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  1. kierandill

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    I am waiting until the release of the mini 2, then will buy the 1st gen mini when the price drop hits.
  2. kierandill

    The iPad needs to have a Kid mode

    Agreed - screen lock your $800 iPad and get little Johnny one of these $150 android, rubber-encased kids tablets to chew on.
  3. kierandill

    Can I somehow widen/elongate my movie-viewing screen?

    So if you are saying that the original film is widescreen but on the iPad it looks "letterboxed", that is to be expected and is the downside to tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio. You might find software that can crop the film so that it appears like the upper-left image. But then you will end up...
  4. kierandill

    iPad Shown Controlling a Self-Driving Nissan Leaf Car

    If your autonomous car crashes, isn't it the fault of the driver? In this case, the manufacturer? You are the passenger.
  5. kierandill

    TV Listing App

    Not an app, but point your browser at
  6. kierandill

    Messages...I-Pad 3 vs I Phone 4

    Is it a wifi-only iPad?
  7. kierandill


    I would think, given most commercial DVDs have encryption for copy protection, that Handbrake would be less than ideal.
  8. kierandill

    Apple’s spaceship like compound gets opening delayed for 2016

    Rumor has it they're having trouble getting the permits for the Relical...
  9. kierandill

    Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 to Launch Mid-2013

    Why iPad 5? Are we considering the mini 4? In any case, I look forward to the day my "New iPad" becomes the most foolishly named product in Appledom.
  10. kierandill

    Apple trying to patent a smart cover for tablets

    I have one, and no longer use it. My question is, are they trying to keep other accessory makers from selling smart covers for the iPad, or are they trying to keep other tablet manufacturers from ending up with smart covers?
  11. kierandill

    The iPad comes first in a new consumer satisfaction survey

    The typo I can live with. Generating an article for the front page using the wrong data, not so much.
  12. kierandill

    How can I send files to another device without iTunes or PC ?

    This is one of the funniest threads I ever read that had no intention of being funny...
  13. kierandill

    The iPad comes first in a new consumer satisfaction survey

    WTH is a ranting scale, and why should I be impressed by one? BTW, if you actually go to the JDPower article, Amazon actually scored 841 and 4 circles, not 832 and 3, which was the industry average. Copying and pasting, like reading, are fundamental.
  14. kierandill

    I'm a PC and I want to be in control :)

    Confessing to more than a little amusement that you started with this and then went on to describe how iOS does things (i.e. sandboxed - an remarkably inflexible way) What he wants precisely is flexibility, but that is what gets technophytes in trouble, and iOS was built to prevent that.
  15. kierandill

    Google Earth iOS App Gets 3D Update

    LA, Boston, Geneva, Rome, with more to be added? I live in puny Lafayette, IN, and it is in 3D now. Has been for a while, on my Android phone. Looks like Google punishing the IOS crowd for Apple dropping Maps? If the imagery comes from their servers, wouldn't everyone get new cities at the...
  16. kierandill

    How do I connect to my networked PC from my iPad?

    In that case, you'd have to sit at the PC you were presumably trying to avoid, and push the file to the iPad via a web interface. Maybe I misunderstood his question, and that he is really trying to avoid USB and iTunes(who wouldn't). I pictured him sitting on his deck with the iPad and...
  17. kierandill

    How do I connect to my networked PC from my iPad?

    Sadly, Apple does not want you to do this sort of thing. It is possible on an Android tablet. You have to use iTunes on the PC and sync the PC and iPad that way, and that can be doe wirelessly. But if you expect to browse your network, open a share on the PC, pick files to copy, prepare to be...
  18. kierandill

    Apple planning to build a new complex research facility in Cupertino City

    I wonder if it will have a blimp thingy...
  19. kierandill

    Air Print for IPad

  20. kierandill

    Will Apple ever abandon 4:3 aspect ratio?

    When held in landscape mode an iPhone 960x640= 1.5, yes. 16x9=1.777 4x3= 1.333 That is in terms of pixels, I have no idea if the retina display does not have "square" pixels. All of Apple's other products with displays are widescreen, so I guess that makes them stuuuuupid.... If a 16x9 screen...
  21. kierandill

    Will Apple ever abandon 4:3 aspect ratio?

    Virtually all tablets, notebooks, desktop monitors, and smartphones have gone to at least a 16:9 ratio, including Apple's own iPhone. Some might argue that a printed page is more square and thus a 4:3 in portrait mode makes sense, but I suspect most reading on an iPad is of web content, which...
  22. kierandill

    Opinion on Password Safe - iPassSafe

    Does anyone else wonder about the security of putting all your account info into an app written by some unknown company on the other side of the planet who could simply upload it all to their server without you knowing?
  23. kierandill

    Ipad 3 calendar sync

    Steve Jobs from beyond the grave is telling you to stop living in the past...
  24. kierandill

    Photo Frustration!

    To answer the question you didn't ask, yes, Android runs circles around iOS with respect to photo management, including a "real" cloud called Picasa (now Google+ Photos), where the pictures are actually online, rather than iCloud, which is just a internet-based sync system. I have a new Mac...
  25. kierandill

    Apple’s iPad will hold 61% of the entire tablet market by 2012

    To me, they've buried the lead here, which is that even with the (New)iPad(3) being released in the first quarter, Apple loses market share.
  26. kierandill

    For Most People, "iPad" Means "Tablet"

    Or it could signal that the bulk of people are every bit the technophyte that my 79 year old father is, who repeatedly will observe me fiddling with my HTC Rezound (Verizon, Android) and say "I gotta get me one of those iPod thingies".
  27. kierandill

    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    If you need to do the same thing to alot of pictures on your PC, Irfanview is a great free program that allows for batch photo processing in all sorts of creative ways. I used it to batch remove all EXIF data to get it to sort how I wanted.
  28. kierandill

    Power hungry iPad

    I would add that display settings' impact on battery life is not exclusive to the iPad - it routinely represents 60-80% of the battery usage of my 4G phone.
  29. kierandill

    Apple Focuses on Apps That Support the New iPad’s Retina Display

    How does an app thread turn into a display hardware discussion? Given the first page of "Great apps for the new iPad" has 10 out of 12 apps that run on the iPhone, I fail to see how they are going to highlight my new iPad in any particular way.
  30. kierandill

    How are they delivering them to homes?

    This is just one example of why FedEx >>> UPS.
  31. kierandill

    App Retina Support

    I will personally wait until tomorrow afternoon and find out, side-by-side with my iPad 1. Unless there is some programming wizardry involved in the apps that allow for smart scaling, it can't look the same. We all know what a native iPhone app looks like in 2x mode on an iPad 1/2. Any time...
  32. kierandill

    More New iPad Graphics and Video Emerge From Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong, eh? Thru which all the iPads from China are shipped. So if you get yours Friday and the packaging is a little ragged...
  33. kierandill

    Shipping from???

    China, Anchorage, Louisville KY so far. UPS. My first Mac Mini came roughly the same way, though FedEx.
  34. kierandill

    Shipping from???

    YIKES! Ice Road Truckers!!! :)
  35. kierandill

    Ipod 3g with camera???

    This has to do with iPads how?
  36. kierandill

    ABC Nightline visits iPad Factory in China.

    Well, yeah, but it is telling a Chinese person that the unit is OK, so I would expect it to say something in Mandarin. Unless the robot is built in the US, which would add a certain ironic symmetry to the entire situation.
  37. kierandill

    ABC Nightline visits iPad Factory in China.

    Who knew that Mandarin for "Okay" was "Okay"....