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    Reflective Screen

    The PowerSupport HD anti-glare protector does a good job on my iPhone 4s, and it reduces fingerprints a lot. There is some loss of picutre quality however.
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    Will there be another iPad?

    No. There will not be another iPad. Apple has decided they have made enough money and will stop developping new versions of the iPad. /jk
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    Ipad 3 and sun light

    Yep, it's an inherent property. Glossy screens offer more vibrant colors but are highly reflective.
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    Portable charger

    Thanks to those who provide links
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    Portable charger

    54 000 mA = 54 Amps 54 Amps at 3.7 Volts = 200 W approx I'm hoping you meant 54 000 mAh. Assuming you did, could you provide a link. The OP is asking for an external battery, and you told him to get one. It would be more helpful to tell him which one you got. Regards
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    Ipad 3 to buy or not to buy???

    Good to know
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    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    a. iPad1 to iPad2 Faster processor, more memory, it allowed the iPad 2 to perform its functions well. The iPad 1 web browsing famous "checkered" phenomena made browsing unpleasant. The added webcam allowed it to Skype. Screen shutoff with magnet-equipped covers gave the battery a relief.
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    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    I had my iPad 3 for two weeks or so. Overall, I would not recommend iPad 2 users to upgrade. Upgrading from the iPad 1 to the iPad 2 was well worth it to me, but I'm not getting that feeling from 2 -> 3 The higher res screen is nice, but not worth the upgrade. Apps don't open faster, etc...
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    Juice pack powerstation - iPad 3 higher capacity

    The iPad 3 battery (4200mAh) exceeds the current capacity (4000mAh) of the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. Before I contact them and ask if they'll release a new higher capacity version, I just wanted to know if anyone has spotted a good quality external USB battery suitable for the iPad 3...
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    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    Thanks, hadn't thought of that
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    Really? You want something higher than 2048 x 1536 in a small iPad screen?
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    2048 x 2048 Retina the new iPad wallpapers download

    Why aren't the wallpapers 2048 x 1536?
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    Ipad 3 to buy or not to buy???

    If you had an iPad 2, I'd advise to stick with it. Since you don't, I'll suggest you get the iPad 3
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    Anyone else so disappointed they want to cry?

    I seriously question the mental health of anyone who would cry over an electronic gadget.
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    Screen Protector on Ipad3

    About AppleCare, does it cover against screen scratches or does it only cover actual breakage?
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    No iPad 4 section?

    No that the iPad 3 is out and is old news, I was expecting a rush of speculation & wish-list threads on the iPad 4...
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    Do not believe anyone

    So, you say to believe no one....then i can't believe you...
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    TuneIn car mode

    I'm in the iPad TuneIn pro and there's no car mode. Several others (and TuneIn themselves) have confirmed this. I do see it on my iPhone TuneIn pro. Can you upload a screenshot?
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    TuneIn car mode

    You guys won't believe this I specifically said my question was for the iPad version, and I said I deleted/reinstalled with no success and rebooted as well. Kaykaykay, what's the name of the one who replied to you and confirmed the iPad app did not have a car mode?
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    TuneIn car mode

    Wow, the thread is taking wild swings. To simplify and realign: 1-The iPad app TuneIn description says it has a car mode (since v2.4) 2-No one has been able to enable the iPad TuneIn app car mode PS to MrWednesday: I plug it in the aux port.
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    iPad 3 Release Day Announce

    I see one star, not five
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    TuneIn car mode

    I emailed them as well. I don't expect much, but maybe the repeated emails will make someone realize something is missing...
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    TuneIn car mode

    That's normal mode Car mode on the iPhone makes the play/pause button large, easier to click on.
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    TuneIn car mode

    Rebooted..... no car mode I'm hesitant to delete/reinstall until someone confirms it's a fix, because deleting the app means I'll lose all my saved favorites.
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    TuneIn car mode

    Hi How do you enable the car mode in TuneIn for the iPad? I saw how to do it on the iPhone version, but haven't found it on the iPad version. Thanks
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    Any war game similar to trade nations style?

    Avoid that game, Battle Nations It's designed to fore you to buy IAP currency (nanopods)
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    Help! Youtube videos won't play

    What browser are you using?If you use Atomic and set it to "identify as Internet Explorer X" it would cause this problem. Setting it back to "identify as iPad Safari" will solve it.
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    Azul Player + Atomic Web = Awesomeness

    I can type replies in vBulletin with the Atomic browser with no problem Make sure Atomic is not set "identify browser as..." Explorer X (6, 7, 8, etc). should be iPad Safari When I do that I can no longer respond in vBulletin threads
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    Can Apple TV be connected directly to a projector?

    Or a DVI connection HDMI -> DVI adapters are low cost and work well. The signal is not converted, it's just a matter of physical connector conversion
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    Age of empire

    Settlers HD
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    Ios 5

    I agree with Ho
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    Side switch set to Mute but not muting videos?

    Apple redefined the word "mute" for ya. Consider it "iMute" I changed the side button to orientation lock, which is more useful to me.
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    iPad SlingPlayer - Audio only mode?

    Hi Has anyone found a way on the iPad client to go into audio-only mode (like th PC app can)? Thanks
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    Battery life after updating to ios5

    They can we use op window, neverthelesee op window can they, use op? Really op window use, they can.
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    Battery Drain / Performance in IOS5 Update

    I put the iPad in sleep mode. I know the iPad still consumes a bit of power in sleep mode. However, before OS 5, it would merely lose a few percent of battery overnight. I never turned off wifi or 3G. Now, in sleep mode, it loses 25% of its charge overnight. There is definetely something...
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    Battery Drain / Performance in IOS5 Update

    Mine is definitely affected For example, last night my iPad 2 battery was at 90% when I went to bed. I put it in sleep mode. This morning it's at 70%
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    Great Little War Game

    Put the unit on a blue pad ( I think they're blue... if not, maybe green. im going from memory here)
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    Great Little War Game

    Well worth it, I highy recommend it
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    Wi fi problem

    What channel (1-11) is your router set to?