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    Torrents on iPad

    With all respect, "BitTorrent is to stealing movies what bolt-cutters are to stealing bicycles". Where you find "pirated software"? It can be used (and created for) for legal purposes. Lets ban downloading just because someone will download illegal stuff (sound like joke, but Apple do this...
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    Torrents on iPad

    Looks like this happened because Torrent Downloader plugin approved by Cydia today and now in default repository. Please remove old version as well as my repository and re-install version from default cydia repo. Also I've release new version to fix this problem
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    Torrents on iPad

    By default, files stored in /var/mobile/Library/Downloads. You can change this location on "Save To" tab
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    what are the best torrent apps to use with ipad/iphone?

    Check my new torrent client: iPad/iPhone Torrent Client - Install Instrcution It designed as plugin for mobile safari and free for all
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    Torrents on iPad

    A new version of the iPad/iPhone/iPod Torrent Client For Mobile Safari is available! A new version is available here:
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    Four Security Tips for your iPad

    Thanks! Really good! Thanks for sharing!
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    12 Fantastic iPad Photo Apps

    Cool! It looks awesome!
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    Martha Stewart Releases iPad Baking App

    :) I am really happy) I want the sweetest one :)