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  1. Amp1216

    Help with home button on ipad 2

    Ok the ipad im talking about is my sisters ipad recently her home button stopped working then she restarted it and it started working now my question to you is do u think it will happen again and if it dose will she have to take it to an apple store another thing has this ever happened to you...
  2. Amp1216

    How do I controll my videos on ipad

    well if your using a app and you downloaded the movie hen the movie probley dosent work
  3. Amp1216

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    mine dont work either i got same as you ipad2
  4. Amp1216

    Thinking about getting an iPad....

    enjoy the ipad i know you will
  5. Amp1216

    Your Best Wallpapers

    love it um taking now
  6. Amp1216

    Graviboard Updated For iOS 5

    looks nice what theme you got on their?
  7. Amp1216

    Thinking about getting an iPad....

    i think ipad is good investment portable light clean interface i know you have owned a tablet before but the ipad will make you think why did i buy this android tablet
  8. Amp1216

    I dented my new ipad already!

    ahh atleast its still workable if u get a case i imagine you would kimd offorget about it or atleast i hope
  9. Amp1216

    Your Best Wallpapers

  10. Amp1216

    Scratches Already

    I beleive some day in the far future that there will be glass that wont scratch but of course thats in the future
  11. Amp1216

    Ghost app won't load or go away?!

    Angry birds space should show up in settings toward the bottom if your looking for thati but u cant do any thing with it but justlook if the ipad thinks its there
  12. Amp1216

    4000 version of Android

    Android cant make a tablet to compete with apples but androids phones are good
  13. Amp1216

    Itunes back up emial

    Thank ya thank ya i swear i was on apples site i coulnt find that part i think im blind haha
  14. Amp1216

    Itunes back up emial

    Trying change my back up email to my main email for my itunes any help on how get rid of my back up email thanks My bad mispelled email did not catch that till i hit submit
  15. Amp1216

    Mobile verson of sites

    I feel stupid hah thanks found it
  16. Amp1216

    Mobile verson of sites

    Hey ok well i like my local weather page but when i go to it its the mobild verson is there a way i can make it so i get the full site thanks
  17. Amp1216

    iPad Dominates Online With 95 Percent of Web Traffic

    Well those numbers show what tablet is most popular hah
  18. Amp1216

    Swipeselection now avaiable on Cydia

    What dose it do little explenation I see the swipe to select part haha
  19. Amp1216

    Soon-to-be iPad 3 owner. Any advice?

    Hopefully you will think its the best tablet and it fits your needs it sure dose for me....l
  20. Amp1216

    Refurb vs. New

    Just curious how much did that one cost the refurbed one
  21. Amp1216

    You tube app crashing

    Hey well every time I watch a video then I click comments during the video the you tube app crashes runs fine if I don't click comments buti used to be able to click comments during a video any help thanks
  22. Amp1216

    Scratches Already

    I have scatches not on the display itself but on the black boarder where you can get it either black or white btw my dog jumped on my lap with iPad in hands didn't see it coming
  23. Amp1216

    Your Best Wallpapers

    I like the look of this one and for lock scren
  24. Amp1216

    MyWi connection through Iphone

    I've tethered through sprint on my android and have not got any notices from them at least yet.....
  25. Amp1216

    Battery drain on sleep mode

    All your running apps in backround off that you don't need so they are still not running
  26. Amp1216

    Hi everyone!

    Hope you get it resolved at least you found where your going to get good help when you have questions
  27. Amp1216

    iPad2 mail push not working?

    Check your notiifications only thing I can think of maybe it got turned off some how do settings>notifications look there
  28. Amp1216

    A 2UINique iPad Theme - Winterboard

    You Have to have a jailbroken iPad to do it
  29. Amp1216

    A 2UINique iPad Theme - Winterboard

    Thanks I love the theme I just got it
  30. Amp1216

    A 2UINique iPad Theme - Winterboard

    Is the stuff on top of theme part of it on the lock screen?
  31. Amp1216

    Has this ever happened to you

    iPod on the side is like opened and it still works kinda weird droped and it like opened up has this ever happened to you
  32. Amp1216

    Q. Your fave console &game(s)

    PS3! Cod black ops, GTA 4
  33. Amp1216

    Weather app

    Can some one name a good weather radar app with warnings and such i was looking for one for this sever weather season thanks
  34. Amp1216

    Black or white iPad 2?

    I got me a black one and the white dose seem smaller idk maybe it's the black makes it look bigger
  35. Amp1216

    Touchfire Keyboard

    That keyboard looks sweet if only I typed a lot hehe
  36. Amp1216

    Refurb vs. New

    Not bad at all for that size of one
  37. Amp1216

    Unsubscribe fom a thread

    You using the app or on the website if your using the app click on the button in the top right and there is a option to unsubscribe if using the website right above the top post on a page click thread tools and then there is a option to unsubscribe
  38. Amp1216

    How many games you got or apps!

    How many games you got and how many apps you have I have 67 games on my iPad and about 87 apps on the whole iPad!
  39. Amp1216

    What are the dangers of jailbreaking an iPad 2?

    The nice thing about jailbreaking is if you don't like just restore you can always go back