded apps that would interest her. ... Nothing, So i inquired of her "Why the heck don't you use it?" Then she picked up and said "Every time I pick it up the...
  19. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    Well I hear a lot of women who would love a smaller device to fit in their bags. Teens also value the size.. And the success of the kindle speaks for itself. As for owning both; I think it would be over kill and a want vs need.
  20. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    Yep I know for me the 3 is perfect, so I'll be passing it up but I think it's a great size for a large segment of users with good eyes and small hands.
  21. zipur

    So, who will dump the ipad3 to get a mini?

    I know there are tons of folks out there that just can't stand not having the latest new apple product. So will you dump the 3 for a new shinny mini?
  22. zipur

    I love my Ipad 3 but...

    I like this idea better "If my Wolfhound doesn't do it, I won't do it!"
  23. zipur

    Im new here.. Love my new ipad

    I feel the same way. If we only had... My sons tell me that all the time. "Dad if you and an android you could do this and that" . But now you know what, I've become very happy with Dropbox, it does everything a USB/SD slot can do and its always on you. It's only a problem when the Dropbox...
  24. zipur

    I love my Ipad 3 but...

    I don't know about long term use with this app. Batteries are a strange chemistry things and you should stay between the lines to get the most out your IPAD Battery. I had an old HP laptop charger which I used on my newer HP and it killed the battery in six months! I mean dead, no charge at...
  25. zipur

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    Yes but it's nice to have One unique device that everyone else doesn't have plus I've learned to love my i9 it soon small but so slick! However the best by far sounding device is the often overlook Sandisk Click+ cheap too. Sorry let this thread get back on point. I also play music on my...
  26. zipur

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    This is exactly how it feel. I am all apple save for my music player which is a Cowan.
  27. zipur

    Just picked up a rMBP a must if you have an ipad.

    What ain't real! You want pictures of my MacBook, my ipad, and my iPhone 4? Why would I lie? I'm not bragging most people already have MacBooks. All I'm saying is for those on the bubble an about to upgrade their laptop or to an ipad, they should get apple everything. On the other hand if you...
  28. zipur

    Just picked up a rMBP a must if you have an ipad.

    What a beautiful experience to be all apple. To put a note , contact, picture in your iPhone, then pop into you iPad or MacBook and have it all matching has proven to be the missing link in my organizational life. Add to this 100% retina and I'm gadget happy for the next few years. Well maybe...
  29. zipur

    Cleaning screen question

    Damp cloth, or you can ruin the display. KISS keep it simple sir
  30. zipur

    Marware C.E.O. Case update

    I know, I know, "You're posting about the C.E.O. case again, come'on man!" I just want to take a moment to acknowledge marware's warranty. When I updated to the IPad 3 I had to update my case because the new IPad is larger. I've had this case ever since I had the IPad. Cases are very...
  31. zipur

    Best IPad Apps?

    Flipboard ! Read about anything you're interested in all In one place. Looks good and you can flip through pages like a book. I can keep up with apple, google, sports, cooking (BBQ), men's health, Facebook, religion all in one place.
  32. zipur

    any other web browser other than safari?

    The absolute fastest browser by far is Photon! This browser is blazing fast because it uses very low overhead. It is not visually appealing and will load flash. It gains speed by not loading images unless you press the bolt at the top of the screen. For simple beauty and speed I use Google...
  33. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    Can some one compare the Otterbox Reflex vs the lifeproof for weight and protection. I really like the idea of the screen cover snapping on the rear of the case while in use. For reasons stated above this is important to me. But drop protection is key so I just need an opinion on that aspect.
  34. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    Still chewing over this case. I've been happy with my Marware c.e.o case but I wanted more protection and want to be safe in the rain. Can I ask those who have one about the screen protector. It snaps on the front which is very nice, but does it also snap n the rear for storage while in use...
  35. zipur

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    One the I forgot that is pretty nice to use iPhone or iPad. While the screen is locked double tap the home button From the top of the screen you will be able to play.stop music while the screen is locked!
  36. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    I saw a plastic screen snap on cover that came with it. If this is not the case then they have priced me out of being Nuud. I just won't go swimming with my iPad.
  37. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    Man oh. Man I want it, but I just can't get past that price. Are you telling me the screen cover is Not included?
  38. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    WOW this case is pricey @150.00 they are really pushing it at that price point. I love the idea of protection in the rain, but maybe a plastic bag in my backpack is a cheaper option. Maybe it will bounces when you drop it. Naw I don't. Think so.
  39. zipur

    Any Real Reviews on the new "Nuud" lifeproof case?

    Hey all. This has been in development for over a year and maybe a nice alternative to Otterbox.. I am rather happy with my lifeproof iPhone case so now I would like some comments on the new Nuud case. They used a neat idea by using the iPad glass and O-ring to get a seal. Found a couple of...