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  1. DefBref

    Broadband user

    BT themselves will let you upgrade your current contract to unlimited: Upgrade your BT Broadband | MyBT Broadband
  2. DefBref

    Calendar problem

    March 2013 Calandar Problem Calendar March 2013 Ipad calender keeps crashing Calender Calendar And many others! Always best to do a search first before posting :) Guess you havent upgraded to iOS 6.1 as its supposed to be fixed.
  3. DefBref

    Is there an MP3 player app that automatically play the next song?

    What's wrong with the inbuilt music app? Does exactly what you want.
  4. DefBref

    How to download apps to a work ipad2

    They won't have purhased it without itunes installed, they have merely enabled restrictions so you cant use it. Probably to prevent the very thing the OP is trying to achieve.
  5. DefBref

    Ipad external speakers ?

    He could be running an airport express into the amp and using AirPlay.
  6. DefBref

    Calendar App Crashing

    Is it when you try to go to march 2013? March 2013 Calandar Problem Calendar March 2013 Ipad calender keeps crashing Calender Calendar And many others! Always best to do a search first before posting :) Guess you havent upgraded to iOS 6.1 as its supposed to be fixed.
  7. DefBref

    iPad and Google syncing

    Google have dropped support for new accounts/devices using exchange. You setup using carddav instead: The best way to use Gmail and Google Calendar on your iPhone | The Verge
  8. DefBref

    Ipad Stream Video to Apple TV, but stream sound to headphones

    You are misunderstanding what happened to this thread! It was moved there was no thread to link to and no answer. Not every thread gets answered. I agree it's good to search but when you found this thread and saw no answer you could have just posted asking if anybody had an answer yet.
  9. DefBref

    Calendar - why isnt March working?
  10. DefBref

    iOS notifications on iPad (and iPhone)

    From your first link (bold is mine) Word with friends is not a stock app, they are talking about mail, reminders etc. I don't know if it is fixed for this but its definitely not meant to be fixed for third party apps.
  11. DefBref

    Ipad Stream Video to Apple TV, but stream sound to headphones

    What are you going on about ? It's not your thread and it was moved over 14 months ago!!! This is the original thread, it was just moved so there's nothing to link to. Also as your not the OP then how do you know he wasn't informed by pm where it had gone. If you have a question then post a...
  12. DefBref

    Downloading Apps

    Its not space in icloud you need but space on your ipad itself. You need to delete something off it, photos, videos, apps anything you don't need anymore.
  13. DefBref

    Got a 2nd iPad for my wife (couple questions)

    The button is at the top left (next to the calendars button), in landscape it hows the label invitation, in portrait its a icon of a arrow pointing down into a tray.
  14. DefBref

    Got a 2nd iPad for my wife (couple questions)

    They are usually for invites to events that you haven't yet confirmed. Go to the calendar and click in the invites button to see what outstanding ones you have.
  15. DefBref

    want to change pc name of former owner of my ipad

    Itunes 6 is a very old version, and dates back to before the ipad launch so probably doesn't support it. Download the latest version of itunes 11: Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now
  16. DefBref

    Can an iPad sync with any program other than iTunes?

    Where are you downloading it from ? What version of windows are you running? You may need the 32 bit version instead of the 64bit version.
  17. DefBref

    Quick questionsions

    Don't know of any ipad specific magazine, but there's plenty of websites and blogs, like this one. You need a virgin tivo box tho.
  18. DefBref

  19. DefBref

    Dumb Synching question

    You plug the device in to itunes, go to the device within itunes (button at top right in itunes 11), then the books section. Tick sync books and then selected books and choose the books you want in the list below. Do this for each device and you can select different books on each device.
  20. DefBref

    Playing music whilst playing games?h

    Its on a app by app basis, some apps allow it and others don't. Personally I would prefer it if you could do it for all apps, but alas the app developers don't agree.
  21. DefBref

    Dumb Synching question

    There is really absolutely no need to to do this, it just makes it more complicated than it needs to be. As KevinJS says, each device can have its own sync settings, its not difficult to manage. I have 3 iphones, 2 ipads and 4 ipods all syncing to the same library and they all have different...
  22. DefBref


    settings - mail contacts and calendars - select your mail account - mail days to sync - change to no limit Try that
  23. DefBref

    Help can't transfer music from dropbox

    Yeah if you add it to your iTunes library
  24. DefBref

    IPad 1 Calender
  25. DefBref

    Hello - am new here hoping to avoid nuclear option- deleting my BBC iplayer app

    At a guess, its because your no longer in the UK, iplayer playback is restricted to the UK only. Unless you get the paid for international version. Does iplayer download playback still need a internet connection? Could try a vpn to trick it into thinking your in the UK.
  26. DefBref

    Storing music

    Create a playlist with the music you want and then scroll to the bottom of the playlist and hit the download all button. Not sure about your second question.
  27. DefBref

    Split screen (2 screens at once)

    See post 2
  28. DefBref

    streaming on Ipad?

    Your gonna have to give us some more information to help us help you. What format are these videos? Where are they stored? Are you wanting to stream via wifi or 3g?
  29. DefBref

    Contact Display Settings

    Settings - mail, contacts and calendars - scroll down to the contacts section and change the sort order to what you want
  30. DefBref

    Complete, in-depth, iPad4 guide (ebook)

    I wouldn't pay a penny for any ipad guide! You can find out most things on this forum or if you can't ask and somebody will come up with an answer. I really doubt there is any guide that covers the knowledge of this forum which is provided for free.
  31. DefBref

    Hotkeys on iPad

    You can create keyboard shortcuts that automatically expand a short phrase. For example you could set omw to expand to on my way. Its under settings - general - keyboard - shortcuts
  32. DefBref

    iPad question

    Not sure what you mean by external speakers, but yes the ipad has inbuilt speaker and yes it has a headphone socket.
  33. DefBref

    Siri is unable to give weather info

    Siri does not support all features in all territories. At a guess being in India, Siri doesn't support weather reports in your area.
  34. DefBref

    Split screen (2 screens at once)

    No its not possible.
  35. DefBref

    Kindle Books

    Apple forced them to remove it from the app or pay up 30% of all revenue achieved via in app purchasing. Its standard practice for all apps available. Apple want their cut if you have in app purchasing, so therefore I doubt their will be an app that can do it. A lot of people just create a...
  36. DefBref

    iTunes - just the store: why?

    Have you synced the ipad with your Pc/Mac itunes to copy them across? iOS: Syncing with iTunes
  37. DefBref

    iTunes - just the store: why?

    The itunes icon is for the store. Music is found in the Music App and Videos in the Video App.
  38. DefBref

    Syncing my calendar with my pc

    Are you using icloud for your ipad calendar? Just login to on your PCs and you can see your ipad calendar on there. Alternatively use a gmail account to do similar.
  39. DefBref

    How do I sync my iPad to iTunes?

    In the the new itunes 11, you should see a button appear at the top right (instead of down the left hand side) marked ipad, when you connect your ipad.
  40. DefBref

    treaming music......

    My ipad is whats actually stored locally on your ipad, x's library should be what is in the itunes library you are homesharing and hence available for streaming over wifi.