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    ipad Mini as e reader?

    Most people wouldn't necessarily see this as an advantage but I have a "library" of over 8000 books on my mini. Kindle paperwhite is limited to 1000. I admit to being a book hoarder!
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    NEW ipad mini w/retina display

    Been playing with mine for two days now. Initially had some difficulty with iBooks but two forum members got it resolved. I can now add new collections. Problem had to do with the organising of my collections on my iPad 4 leaving blank spaces and the "new" option not showing. Sad to see that...
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    Help with iBook collections please

    Thank you for your quick reply and helpful graphics. Unfortunately the option to add a new collection is not showing up - just a random list of authors. Same with my sister's new mini. We are avid readers and this is really frustrating.
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    Help with iBook collections please

    I have an iPad 4 with an extensive book collection which I have been able to organise well. Just got a retina mini for easier bedside reading but cannot add a new collection. it picked up some of the authors I had when I loaded iBooks and listed them under collections but how do I modify this...
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    How do you carry your ipad mini?

    I have an Oberon sleeve for mine but waiting for a retina version to come out before I get one
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    Love the Mini

    I am waiting not too patiently for the Mini2 to come out. I got to play with the mini for a few days and loved everything but the display. I wouldn't have been bothered by it except that I compared it to my iPad 4. Rumours for the update seem to be split between March and October. I will...
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    Ipad 2 stuck on apple logo

    Anything happen when you hold down the on/ off button and the home button at the same time? I've been able to get my iTouch going with that method.
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    What is the point?

    Give it retina display and I will be lining up for one
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    Sound not working. Suggestions welcome

    Thank You Kevin! That's it!
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    Sound not working. Suggestions welcome

    Thank you Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, it didn't work :-(.
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    Sound not working. Suggestions welcome

    The sound works when on the Internet but no longer works on the any of the apps eg games. Suggestions needed. What can I try first before I take it to the geniuses at the Apple Store.
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    Case or just smart cover?

    Oberon Cover. Great protection!
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    Question about Shipping Dates

    Hard to say but I can tell you that my iPad1 was pre- ordered on the first date and arrived on release date even though the Web site info said it would come a week later. Nice to give you the cover.
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    What screen protector did you buy for your ipad 3

    None. Haven't felt the need to put one on my iPad1 and years later it is new looking. IPad is kept in an Oberon cover.
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    How early are you waiting in line for the new iPad?

    Went to the Apple store at 12noon. No waiting in line. Got what I wanted.
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    Standing in line.... uhh... why?

    Got one at the Apple store at noon with no wait at all. They had all models in both colours. They did have a line up earlier in the morning. We played with one and then discussed over lunch whether it offered sufficient upgrade over my iPad 1.
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    People who have got/getting their iPad-3 Today !

    Got ours in the Apple store today. No line up at noon.
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    ipad3 black or white?

    Opted for the black as it looks best in an Oberon leather cover
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    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I do not regret buying the WiFi version only.
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    when traveling do you want the ipad or laptop

    Take the iPad with me.
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    Camera Connection and assigning photos to album

    I like to sort my pictures into proper digital photo albums reminiscent to the paper versions. I use an app called iAlbum. Once you learn how the app works, you can create really nice results but you have to take time to read the instructions. There is a free but limited lite version. The...
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    So...will 4.2 be FREE for iPad users?

    My understanding is the first major upgrade on each device is free. the next you pay for.
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    Its on a vehicle for delivery

    Exciting day! Well remember anxiously waiting the arrival of mine
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    New announcement

    The apple store states a major announcement will be made tomorrow (tues) at 7AM. Wonder if it will be about the iPad OS upgrade.
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    Ipad Folders and Subfolders

    I've taken my photo sorting one step further and use iAlbum to sort and display my photos into different subject matter.
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    Whats your app of the moment?

    I'm a big fan of iAlbum which I use much the same as I would regular pre-digital photos. I even use it for my scrapbooking attempts for a digital scrapbook. it has many of the features of an old photo album.
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    App suggestions for my 87 y/o mother?

    TanZen would be a good puzzle game for her.
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    Full Wipe On iPad?

    I know my six year old nephew and eight year old niece would think of me as a great auntie if I could afford to buy them one. Unfortunately, my financial circumstances will not stretch that far. I have gotten them Nintendos - one is broken and the other currently lost. They will have to wait...
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    Unable to remove half loaded app

    I have had that happen to me. My wifi had cut out.
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    Which apps u use. Which u regret buying?

    My favourite app is iAlbum for organising and showing off my photos according to catagory. Doesn't need dusting like the paper ones! Easy to set up and graphically very pleasing.
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    Hello everyone...Just won an Ipad

    If you have a lot of photos to organise, I'd recommend iAlbum. Neat way to show them to friends and family.
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    What do you least like about iPad?

    The weight.
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    Novel network surfaced again under title awesome.

    Novel network surfaced again under title awesome.
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    iPAD Book Release - GOD IS NO ANGEL

    I'll save everyone time. it is $9.99! The same price of most bestsellers. Self published.
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    Please check the Novel network's ad in the book forum. Sounds like the mypadmedia scam again...

    Please check the Novel network's ad in the book forum. Sounds like the mypadmedia scam again. Please LMK if I am wrong.
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    Debating whether I should do the following...

    I would keep the iPad and update an MP3 player as well. I have no music on my iPad. Keep it all on my MP3 for portability. Home Bose speakers so do not need music on the iPad.
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    Gifting an iPad to Mac/PC Neophytes

    I would plan to get to use it only when you visit them!
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    Gifting an iPad to Mac/PC Neophytes

    I am retired. My main computer is older than your parents. My net book is only used to synch my pad - I really wouldn't recommend it as a substitute new one to replace the XP. I love it for surfing speed, book reading and playing basic games. They can email any questions. Or..... You could...
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    Want an ipad. More info pls?

    If you order from Apple directly it comes so very well packaged from China that it would be hard to imagine any in transit damage.