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    IPad Getting Hot

    I quite like the fact it gets warm when used, it was a bit chilly in our house earlier today so having my ipad on my lap whilst watching a vid on it kept me a bit warmer... i was a little worried about irradiating my nads, but, hey, my lap was warm! :D
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    Problem with iPad created videos

    I also tried googling your error and found these on the apple support forum, not sure if they'll work but maybe give it a go ,see what happens? "I tried the solution on this webpage "" and purchase the "The QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component" Your...
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    Problem with iPad created videos

    I wonder if the email..erm..program thing has had to convert it before sending it, or compressed it somehow, and thats messed it up? i'll send one to me from mine and see what happens. Just tried and it worked fine, the quality was rubbish mind you, but it worked? so maybe the OP vid was...
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    Cleaning iPad

    i use one of my spare cloths i've got for cleaning my glasses, that works just fine. and if i forgot where i put the cloth i'll use one ive got for cleaning my LED tv, again works fine.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    I bought a car charger, a usb plug charger..erm..thingy(plug you put the usb cable into)? and an extra usb cable for my new ipad 3 in our local pound shop , all in all it cost me 3 quid and they all work fine! (i also got a stand , screen protector and case for it there too!)
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    It didnt really bother me as such, i love it thats all that matters, i just couldn't understand or believe that they couldn't see a difference. On the ipad 2 a page of a epub book thing was a sort of yellowy white and pixelly, but on the ipad 3 it seemed whiter and obviously clearer but they...
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    Ive been loving my new ipad 3 for a coupla weeks now and had given my ipad 2 to my stepmum for mothers day (it was only 2 months old), and yesterday i finally took my ipad 3 round to show them the differences between the two (they couldn't understand why i had needed to buy a new one so soon). I...
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    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    On itunes go to the app store and there should be a box that says "Great apps for new ipad" they'll be in there. :) hope that helps?
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    Different types of iPad 3?

    ah ha! I see nobody else knows, or possibly cares, either! hmmm?
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    Do you use the default 'Sent from my iPad' signature?

    At the moment im using the default one, but assuming its not too long i'll be bunging MY default one on it eventually. "Love is just a developed version of lust, which is nothing more than an evolutionary tool. Thus, the universe is a cold lonely place devoid of magic or genuine affection...
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I only own my ipad 3 , i've always thought Apple products were fairly, i dunno, poncy? they are well built quality items but everything about them just seemed overpriced? and don't get me started on the price of the accesories! (buy a stand for your ipad? that'll be £40 please! sod off i bought...
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    ive only got 5 on my ipad 3 at the moment! lol. Comic reader, EZpdf reader, kindle, AVplayerHD, and Firefox sync. although i have downloaded through itunes about 100+ games etc. but now cant be @rsed to put them onto the ipad as i find im just using it to view vids (HD movies look...
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    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    voted! i've upgraded from an ipad 2 and an Acer Iconia A500 tablet (which i do still use occasionally as its quite a nice tablet).
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    Different types of iPad 3?

    I noticed on geekbench that it lists my iPad 3 as 3,1 version and in the results online it also lists 3,2 and 3,3 versions. What's the difference? Are they just regional differences (u.s. U.k. etc)? Not that it matters, I'm just curious.
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    How much space is left on your device?

    32gb version, 4gb left, but then I have over 10gig in comics on it, the rest are apps games and movies.(QuickTime movie trailers in 1080 look amazing!)
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    Damn straight! my ipad 3 arrives tommorrow (i hope) and i would hate to see a new one appear after only a year! let app/game developers get the best they can out of the current tech b4 u release a new beast out into the wild!
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    What does "Dispatched" mean?

    Just a quick update, my order now says it was dispatched today (27th) for (estimated, subject to change) delivery tomorrow! i'll believe it when i see it but still...WAHAAAY!!! :D soon i'll have my precioussssss.....
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    White screen in App Store

    Thats handy to know. I was not aware you could do that. ta!
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    Does anyone play six guns game from app store, easter egg!?

    LOL! its probably just a glitch in the game, but its funny none the less, will check it out if/ when i finally get my new ipad. i love finding stuff like this, especially proper easter eggs not just glitches.
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    What does "Dispatched" mean?

    Thanks for the replies. so as they said it would be ready to dispatch on the 2nd of april,(and theres been no change in the status bit of my order online on the apple store website..erm..thing, im guessing i've got no hope of getting it before easter then? (im off work from the 5th and back...
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    I my new ipad!

    wait..what? you mean its not?! CANCEL MY ORDER!!!
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    I my new ipad!

    Still waiting for mine! *sobs* *sniff*
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    What does "Dispatched" mean?

    I wasn't sure which section to post this in so if im in the wrong bit please move me. I ordered the new ipad on the 14th march on Apple store, using thier finance..erm..thing.. and it originally gave me a 2-3 week wait (sometime around 11th april) the finance bit has all been set up and the...
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    Ipad 2 vs Ipad 3

    As theres not much difference in the price, i'd go for the Ipad 3, once games developers start making games specifically for it and not just upping ipad 2 games it'll really kick @55!
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    Transfer music & Photo's from pc to iPad 3 How?

    just curious, why do people not seem to like itunes? i used it all the time when i had my ipad 2 and have been downloading apps while i wait for my ipad 3 to arrive, other than it continually trying to download stuff (stupid 12 days of christmas app) i had deleted and didnt want anymore, it...
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    Has anyone seen any action on the "Ships: by March 19" units?

    Mine has been updated from its original "6 april -11th april "delivery (BOOOOOO!!!) to "27th march - 3rd april"!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :D How good are Apple? when between those new dates do you think its likely to arrive (might book day off work)? ive not bought anything off...
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    How do you convert movies to take full advantage of the retina display on ipad3?

    I use xilisoft video convertor ultimate and it worked fine for my ipad2. just gotta wait for my ipad 3 to arrive so i can use it again.
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    How do I get an iPad3?

    That always seemed odd to me, i pre-ordered through Apple last thursday (bit late), but now it seems as though i can walk into any store that sells them and pick one up right now,but buying online ,from THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM, i'll need to wait 2-3 weeks? hows that work then lol? I filled out...
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    App for watching video

    Im using CineXplayer, seems to work fine with anything i've chucked at it so far.
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    Hi Everybody!

    Hi! Backudog here, Patiently awaiting my new ipad (11th of april aaaaarrrrrggghhh!!). thought i'd join this site, so i could find out which apps games etc to get for it.
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    The New iPad video review.

    nice vid. makes the wait for my ipad even more unbearable! grrr.