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  1. Victoria022

    glass screen protector

    Yes got my own zagg armor for my devices and i just love how it works.
  2. Victoria022

    That Tips app

    Thank you for sharing. I will definitely explore this feature.
  3. Victoria022

    The App I purchased for my Ipad 2

    I purchased an application about personality development for my iPad 2 last week. I like the details about the app but I got so disappointed that it was not even loading at all. I paid $1.99 for just a logo of the app. After a couple of days I received a copy of my receipt from Itunes. It was...
  4. Victoria022

    Lack of storage

    You are most welcome stef33.
  5. Victoria022

    The Most Popular iPad Model is Still the Three-and-a-half-year-old iPad 2

    I agree! :) That makes me feel a little proud.
  6. Victoria022

    New member to forum

    I have just updated mine the other day, for sure that's gonna work fine with yours too. Goodluck.
  7. Victoria022

    Facetime notification will not clear

    lol I got the same with my old iphone. It never bothered me at all though. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this with us here.
  8. Victoria022

    Lack of storage

    In my case I deleted some of my un-used apps. I hope it can help.
  9. Victoria022

    Hello all!

    You are most welcome. Looking forward to reading your post here.
  10. Victoria022

    Hi new here!

    We are glad to have you here. Welcome aboard!!!
  11. Victoria022

    Help with LOOKUP / MATCH on Numbers please

    It's good to have you here. Welcome aboard!!
  12. Victoria022

    Hello all!

    Welcome aboard!!!
  13. Victoria022

    New member

    Welcome aboard! :)
  14. Victoria022

    New to forums and iPad. Have questions and need help.

    Were glad you are here now. Welcome aboard!
  15. Victoria022

    Hello everyone

    Hello! Welcome to ipad forums!
  16. Victoria022

    iOS 8 Now Rolling Out to Apple Devices

    Thank you for the info.
  17. Victoria022

    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch & Apple Pay Announced Today

    Can't wait to finally have this!!
  18. Victoria022

    iPad Air 2 Case Pictures Leak

    Looking forward to this though my iPad has been having issues. I hope it will get sorted out soon though.
  19. Victoria022

    iOS7: JailBreak Status Thread (Official)

    This is a very useful thread indeed.
  20. Victoria022

    New and how do I start a thread?

    Welcome aboard! I hope your problem is solved now.
  21. Victoria022

    Hi all

    Hey Johann! Welcome aboard! How's Africa so far?
  22. Victoria022

    Need a camera app with a specific set of features

    Thanks for the info giradman.. This is what I needed.
  23. Victoria022

    closing opened apps in iPad mini

    Indeed giradman is the man!! Thanks for always supplying the best answer to those who seek help. :)
  24. Victoria022

    Wifi away from home

    This is a very useful thread. Thanks folks!!
  25. Victoria022

    New member

    Hiya! Welcome to the forum!! Happy posting. :)
  26. Victoria022

    Introducing The............ new member :)

    Hi smile! Nice name eh. Welcome to IPadforums. Happy posting and interacting too. :)
  27. Victoria022

    Introductions i am said Sam .

    Hi Welcome to the forum!!! We are glad to have you here.
  28. Victoria022

    Safari: completely unable to force quit

    Perfect and informative!!
  29. Victoria022

    Setting up linked iPad

    This is the same problem I have with my brothers Ipad. Poor me.. :) Thanks for the link by the way.
  30. Victoria022

    Email Issue

    Welcome to the forum!! I hope your problem is fixed now.
  31. Victoria022

    iBooks won't download my book

    Thank you Leelai for enlightening me and the rest of the users who are having the same issues. :)
  32. Victoria022

    Unable to open videos with Facebook messenger on the iPad.

    It happened to me before after I updated my Iphone 4s but after i deleted the facebook application and installed it again, the issues has been gone. This a great thread by the way..:)
  33. Victoria022

    Can't Delete Emails on iPad Air

    This is a great thread!!!
  34. Victoria022

    I am the new guy

    Welcome to the forum EMurrell.
  35. Victoria022

    Ipad 2 - How to Wipe Out

    Hi Everyone. I hope you are all doing great. My brother bought an Ipad 2 that is working. When he returned home, he turned off the ipad and turned it on again but he was surprised that the iPad requires a pincode which he knew nothing about. He contacted the seller but he can't be reached at...
  36. Victoria022

    Hi from new member

    Hi Welcome to the forum!!! :)
  37. Victoria022

    Greetings to all

    Welcome to the forum!!! :)