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    What would you like to see in ios 5?

    With the announcement coming in June or so, what would you like to see in iOS 5?
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    Ipad crashed!!!

    I'm not sure. Thats why I back everything up ever so often
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    iPad safari problem

    Maybe ill take it to the genius bar
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    iPad safari problem

    I have the First generation iPad. Lately, safari has been crashing constantly. Actually a lot of applications are also. I did a full restore and nothing changed. Anyone else has this issue?
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    How to transfer AT&T unlimited data plan

    I agree. I guess it offsets with the terrible service around my area
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    How to transfer AT&T unlimited data plan

    Oh I was half asleep when I was reading it lol. Yeah I got the iPhone 4 as a secondary before Verizon's announced the iPhone. I was stuck with the 2gb plan. One day I decided to call them and told them that we all know verizon is getting the iPhone and I wouldn't mind paying the termination fee...
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    Watch TV abroad using iPad or iPhone?

    I hear sling is decent. Haven't tried it. Use abc player
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    How to transfer AT&T unlimited data plan

    I agree. Call AT&T and tell them you want to be grandfathered in with the iPad 2
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    Why not?
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    Camera A app

    2 apps. One you install on the iPad the other on the iPhone. With the done, you can take pics with the iPhone and view it on the iPad.. Live view. Pretty cool
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    Amazon free movies

    Download iswifter. Decent browser that plays flash. Not sure on how good watching movies would be,but try it
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    iPad 2 Sold Out - Faster than original iPad. 70% to new users.

    I would the iPad2 just for the camera (FaceTime)
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    Watch TV abroad using iPad or iPhone?

    I love Netflix. I haven't tried itv.
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    Camera A app

    I just downloaded camera a and b for both iPad/ iPhone 4.. Does anyone know if it is possible to FaceTime using these so I can see the video on the first gen iPad?
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    Predictions for the iPad 2

    Apple hasn't done it before and never will allow it.
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    AT&T Unlimited?

    Now max is 2gb
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    Help! Netflix app

    Does anyone have this issue: I click the netflix app and im. Able to select a movie to watch. When i click it the app takes me to a website that says cannot find It does this with every movie i try to watch.. This was a good app idk whats going on...
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    I got a scratch the same day my screen protector came in the mailbox
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    I want the 3G version but I got it at launch. Can't exchange
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    iPhone is better
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    Help With Camera Connection Kit

    Exchange it
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    iPod app stopped working - PLEASE help...

    Weird solution. Whatever works
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    I was thinking of getting metro pcs but I like my storm 2
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    iPad and facebook

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    AT&T Restricting Downloads - App's?

    It's not for iPad and iPhones
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    iTunes help

    I thought you had to email the developer to get a refund. I have never done it.
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    iPad cannot restore

    Try another Mac. I don't understand why it wouldn't restore. I just spirited my iPad now you have me worried in case I need to genius support on it.
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    first disappointment with ipad

    Same provlem here. I just thin its my router sucks. I have a trednet. About to get a linksys
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    How to keep kids from accidentally deleting apps

    Tell them not to or u won't let them use lol
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    Creating new photo folders/moving pics

    I really hope they come out with iLife apps like they did with iWork
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    Virus question

    That's why apple is awesome.
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    I want an Ipad!!!

    I kinda want to trade my 32gb wifi for a 3G verison
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    Do I need dock?

    No dock needed
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    Can you multi-task yet?

    How's spirit?
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    I want an Ipad!!!

    Order it online. I'll sell u my 32gb for 700
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    Is the wifi hotspot unlimited use?
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    iPad 3G VS. 4G at 1:00 of Video

    I want sprints 4g in nyc already